Review Antwerp

A timeless story of people fleeing their homes

Inspiring and touching evenings with music, drawing, video and theatre


Four cultural events took place in the intimate setting and cosy atmosphere of the  “Upper Deck”, the café of the Red Star Line Museum. All of them were made by refugees interviewed for the Specially Unknown project, in co-creation with fieldworkers who interviewed them. The refugees created four special performances – each in another art discipline, to tell their stories. The fieldworkers took care of the surrounding program: each evening they welcomed the public, gave an introduction of the idea and the background of the event, filmed the program and gave an inspiring speech on a topic. Their dedication and cordiality created a pleasant and friendly atmosphere each time.


Each evening focused on a different period in the life of thousands of people who had to flee their homes for some reason. These four themes –  Memories (of a life back home) , Flight (journey to a new life), Belgium (moment of arrival)  and Impact of Migration (a new begin?) – were chosen because they were prominent in the interviews with the refugees taken for Specially Unknown.


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