Using Subtitle Edit for transcribing


Use the waveform and let SE guess the time code



Use the waveform for better transcribing
Note: In this video another video subtitle format is used.
Don’t change SupRip (srt) in Adobe Encore (txt) as shown in this video

This is another way of transcribing than suggested in the video above. You don’t let Subititle Edit guess the time code, but you do it yourself.

How to translate and verify transcriptions

In our case: translate = transcribe

Please note that when you use Subtitle Edit for transcription, the output file is a txt-file with timecodes. To make a readable transcription document in Word, you have to rearrange the text-file (a Word-macro is available to do this automatically).
It is important that you use brackets and a letter to assign the one who starts talking in the interview. Than the macro will make paragraphs if there is a change from interviewer to respondent.
Use: [i] for interviewer (at the beginning of the sentence you are typing, Not at the beginning of every line)
And: [r] for respondent