[i] Are you a little tense?

[r] Yes

[i] How come? I’m not scared?

[r] No, I’m always afraid and I don’t like that.

[i] No you don’t have to think about it, this is one more thing don’t pay attention let’s have a chat so you are a beautiful woman from time to time really compliments

[r] Thank you.

[i] Compliments. Have you lived here for a long time?

[r] For a year and a half

[i] Here in Colloretto?

[r] Yes to Coloretto

[i] Where did you live before?

[r] Before coming here I was in Sweden for 8 months.

[i] Where in Sweden?

[r] In Sweden I was in a small town called Sevro

[i] And then you moved here to Italy?

[r] Yes

[i] What about before Sweden?

[r] In Russia

[i] Were you born in Russia?

[r] Yes

[i] Where in Russia?

[r] In Chechnya

[i] In which city of Chechnya? Where exactly in Chechnya? Where were you born?

[r] In Grozny, the capital of Chechnya

[i] You were born in Grozny

[r] Yes yes.

[i] And your family is from Grozny?

[r] Yes

[i] And your parents were born there in Grozny, too?

[r] Yes they too

[i] And what were your parents doing?

[[r] Now my father’s gone and my mother’s gone.

[i] And what work did they do when you were a little girl

[r] Me?

[i] No your parents

[r] My mother worked in the shop as a trader my father did several jobs now I do not remember

[i] No problem.

[r] Because he died 20 years ago.

[i] Years ago.

[r] He was sick.

[i] I get it, so you were born in Chechnya in Russia where they also speak Russian?

[r] Yes

[i] Can you even write Russian?

[r] Yes yes

[i] Have you studied Russian?

[r] YES yes

[i] What have you studied and until when?

[r] I studied the first schools 11 years and then the university

[i] What college did you go to?

[r] It’s a university that doesn’t have a title here, it has to do with oil, my professorship is technological.

[i] So technological engineering?

[r] Yes, but I didn’t work with my profession, but I did another job.

[i] And what work did you do?

[r] I worked as a clerk in an office like INPS here in Italy.

[i] Are you like contributions and these things here?

[r] Yes

[i] There in Chechnya?

[r] Yes in Chechnya

[i] Have you worked for a long time?

[r] I’ve been working for 7 years.

[i] So how many languages do you speak besides Russian and Italian?

[r] My mother tongue is Russian, I speak a bit of English

[i] Okay and Chechen?

[r] I speak Chechen, my mother tongue

[i] The Chechen language then Russian a little English

[r] And a bit of Italian

[i] And where did you go to university in Chechnya or Russia?

[r] In Chechnya

[i] In Chechnya, did you graduate in Chechnya?

[r] Yes in Chechnya

[i] And you were a clerk.

[r] Yes yes.

[i] What are you doing here now? Here in Coloretta?

[r] I do the Italian course here, because this year I’m in the eighth grade

[i] Do you like it?

[r] Yes, I study little because there is no time for me because I have small children

[i] You got kids?

[r] You are male and female, the male is 3 and a half years old, the female is 8 months old.

[i] It’s so small, then you got a lot of work to do.

[r] Yes.

[i] Is it an important job to be a mom and you’re teaching them Chechen as a language? How do you talk to children?

[r] I talk to them in Chechen Russian Italian

[i] So they’re going to be very rich polygrott kids you say

[r] My son is now at the isilo in kindergarten speaks Italian very well

[i] So you’re keeping aliens with him?

[r] YES yes

[i] Where do you go to kindergarten? Here at Coloretto?

[r] Yes here at the Necklace

[i] Does he have any companions?

[r] Yes

[i] Is that okay?

[r] Yes very well

[i] Can you have a dialogue with the other mothers of Coloretto? Can you talk to them?

[r] Yes, when I see you at school, I went to 2 birthdays of my son’s classmates.

[i] Did you go?

[r] Yes yes

[i] Have you ever invited any of his comrades home before?

[r] From school?

[i] Have they come to your house?

[r] No

[i] Would you like that?

[[r] Yes Yes. a family of our friends from the Ukraine his daughter is the class company of my son

[i] Sure.

[r] She came, but other moms didn’t.

[i] Not yet.

[r] Italians not yet

[i] Would you like that?

[r] Yes

[i] Can you cook?

[r] Yes

[i] Can you cook Chechen food?

[r] Yes yes

[i] And what are the typical dishes of Chechen cuisine that you know how to do at home?

[r] I don’t know the right name in Italian there are sweet and savory dishes like a meat dish with tortellini pasta

[i] With pasta?

[r] Yes with pasta another dish but I forgot how you say in Italian with the sauce

[i] Tomato?

[r] No tomato no but with alio

[i] Helium?

[r] Helium yes

[i] Iulium woodchips

[r] It’s a woodchip.

[i] What’s the name of this dish in Chechen?

[r] In Chechen ?

[i] What is the name of the dish in Chechen or Russian?

[r] Translated into Italian?

[i] No in original language

[r] Ah in original language

[r] “Gigi Golnerch”

[i] Gigi Golnerch. And would you like to invite Italian mothers to taste Gigi Golnerch?

[r] Yes

[i] And instead of Italian cuisine, have you learned how to cook?

[r] No, I want to learn a little bit.

[i] Do you want to learn?

[r] Yes

[i] Who else do you live with here, just you and your kids?

[r] My husband too

[i] Is your husband there?

[r] Yes

[i] He’s also from Chechnya.

[r] Yes yes.

[r] What’s he doing here?

[r] He’s in eighth grade, and he’s in mechanical school, too.

[i] What did he do in Chechnya?

[r] He has been little in Chechnya

[i] Why is he from where?

[r] In Russia in Moscow

[i] Is it of Moscow origin?

[r] Yes, for reasons of problems he worked in Moscow.

[i] And what did she work for?

[r] The insurance

[i] Insurance?

[r] Yes yes

[i] Are you now doing your Mechanics class?

[r] Yes

[i] Are you all right here in Colloretto?

[r] Yes

[i] Would you like to continue living here?

[r] Yes because it’s a quiet place and I like it

[i] And is there something that you would like to have here at Colloretta that is missing? a service… something that is not there and that you would like for you for the children?

[[r] I always say for me everything is fine for the children there is no playground

[i] There’s no playground so there’s a playground for the kids.

[r] Yes

[i] Is the transport all right?

[r] Yes for the bus and these things here

[r] The bus is a bit ‘difficult because this road is difficult

[i] And you want to raise your children here in Colleretto?

[r] Yes

[i] Well, well. Can you tell me your name well that I don’t remember it?

[r] [name]

[i] Thank you very much [name] it was a pleasure chatting with you

[r] Thanks to you.