[i] Hello I am [name] in MUSO art which means human mind socially operational I am in Guinean citizen

[r] I was born in Guinea, my region is Guekedou, I am Kissi foretier in Guinea I lived from 0 to 11 years so I did primary school there until I was eleven years old, then I moved to Italy to reunite family because my cousin I was already living in Naples for almost 30 years so he made me come to Italy basically for work to study and work, so I did all my studies in Naples. in Naples I lived for 8 years then I moved to Turin because he had moved in time to Turin He had met a companion from Piedmont so I chose to join him, in Turin of course that I was 18 years old so I immediately began to work in a factory, in 2000 2008 there was still work in Italy so good or bad was much better than now, because there is a global crisis and you can feel even in Italy Slowly I made my friends, I grew up I loved myself, and I attended very often in Turin where I live in Turin on the outskirts of bariera di milano, here I am a bit of the social, of profession I am a cultural mediator for in my free time I try to cultivate my passion who is the music, basically I make social music to bring people to think about the issues of inclusion, what it means to accept the different, what it means for someone who comes from another part to integrate in a country that is not his this are the issues that I deal with when I make music is in addition I try to uniner both the profession and the passion, so I try to make them go together, when I do mediation I do it also with the music so I combine the useful flexible. At this moment I’m the voice gate of my neighborhood the bariera of milan because it’s a multiethnic neighborhood, plan of persono not of the place, but they are well located is a neighborhood that you live with little, because in the suburban neighborhood everything costs less, but it also allows you to ampiliate your knowledge remaining on the territory because then meet people from all sides also native Italian so Piedmontese for there are not many, let’s say what I do of social, I try to give an image to my African continents not only Guineans try to set a good example to all Africans who want to come to Europe in the West to tango luck and then create a future in Africa, I try to set a good example and the right means to follow the path of legality if we want to get to our goal there are several ways, But it depends on us to our education from what our parents have passed on to us for which everyone has their choices of course, I try to make mine to set a good example to the boys who come more quickly to those who are already there. that I am in dificult to move in the torment substantially my thought is you have little not to ternelo for you but distribute it to others surely the world aware so it makes us a little more brothers to some extent brothers not blood brother can also be of different color but that think equally, this is my conception of brotherhood. Professionally I said now I’m a cultural mediator working for children who have fled on the project MOI so I give them the opportunity to get involved in the social, and in my events when I can invite the kids I explain what it means to live with Italians and vice versa, so I try to make them understand how to live in Italy this is a bit what I do when I’m 18 years old. when I arrived from 11 18 years I was like all young people who wanted to have fun without thinking, but once they became mature, because we know very well as Africans we deviate mature already at 18 years sometimes even earlier, so the maturity allowed me to be a soothing people in the shoes of others what I did not have as help when I arrived in Italy, I try to give it to the new young people who are coming here because I know that it is not easy to change a country and stay in a different country where you have no guide I try to give this because when I arrived there was no one to help me but not even Guineans if they had to speak directly with my countrymen were not there, and in Italy in 2000 I knew very few Guineans one of which is certainly Adramet we met in Naples that I was still in comonita when we met was one of the few Guineans I knew on the territory, there were Senegalese friends Nigerian Italian Neapolitans now in 2018 2019 I began to approach my community this thing makes me very happy very proud because I can share my sorrows and my joys with my countrymen, this was something on here I was always trying to put the Guinean boys in my projects just to give them a good example but we do not all have the same nation, I try to give an inpout to new young people. This is a bit the MUSO and what I do as a profession

So since I left in 2000 I took the plane so I arrived regularly with the port pass I did a week in Tunisia, then I took the ship from Tunisia to Naples where I lived until I was 18 years old since I left the country if I came back unfortunately not. for 19 years I am on the Italian territory for me I regret if I think about it I imagine how the country has changed, fortunately I am in contact with my brothers because my parents I lost him as a child my father died that I was still in Guinea I was 7 8 years old and my mother died in 2008 that I was already here, so I lost him from small to any way I grew up from my aunt that insagna in Guinea my siblings adess have grown, yesterday I just felt my brother as he is 25 years old he wants to do I try to be the big brother from a distance is also difficult to imagine how the country changed if you’re not really there you don’t know how to follow them anyway I have brothers from mom and dad I’m the oldest, I’m the first child so everyone counts on me

[i] How was your arrival in Italy?

