Newsletter Specially Unknown – September 2019

The most resonating whisper(s) of the Oracle of Amsterdam ♦ Co-creation and cultural participation – closely related ♦ It’s raining follow-ups

The most resonating whispers of the Oracle of Amsterdam


Many moving and thought-provoking insights, moments, thoughts and ideas – “whispers” for future actions – were shared at the Oracle of Amsterdam conference, a European event held on
28th of June in the Tolhuistuin cultural complex in Amsterdam. After a careful consideration, it seems that it is a close call between … More

Co-creation and cultural participation – closely related


There is no one simple definition of co-creation, no formula, no easy recipe, the Oracle of Amsterdam conference revealed. This was not only because the conference approached co-creation from different angles and aspects: intellectual, spiritual and practical, but also because it is closely related to the more general concept of cultural participation. In the workshops … More

It’s raining follow-ups


Many future projects, plans and dreams have been conceived and shared during the Specially Unknown project and Oracle of Amsterdam conference, from various cities, angles, sizes, nature, and formats … More


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