The Netherlands


BMP is a professional project-orientated non-profit-making organisation committed to stimulate and facilitate the active involvement of individuals, groups and organisations in social and cultural trends that affect them. It focuses on exploring new themes and formulating new methods of approach to the promotion of ways in which people can participate in social and cultural trends.


Key points of the BMP projects are the vision creation, structural development and the encouragement of creativity. Its projects also place great emphasis on opportunities for self-development, self-realisation and co-creation for groups and individuals.


Working methods can be summed up as sociological research, particularly actuating studies, group support and theme-focused social planning.


In recent years, BMP has focused, amongst other on the theme of the stories of refugees and their representation in heritage and cultural institutions, and the development of a Dutch Oral History Centre.


Specially Unknown is a European version of the BMP’s  Dutch project on these topics, Ongekend Bijzonder. Therefore BMP coordinates Specially Unknown. It supports and connects partners in Antwerp, Bochum, Paris and Turin in collecting refugees’ stories and the creation of cultural productions, elaborates and carries out the Delphi panel study, runs communication on Specially Unknown and organizes the conference Oracle of Amsterdam in June 2019.


Specially Unknown team BMP


Project coordinator: Saskia Moerbeek
Researcher (+ technical support): Frank von Meijenfeldt
Creative organization of the conference and communication: Tanja Vranic



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