Team BMP


Organization of Specially Unknown EU


The project Specially Unknown is an initiative of Foundation BMP based in Amsterdam. BMP acts as the secretary and general coordinator of the project. Besides that it offers the oral history training for the local project coordinators and trainers from the 4 main EU cities and supports them during the artistic presentations. BMP also organizes the Delphi research with 9 Member States and the final European conference in Amsterdam.


Saskia Moerbeek – Financial manager / Director Foundation BMP


Saskia is director of Foundation BMP within this project she is responsible for the financial management, content control and the oral history training. She is very closely involved in the quality assurance of the project Specially Unknown EU. Saskia Moerkbeek studied Cultural Anthropology with North Africa and the Middle East as a specialization and she has been associated with the BMP foundation since 1989. Saskia is the initiator of the Dutch project Ongekend Bijzonder.


Frank von Meijenfeldt  – Researcher / Secretariat


Frank is as researcher responsible for the development of educational material, oral history training (material), collecting and storing of the oral history interviews in a European database. He acts as the coordinator and researcher of the European Delphi panel study.

Frank von Meijenfeldt obtained his Msc. in Andragology at the University of Amsterdam in the 80s. He has conducted many studies on the social integration of migrants and refugees in the Netherlands.


Tanja Vranic – Creative organizer


Tanja is responsable for the preparation, organisation and reporting of the European conference and the general communication of the project with organisations and individuals in the Netherlands and in Europe, In June 2019, the European conference will take place in Amsterdam, where the results of Specially Unknown (interviews, cultural productions and results of research) will be shared and discussed.