Crossing worlds – Domozy’s memories

Photos of the second evening “Crossing worlds – Domozy’s memories”. A visual performance by Saif Lama‘a, a.k.a Domozy

The second evening was the most intimate one. The theme was the Flight – on the way to somewhere else.  Performance “Crossing Worlds – Domozy’s memories” by the Syrian visual artists Saif Lama’à,  a.k.a. Dumuzi, took the audiences through his dangerous journey to Europe in an unique way: he draw it in front of their eyes.


For this intense story, the Upper Deck was made even more “intimate” than other nights. It was transformed into an artist’s studio: there was no stage, public was set very near around Saif. Lights were dimmed, only one spot was directed to his canvas where he was drawing his story while telling it. Canvasses, pencils, brushes, charcoal – that’s what he used to tell his visual story. Black stripes became at the end whole scenes, very detailed, with a lot of emotion and expression; even the intense atmosphere was captured – pure magic.


The public was absorbed in this performance. Saif shared later that also for him this was a very special experience and that the longer he was doing it, the more comfortable he felt. He said that this could become his way to tell his story and cope with all the thoughts and trauma related.