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Become a citizen of Esperèr – an isle of hope, a land of stories


Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare – the Italian Network of Folk Culture, Specially Unknown partner from Turin, is developing a theatrical performance Esperèr – Isle of hope. With Esperèr they want to address the political and social climate in Italy in general, and especially towards immigrants, which worsened significally in the last few months. “People are scared everywhere”, says Ilda Curti, project officer of Specially Unknown “RICP wants to “sensitize” people towards hope with this performance”.


Esperèr is a follow-up of a fantasy story Antonio Damasco, a theatre director and performer, and also director of the RICP, has written inspired by the refugee crisis in 2015. It is about the “rejected”, stuck on a rock between two countries that don’t want them and don’t let them in. At the end, the rock literally separates from the mainland, becomes an island and sales away.


The topic of the new Esperèr is: What’s happened to the isle of Esperèr 35 years later, in 2050?

It will be constructed as a feasible utopia: Esperèr has become a land of stories, where people don’t need to have a passport, their story is enough to become a citizen.


This narrative theatre will be based on the fragments from the stories collected during the Specially Unknown project. It will be staged end of May in Torino, in a cultural hub for young people, and also in small towns of Avigliana and Oulx, both at the border with France, both confronted with refugees trying to get into the heart of Europe. It will also play at the Suq festival in Genoa in June 2019.


RICP is starting a crowdfunding campaign for the citizens of 10 Italian cities, to contribute to having this performance in their city. All contributors will be issued a certificate of existence. Not only the contributors, but all who come to a play will get the citizenship of Esperèr, and the certificate of existence.


RICP is working to get a broad support of the idea of Esperèr citizenship – certificate of  existence “I’m a citizen of Esperèr”. If you are interested in becoming a citizen of Esperèr, if you want to get a certificate of existence, and want to know more about this performance, follow the website RICP and this website.