[r] Good morning! my name is [name], I come from Guinea I am 38 years old pope of 2 beautiful children one 8 years old and the second 5 years old, I’m in Italy precisely in Turin for almost 10 years I arrived in 2010, I started to be a mediator cradle immediately after a year that I arrived because there was the emergency North Africa war in Libya. And then from that moment I work as I support all the processes in which I see myself involved in the integration of inculturation. of citizens of mainly African origin, but only on the Turin territory now also on the national level. Because Italy I had no migration project when I left Guinea I actually met my ex-wife in Conakry in 2002 I was still a student at university and in 2007 we got married and until 2009 2010 we decided to move to Italy. That’s why I had to start from 0. I couldn’t even say good morning in Italian. In Guinea I was working as a segnor manager in an African mobile phone company, at the beginning it was called areeba now it’s called MTN and I had a whole lot of carer that I gave up following a family project that brought me to Turin. My first months in Turin were immediately the impact I needed to start from scratch, a city that I liked immediately to level architectural looks less like Paris than I knew at the beginning, breast passing the months I began to experience crises of not being able to do things alone, that not speaking the language I could not even express what I was able to do I could not express what I wanted to condidere, and what I could condidere with the people of Turin for this I put myself in a project of impredimento of the language, in my opinion it was the key but I felt it alone without anyone asking me to do it, writing me in a school like all foreigners because it was what I was advised, not to tell the peresone not to go to Italian school but I personally felt it just that I would do 5 years before learning Italian for this I put myself in this project of learning Italian, the Italian language knowing the people I met some people for this I started the discovery of the city, especially the image that remains to me as I remember how beautiful memories of Turin are the civic libraries of Turin because my approach to Italian culture, to the Italian language, was born from there, when I started to attend the civic libraries, the libraries I used to go around, but from nothing doing in the city going to the library library going to understand what you could do as I could learn this language without having to follow an academic path, Above all it was an enterprise not suited to people who already had an academic background, was set to people who have ever gone to school, who had to start right from literacy, I was a waste of time for me others yes because they needed to meet now people who have done the same path that speak Italian like me but the streets were divided immediately after 3 months of CIPIA. Another journey that helped me to get closer to the culture of this country that I still adored here, coming from the world of marketing products and services I wrote to a course of certification of higher marketing here in Turin and this has helped me a lot also for there impredimento language because the tools I knew him already I had also practiced in Guinea, for this I just needed the groin and the terms of this discipline for that being the only stragnero because a course of refresher course of the profizionisti for that I had to necessarily speak Italian as well as Italian. With the people, with the colleagues, with the professors and this has allowed me to speed up the learning of the language. Then something that strikes me in this path however that is part of my story after 6 months you get that block, and you say what I do here, I had everything at home I did not miss anything indeed I had more than you could have, and what I do here, if I have to buy bread is someone who has to translate for me ese I have to go to hospice is someone who has to translate for me, and anything and anyone who has to do it for me accompany me to help explain. And that sixth month happened all there, because I would have to pick up the suitcase and leave again in Guinea, and I would have resumed my life, my habits and my contacts, with family friends colleagues is just that moment of crisis that has changed everything and I have overcome that crisis and I began to take the climb to the comfort of what I would have planned and then rayed on this city. Then after this course I started working for a company that dealt with the products of alcatel luccent I coming from that world I worked for a year then the company went bankrupt then from there happened the emergency North Africa by chance I found myself helping a friend for citizens coming from West Africa who had lived for so many years in Libya, and who spoke the languages that I speak at least the three languages that I speak, and these people came from these countries there, Senagl, Burkina, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea that is to say, helping people with breast cancer I became an operator then I took the course of mediator cradles I came out of that world just a year ago, even by my choice to make a qualitative leap I said above all about a vision apriori inamonte reasoning and studying why people leave is the reason for that movement and why all this risk not only for the person who moves, because people post so many things that you do not know here but also by so many scholars you only make a study of the moment on the phenomenon and movement of the moment, and you understand why people move mainly from my area if I take the example in Guinea there are two Guinean ethnic groups is part of the DNA the journey of these two ethnic groups from our ancestors traveled you went to the discovery of the other side of the world, on the other side of the breakthrough are the Peul ethnic groups and the Malinké, one is an ethnic group of shepherds and farmers so moving with the animals the Malinké are traders, and not then prevent it from moving apart just families and you go looking for why these people move, people just move, and no one can prevent this mobility for any reason and that’s why I started to study this phenomenon and also try to give a minimum of answers to the questions that I myself ask myself, and I am now on this road in this period here I am thinking between Guinea and Turin in this case is Turin but it is Italy and how much I can capitalize on the experience I had in recent years the people I met the network that I created especially the skills I acquired because when I arrived here it seemed to me had nothing to learn, Because I already had a carter in Guinea And invice starting from scratch I learned things I could have never learned if I had not made this trip this is also a bit to say is the richness for me the fact to move not only see it as drama or security and how much I have learned in this country in terms of culture in terms of skills in terms of relationships that people, how much I hope he also managed to give in the meeting of people with piece of the culture of my country of my ethnicity, trying to capitalize on this resource by creating a bridge between these two worlds that I live in Guinea that I live in Italy but that I can not break that link is because these two worlds are part of me Italy becomes by force my second nation my second homeland and my second land, That’s why my children were born here they are growing up here and this ni brings in any case in terms of reasoning in terms of planning to radiate in a form of constraint a link of a bridge between these two countries is for that all I did that was my work, was to intrare in the Italian cultural world proposing a content that that small country of 12 million inhabitants can leave a drop in this city in this country. Since 2012 we have always had a small group taking part in the most important cultural events in this city, from here the book fair of Turin, in 2013 with a group of friends we managed to bring Guinea as a host country that was the first time that an African country participated in the book fair in 27 years of the event And for us it was an honor for that we managed to bring most of the Guinean intellectuals are writers journalists musicians painters that we brought to Turin, Since that year every year we do an important cultural event to present us to tell the citizens of Guinea in this case who pass through this city have so much to give and especially to share with the citizens of Turin. This is a bit the path trying to make a summary of my path now, I’m doing master’s degree in governance and management of public sector support to local development and sustainable development that I end in late May with attitudes to discuss in October in this year and from November I think from November I will start to live the goals of my life here and the other in Guinea and trying to realize this dream of my itopic hoping that the itopia always leads us to build new things to retrace this path in its small and hope to be the ambassador in miniatures of this Italian culture in Guinea. This is my path from 2010 to 2019 now March 2019 my path in Turin.

