We want to make Full HD videos with the JVC video camera.  So we need a suitable memory card that quickly processes this data. The sandisk SDXC Ultra 64GB Class 10 has a reading speed of 80 megabytes per second. This is useful for making videos with a high number of fps. Because you can store a lot of video files on this card.


Half an hour of filming will take up approximately 4 GB of storage. So make sure you have enough free space for an interview. To be sure reserve 12 GB per interview.


Where can the MTS video files be found on the SD card?



Go to the directory on your SD card (JVCCAM_SD):




Or via Computer to the SD card.

Then double-click on: PRIVATE – AVCHD – BDMV – STREAM


Drag the files (*. MTS) to the desktop (they will be copied)

Then remove the card from the computer again.


CAUTION: Do not remove the card from your computer just like that, but use the “Safely Remove Hardware” option. Or right-click on the card icon and click “Eject”