Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains which personal data the Stichting Bevordering Maatschappelijke Participatie (hereinafter referred to as: we or BMP) collects both online (including via our websites) and offline, and how we use this personal data.

In general, we collect and process personal data in order to be able to inform you as participants and/or interested parties about the progress and results of the described projects with a social and/or cultural objective and to keep adequate records of participants with which we can demonstrate that the objectives of the projects in terms of scope and participation are being achieved. We are aware that personal data must be treated with care and that we must also be clear about this. We ensure that the necessary organisational and technical measures have been taken to ensure safety in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. In this privacy policy we describe why we collect personal data and what we do with this data. We do this to the best of our ability, whereby the importance of your privacy and the reason why you are involved in projects always come first.


Why do we collect and process your personal data?


Depending on the type of project, different personal data is collected. Your personal data are necessary for the correct processing of an order of publications and products via the website of the foundation BMP via our website, webshop or by telephone and also to be able to inform you via e-mail, telephone or post about important meetings and events in the context of the project concerned. You have the possibility at any time to unsubscribe in writing or by e-mail from messages sent to you in the context of projects.

Data that we collect, with your permission, for the purpose of keeping a participant registration or sending orders will only be kept for these purposes and will not be provided to third parties.


What are these data?


1. Personal data


When placing an order, a number of details are required so that we can process the order.

  • Surname and first name – mandatory.
  • E-mail address – mandatory
  • Address (street, house number, postal code, place of residence) – mandatory if you wish to receive your order by post.

For orders we receive your ip-address for verification. We do not save that.


For the registration of participants, the required personal data are different for each project, depending on the requirements that the project financiers set for the establishment of participant registration.


In the case of projects funded by the European Commission, we are obliged, when it comes to participants, to record the following information:

  1. Surname and forename
  2. Address
  3. Residence
  4. Identity card or passport number and a copy of the identity document
  5. Signature for participation in the relevant (part of) the project.

This information shall be used exclusively for the participant administration of the project concerned and shall be accessible only by third parties who are legally authorised to audit this participant administration.


2. Correspondence data


Messages sent to us via e-mail or social media are recorded and archived. You have the choice to respond to e-mails or statements from us via e-mail or via social media. We only keep this data for reference purposes. If we wish to share certain parts of your correspondence via media, we will ask for your prior consent. This may involve sharing a certain experience or quote.


3. Website and webshop visit


Our websites and web shops do not use cookies or other similar techniques.


4. Video and/or sound recordings


Video and/or sound recordings can be made during meetings and events within the framework of projects. In addition, the possibility is given on site not to want to come into view. These recordings are used to report on the project. These reports are placed on the project website or on the BMP website and are sometimes shared via social media for project purposes. The recordings will not be used for marketing purposes. If the media are interested in the use of certain photos, permission will be requested separately.

In addition, there are also recordings for internal purposes which are not directly shared with the media. We use these recordings for our archive.


5. Oral history interviews


A separate category is our oral history projects in which we record interviews with people on screen and of which we make a transcription. For each interview, the participant signs a separate consent form which clearly states for which purposes the recording and transcription will be used, how they may be published and how the interviewee may view and, if necessary, revise the consent given.


Sharing your personal data


Your personal data will not be sold on to third parties, nor will it be shared with third parties free of charge.




Our websites (those of BMP itself and the project websites) contain links to third party websites. If the website visitor follows these links, our website will be abandoned. This privacy policy does not cover the use of the third party website and for this reason BMP does not accept any liability for the careless use of personal data or the correct implementation of the regulations by these parties. We therefore advise you to consult the privacy statements of these third parties.


How do we take care of your personal data?


Data security


BMP will make every effort to ensure an adequate and appropriate level of security of the personal data by taking appropriate organisational and technical measures against unlawful processing and/or loss. We conclude agreements with parties where your data is stored in order to guarantee this. In the event of a data leak, BMP will inform you as soon as possible in the most effective way at the time. In addition, any data leak will be reported directly to the Authority for Personal Data and we will, within our power, carefully follow the instructions they draw up.


Data storage period


BMP will not store personal data for longer than necessary for the execution of the agreement and in any case no longer than is necessary for the processing purposes in this privacy policy and will comply with the applicable laws and regulations in this respect. If you have signed up to receive a particular newsletter or progress report, we will retain your personal data until you unsubscribe.


We do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary for communication in connection with projects. It should be noted that, in some cases, the retention obligation for European projects is 15 years.


Access, correction and deletion of data


Via the e-mail address or via the postal address of Stichting BMP, you can lodge a written objection against the use of certain data by us, or request access to, correction and/or removal of your (personal) data. Upon written request, any corrections notified by you will be processed. BMP will respond to your request as soon as possible, but within four weeks.




There is a lot going on with regard to privacy and European and national regulations are constantly being adapted and tightened up. The consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation are now being worked out. For this reason, we will amend our privacy policy if necessary. The current privacy policy is displayed on the website. This version was prepared on 25 May 2018.