[i] Now let’s talk about Mr. [name] you left a family in Guinea to create another family in Italy what are the advantages and disadvantages that you have met?

[r] Then the first thing especially my family in Guinea was the first difficulty that I had to leave, as I said at the beginning of this interview, I never had the plan to get married and go to settle in another place, I am very attached to my country, very attached to that land my family, but at some point when I interpreted this family project, I talked to my mom this is, and what I would like to do, luckily she told me something very interesting, and important for me and that accompanied me throughout my journey here, she said, it also says in our culture the family base is what made you born and only the beginning of your journey, and you will find if you want a family everywhere in every land that you will find you will go, this is what my mom told me you will create brothers and sisters sisters fathers mothers around as long as you bring the basic education that we gave you as long as you bring it with you, you leave it here is no longer you, this is a bit what my mom told me the rest, people could not understand, not only my family also friends people who knew me did not understand, not even I understood to tell the truth, they told me I can understand other people like so many young people leave as now because they are trying to improve at the level of studies skills for the search for that well-being that a fundamental right of each of us, people could not understand you why you have a career here works for the largest private company that even African here on the ground, you do not need anything to give up everything and keep going, you could not understand. The only person among all those people was my dear friend who told me look, you have everything in front of you go try to learn you only have to learn and this person when I spent a year and a half here in Italy that was born my first child is to him that I gave the name of my son Djibril, for me apart from my mother is the person who did not judge me, did not judge my choice, he looked at me told me how much I know you go you only have to learn. And here I must say it was very nice and also a challenge, in the construction of a path we were all two young people, I was my ex-wife, it was very nice but according to me, then we also talked about the choice of marrying to come and live in a country where we did not have a social network immediately familiar that claimed we could accompany us, it created a lot of difficulties for us, if we had some things about here we didn’t agree it would be resolved there, what we didn’t manage to solve again didn’t wax anyone with whom we could talk, now it’s much easier because there are so many Guineans in Turin, but when I arrived we were 3 4 5 it was that group there. But the positive thing in all this, also this I always thank the education I received from my parents, is to never judge people, they always taught me when there is a problem the first thing you have to do, start the question what is your part in that problem what you did, what is your responsibility, and what you did wrong not blame, in my education there is no culprit exists who did what he believed was right, or who did wrong, and there are maybe guilty but you radiate until you get to that point of reasoning you do not go immediately to blame people and the real thing helped me a lot both me and my ex-wife, when we understood the project could not go beyond that had gone and we have these two beautiful children we had this pretection of the blessing received because I believe it especially from my mother to radiate in addulto to radiate in charge and tell our paths as a couple ended there. But as a relationship of friendship and parents that is eternal you can not. And this for me is the other part that gives me more energy to bring all my projects forward when I think of my children, those two I always call them angels, the more I look at them the more I am charged with positivity of energy and hope, and everything I do in this country especially I do so so so they are there so that domami a can offer them a better world not what is happening right now in this country a very short time for this Italian people is not so and can not accept 2 3 4 cats ruining a culture so beautiful

[i] Would you like to meet me for something else that I may have forgotten to make the damanda?

[r] Yes, I would derrei one of the things I like, and because I liked it even though from my culture that I always like to tell is how much food has helped me to build a path of approach to Italian culture is this one of the common things that I found among my culture especially my country is the Italian one. because Italians like good food and they like to eat a lot and this is another country I like to cook and that has led me to always invite people when I want to know them better because as they always say then to have friendships with people but not then to know them until you share a dish with them for this I like to cook, I invite my friends to cook at home and then vice versa now I also do Italian dishes not the sophisticated ones but that thing to bring me to people, and this I think is the thing I will take home

[i] Thank you for the answers to our questions is I who thank