The Forest of Miss Tang crowdfunding

Our former fieldworker Christine Huynh has been working on the animation film “The Forest of Miss Tang”, directed by Denis Do, in which she dubbed a character in Teochew language (the language of the South of China in which a few interviews of Specially Unknown are recorded)


“The Forest of Miss Tang” is a 40 minutes length film, entirely in teochew language. It portrays a Teochew family over six generations in Swatow, China, from the 19th century to the present. As background, the film will be set under the great upheavals of China and the temptation to migrate. This will be the first Teochew language film made in the West. Produced by Special Touch Studios, it will be broadcast on television by Arte, a premiere for a film in Teochew.


They have organized a crowdfunding campaign to support the end of production of the film:

La Forêt de Mademoiselle Tang 陳小姐的森林 – Ulule