[r] The arrival in Italy was very welcoming because I arrived directly in Naples, it is a city that welcomes you with open embers so it gives you the opportunity to integrate immediately so I did not find it difficult to integrate first in Naples then throughout Italy because I also shot a little for I can say I was very happy to come from Guinea to Italy, because at that age they say you’re going to Europe you’re very happy because you don’t know maybe Europe can also be like Africa just changing the climate because when I arrived in Naples it was exactly like Guinea only there were more palaces the guys were binachi and they weren’t black basically it was like in Guinea it was always out with friends playing, nothing changed just that we were in Italy.

[i] Then for the school how did it happen?

[r] Then the school as I told you before I started from the first grade in Naples, I did the linguistic after middle school because I like to speak languages in addition to French, English, Spanish and then Italian, of course I had to speak it immediately.a curiosity about Italian I learned before going to school, this is something that I recommend to parents who want to teach Italian to their children who come directly from Africa could be an alternative way I learn so give them a newspaper repeating the words I read trying to intuition what I read things was written, every day my cousin bought me the newspaper and made me read went to work and came back in the evening and asked me what you understood, this is a way in which I learned Italian before going to school this is a way that I can suggest to those who want to learn any language if it is not Italian, if you are in another country the best way to learn, relate and read

[i] I’d like to understand what your plans are for the future?

[r] The plans for the future are many, the projects of life and create a small reality that I can not only eat I make people eat that are to return to me this a long lasting project. The short-term project I’m working on my next album which will be called EMBLEMA, so that muscically I try to collect all the information all the ideie all the sopherenze of the people who are coming back to me even my soferenze remetto them in songs this the short-term project Other projects as well are of course you have to follow my pages what I do on the social to be added to what comes. however the two most important projects are the creation of a small reality where I can give the opportunity to other people, to work with me and that of making a music CD talking about everyday life

[i] I would like to understand [name] the dreams he had as a child are the same or changed him that he wants to achieve?

[r] As a child I dreamed of becoming a musician like my father. because I grew up looking at my father’s photos because I lost him as a child, however the photos I saw he always had the guitar the bass in his hand in Guinea and at the time he played music, as a child I always listened to Both Tolno Salif Keita, that music there the music in general always accompanied me so I always dreamed of making music and convey joy to people, this is the dream [name] as a child and [name] great has become singer that already realized the greatest dream of mine now if I had to dream and that of returning from time to time to my country then Guinea in Conakry in my neighborhood in Behanzen and make a connection with the realities that I am creating here with that Guinean and make a spece of success, my project is called social art, I would like to do social art Italy and Guinea these are the three projects that I beat every day that are realized

[i] Do you want to tell me other things that I may not have had the idea to ask you?

[r] Then there are many things, if I had to talk about all the experiences I am now 30 years old so from 11 to 30 years dinner to be counted. but I try to give the essential things is then to the interlocutor that they who will see this interview curious about my history of our history then go to research further and then at the end I can give everything I want to give all the information I want but if people do not curious about the person who is talking in front of the camera I can talk until tomorrow but curiosity is the fundamental thing an intelligent man is still a curious man so curiosity and go and see the things we do to discover more and more, are so many hopes I’ve had if I have to stay here we’ll make a movie. this here that I have told is already fundamental to them who want to know from true listen and understand the person who is in front of the camera

[i] Do you have a message to give to those megrants who come here to Italy, and the Italian people who welcome migrants?

[r] The message that I allow myself to give to those who arrive, arrives being yourself, so that at the end if you arrive thinking of changing a place who is already built you are wrong, because you are coming with your cultural background that is fine, the union of your culture with the culture that you find that then will be your strength so do not arrive thinking of radically changing your life, you must be stubborn, do not be agressive you have to have a goal I think the non-EU who leave their country to go to another country certainly have a goal and to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones so you have to follow his own goal in following the goals sometimes we make mistakes to make friends more quickly than anything else is aaaia obviously surrounding himself with people who are positive who do not want to do bad things, but simply want to improve their own is the world that are coming back to him these is the advice that I give to those who arrive. the advice I can give to Italians and that from time to time to have an open mind, be a little more curious to find out what brings you the different because in diversity there is always a positive thing, because from true diversity can only enrich what you do not have at the end of the cloth completes the different

[i] Thank you for answering our questions Thank you to you and I hope to meet you soon PEACE LOVE at all An important thing very simple sentence very significant for all of us remember we are all of the human mind socially glimpsed hello Thank you Fine ……….