Testimonials Conference

The atmosphere was warm and it was great to meet all these friendly and inspiring people. 

So thank you again for the organisation and everything else, it was perfect ! 
Christine Huynh,
Political scientist, involved with the programs for integration of migrants
Chinese – Cambodian living in Paris


I have met a lot of great people and learned a lot
Petra Ardai,
theatre-maker, teacher, lecturer and writer
Hungarian living in Amsterdam


It was indeed a warm, creative and productive atmosphere which all of us enjoyed a lot.

Katarzyna Noguiera,
Culutral Antopologist, research associate/Phd candidate
Polish living in Bochum


So many powerful examples of how stories of refugees can become part of the heritage of European cities
Wanda Bernadette Steiger
Project Leader Diversity at Dutch Council for refugees


A very memorable, enriching and heart-warming conference! 

Vida Razavi,
Social entrepreneur
Iranian living in Antwerp, Belgium


The conference Oracle of Amsterdam was a warm and inspiring meeting between many different people who work, think, live with or are themselves a newcomer. There is still a great deal of work to be needed to join the newcomers, refugees or status holders together in co-creation and to develop new artistic productions. The input was enormous, an essential question that is based on every issue of inclusion: how do we get rid of the idea of “we” and “them”.  From our practice with the ZID Theatre I would add an “open posture” – Open the doors, open the mind and open your heart, which is a starting point for co-creation.
Karolina Spaić,
Theatre director, director of ZID Theater, social designer
Serbian living in Amsterdam


Thanks to all speakers and participants of the workshops for sharing their stories, dreams and expertise!

Maria Rast,
PHD Candidate, Sociology department at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam