[i] Hello [name]

[r] Hello

[i] Do you want to introduce yourself and tell us who you are?

[r] Yes, of course, my name is [name] . I am a student at the University of Economics in Turin. I’m 26 years old, and I’m sorry if I speak half Italian and half English because my Italian is not very good.

[i] No problem. Where are you from?

[r] I am from the Azeberdjan, from Baku the capital.

[i] How long have you been here in Italy?

[r] I’ve been here almost a year and a half since September 2017.

[i] Did you come to Italy alone?

[r] I came alone without my family without anyone.

[i] How was the impact the first time you came to Italy?

[r] Obviously when I first came I had a cultural shock, in the sense that I saw that the character of these people is different. But in general I’ve heard that people have an open character ready to help if you ask any questions you find them there to help you. And since I first came here I didn’t have the internet any way to get the map of the place where I will live. And I asked for help to the first person who saw me in the starada and took me and bagali and accompanied me to the tree. since that day I fell in love with this city but not only the city because I love Italian culture very much. And I’ve always dreamed of living in a place that I really like.

[i] So we can say that you don’t have integration problems. In the sense that you have no problem socializing with people. Since they are so willing to help you and explain the things you can’t understand?

Because they are always kind and always ready to help you when you ask for something. And for this reason I heard that Italy is my second home.

[i] Since you consider Italy your second country, could you stay here forever or would you like to return to your country of origin?

[r] To be honest I prefer to stay because I found myself lying here I am freer to say and do. Because in my country we women have limits for work and many things. In Italy we can say that man and woman are the same in the sense that they can do what they want them to do wherever they want. Even in my country, if you can, but here I felt more suited to Italian culture. For this reason, if I find a job that I like, I obviously prefer to laugh.

[i] And how you live these limits in your country of origin. See how you say that the fact that you are a woman created problems?

[r] It depends, but it’s not a problem but for example women can’t work all kinds of real work. For example, in my country I have never seen a woman drive a train or a bus. Yes we have women who drive my mother driving but only to go to work. But you can’t find women in the job where we’re used to seeing a man. Especially women who are humane but I prefer it when they’re all together, in Italy I have not seen this difference, on the contrary I find it very good.

[i] Do you think these differences are based on sex, male or female sense?

[r] Yes, I think so, because I saw a lot of difference between women and men in my country, which I didn’t see in Italy, because if you’re a woman don’t do some things then don’t leave this place alone, don’t then do this job for example it’s your father who tells you what you have to do. But fortunately my family are not like that, I have a very smart family, as when I said I wanted to go to study in Europe were very happy Also find here a job and live here .

[i] So the mentality of your family helped you to come here and live your experience.

[r] Yes

[i] What kind of work do women do in your country when there’s this limitation?

[r] For example, women can work in offices, but most men prefer women to work as teachers, doctor. Or quit other jobs where your colleagues are all women. They don’t want their colleagues to be men and women. Maybe the men are very jealous. That is one of the reasons. For other reasons it’s the mentality everything you do is the family you tell you this is not our mentality, don’t then do this what women do, the family will say that it’s not the mentality and that you can’t do but things are getting better now, maybe after 30 40 years it will be completely different.

[i] And here in Turin how does your daily life live, how do you spend your day? How do you live it?

[r] My day certainly begins to grow by itself, because I am studying at university, then I go to school every day, 5 days a week. After how it ends the day depends, for example sometimes it ends at 6 a.m. Then afterwards I go to my Italian lesson to learn the language, because it is very important for me. Then I thank my teacher Chiara, who works to make Italian much better known. Now I understand it but I’m a little ashamed.

[i] So we can say that you are quite followed, in the sense that you have a teacher help you.

[r] Yes, in general, when I arrived here I had a barrier with the language, I also attended courses in my country. But I didn’t find any good courses here. That’s why I didn’t continue to study. But after a year when I met Chiara life has completely changed, I really want to learn and know. Now every day I try to learn something or I watch a film in Italian, I tie the books in Italian, to improve myself.

[i] So having Italian friends helps to integrate well and to have good relationships so that you can feel as if you were in your country of origin.

[r] Yes.

[i] Do you live your culture and the culture of your country of origin here ? in the sense that you brought with you maybe the food and music you listen to. But I prefer things maghre, because there is a lot of food oil, we prefer rice with a lot of oil, for example a lot of meat in everything. But here I learn to eat pasta every day. Even pizza sometimes, however, I can say that in general I prefer Italian food, I still do not like Chinese Indian food because there is a lot of carnem, spezze But I like Italian food because it is very simple, but you feel hungry after a while having eaten pasta.

[i] So we can say that you prefer Italian food because it is less complicated and simpler?

[r] Yes, for me it’s simple because I’m not so fond of cooking.

[i] You cook a few precise Italian dishes that you like.

[r] Yes, because in my country I have always done tiramisu, and here to be honest not because I do not have time to cook, maybe for this reason I have not prepared something complicated but for the future maybe yes, because in my country I had free time. When I feel like tiramisu or cakes or lasagne I used to face.

[i] Then tell me that if you have any goals you do some sport that you practice here in your free time?

[r] What am I doing here ….

[i] Do you have any goals?

[r] Yes, my goal is music in general because the diploma of a piano music school. And here I don’t have the piano but there is one at Porta Nuova. So sometimes when I have time I go there to play, then in general I like to go to some concerts, for example yesterday I went to a Giorgia concert Also sometimes I like to see football matches when the weather, when the team from Turin has to play with Bologna or Venice I like to go to see the matches. But in general my goals do not change as when I was in my country.

[i] Can I ask you why you chose Torino?

[R] At the beginning, to be honest, I wanted to study in central and southern Italy, I don’t want to make a difference but I prefer southern Italy, which I don’t know how much it is worth in the north. Because I didn’t have any university in the south, I decided to choose a place where I could stay in a good environment, I saw the University of Turin and also very well for studies. Also for work, here it is much easier to have work here in Turin or Milan, then I said why not choose the one in Turin also for my education. Then afterwards I started to love Turin a lot, but anyway when I go south I point out because I am more south than north.

[i] We know that Turin is a beautiful city of so many colours and so many ethnic groups. What plan do you have for the future? Once you have finished your studies, what do you think you are doing? Or even where do you think you are living, building the future forever, maybe?

[r] Everything depends on the work first. If I find a job here I would like to stay here, but maybe I change my career to move to the south of Italy. But if I can’t find a job I try to do my job here, I would like to do an important job for myself. For example, I’m not a person who sits 12 hours in an office. I prefer more active jobs.

[i] Are you an active person not then stand still?

[r] Yes, I remember when I was in my country not just working a job, I have to move to all places, do volunteer work in places different organizations. And here also for me the “bariera” is the Italian language.

[i] You’re worth going back to your country of origin maybe there too.

[i] Yes, because not, it’s obvious that I love my country I love my city. But we have problems to find a good job for the future and for this reason that I said I do not know If I come back or not, because all things depleting time, we can not predict what will happen, for example I can not say that it will be like that, tomorrow all things can change. For that I can not say that I am sure, but would very much like to stay, and if I return I would make my life much better than before .

[i] Another question since you have no problem living here and building your future does not create the problem the fact of being an immigrant, you’re never felt immigrated here in the sense that I do not say maybe treats bad, have made you feel you are not part of this country.

[r] To be honest for example at university at the beginning, my study group 90% Italians when they speak Italian you feel outside the circle. But after a year I had some Italian friends then I started to start with Italians for me all things change, now I have more Italian friends than in my country. in general I spend 90% of my time with Italians now I don’t feel it, I change my life I have to be active, I started to learn Italian well, not so well but a bit.

[i] Anyway it takes some time to learn, you just have to have the will. What does your family think about living here forever building a future?

[i] My family will never say what I have to do where I have to be, they tell me when you’re happy where we are we’re phalic for you. This is what they say If you want to be there we are happy, if you come back we will be very happy to see you, every day they give me the freedom to choose. For this reason, I will never have all the affection they say not to do this. Of course I miss my family is normal, but now I know I made this decision I have to finish college It is the first thing that brought me here are my studies, but every moment I want I go to visit my family.

[i] For the moment think about your studies then in the future we’ll see. Your family saw you here in Italy, they came to Italy, they saw Turin?

[r] No, because it’s very difficult to get a visa, and solving all these problems takes a lot of time. Then now I’m studying I don’t have much time to travel to show them some places. But afterwards I finish university then I help them come here to visit me, show them where I live, because I’m interested.

[i] It’s natural for them to come and see where their daughter is. The first time you came to Italy you called your family, what did they ask you? About this country.

[r] The first thing when I arrived here my mother was very worried, because Italy is the first country I visited in my life, I had not visited any other country And it was the first face I was alone, for my mother was a great concern. And she calls me and asks me where you are, then the internet connection had a problem. I called from the hotel with the phone from there, The first week I made my family worry so my mother calls me 5 times a day. now if I call them once a week they are happy, but I try to hear them every day. Obviously I bothered every day at first, my grandmother and my mother call me every time. But my character in all this does not bother in all the things I do, I decided not to make them worry in all the things I do, even if something does not bother me I do not tell anyone, I try to solve my problems myself in my own way, now for this reason I feel very independent and I’m happy.

[i] We say the important thing for parents is that they know that their children are well and are following their wicked, that they feel independent is a very important thing. Thank you for your willingness and for answering my questions.

[r] Thank you for the interview.