[i] Hello [name] .

[r] Hello good morning.

[i] Good morning. How are you?

[r] Well thank you.

[i] Who is [name] ?

[r] I’m from Pakistan in the capital Islamabad. Islamabad is located at the foot of the mountain.

[i] How old are you?

[r] I’m 26 years old, and I’m studying for my master’s degree in engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin.

[i] How many years have you been here?

[r] I’ve lived here for two years. It’s been a good two years because before these two years I’ve only travelled to Pakistan. First I wanted to visit all the countries on the border of Pakistan, India and its border and China and its borders. But you can’t cross the border because of the situation there. But here you can cross the borders without any difficulty. Plus there are fewer borders. In these two years I wanted to go to Barcelona and I was in Germany, Romania and Greccia.

[i] Do you like this country?

[r] Yes definitely, I like Italians and I really like Italy. Because there are mountains and Italians are a strong people. And there is a big difference between the European and Pakistani people, for mathodology the Pakistani have a lot of time for family and friends. Italy is like in between the two countries there is time to work and time for family and friends.

[i] How was your life in Islamabad?

[r] In Islamabad I used to travel daily by bicycle every day, 100 kilometers from Pakistan to the border of China, 100 kilometers of mountain by bicycle.

[i] Do you have brothers?

[r] Yes I have lived with my family I have a brother and two sisters. And all my two sisters are married and one has two children, one four years old and the other two years old. I went out of Pakistan because I wanted to let her know how life was going, and I already miss them.

[r] And here in Turin do you study alone or do you work too?

[r] I study and travel only these two things I do.

[i] Why?

[r] As a student I have to study how when I went to naval school I only had to study and my family was happy. Because this oppurtunity comes once in a lifetime. And I asked my teachers and my old men if I could travel and they told me why not do both together. i] How did you find Turin when you came to Italy for the first time?

[r] I arrived in Milan for the first time, I was as if shocked, everyone can be shocked by the charm of the capital. All of them were nice and clean, for this reason I found so much difference between here and my country in Pakistan people are not always nice. Milan is always as it should be. And there is one very important thing is that everything is clean. But in Pakistan if you have to travel by bike you always find a lot of waste for this Italy and fantastic.

[i] You know that the Italian culture is very different from the Pakistani one, how do you live this difference?

[r] Italian culture is different from Pakistani culture. All my friends and relatives can come home whenever they want and we can spend all the pomegranate together. Here in Italy things stand out and you have to make appointments for everything, this is very different from Pakistan.

[r] After your studies, what do you think you’re doing?

[r] After my studies I want to go back to Pakistan, I have to give my master’s degree. I’ve also come here to see how Italy goes forward and what the evidence is for the norms of life. I want to see with my own eyes and I want this experience to be experienced in my company at home. Do you have Italian friends?

[r] Yes, I had done a tericinio in Greccia there were two Italians one from Turin and one from Pavia. And they became my best friends. And two weeks ago I invited them to dinner at my house and I cooked them Pakistani I made the chicken and the Biryani. it seemed that it was unpleasant for them but he liked it.

[i] What does your family think of your studies in European country?

[r] My family thinks it’s nice to study outside Pakistan. So they are happy for me, and they miss me and wait for my return.

[i] How is life in Italy in Turin for example music and food, do you like Italian cuisine?

[r] Of course I like Italian food, I was used to eating pizza in Pakistan but here it’s totally different it wasn’t pizza. There was no chicken, no spices, I was like shocked when it was just pasta.

[i] Have you learned any recipes?

[r] No. I have an Italian friend in Naples precisely showed me how if he makes pizza and pizza is Napolitana. And when I tried to make the pizza he told me to leave the pizza alone you can’t do it well. Could you explain the differences between Italy and Pakistan not only in the language or culture but on the habits?

[r] Okay, in Pakistan I’ve never done anything, I haven’t even cooked a simple egg. So when I came to Italy I have to cook everything myself. So I’m learning, now I can’t cook all the dishes but I can do “chiken Biryani” and “shagos” and I have to change because in Pakistan everything you eat if you prepare the morning and eat it for breakfast. But here after I lived with my Italian friend I learned to eat healthy food. I changed my habits now I eat healthy food I changed my breakfast to breakfast and second and I only eat healthy things. But afterwards I can eat spaced food because my body is used to eating spicy food.

[i] Would you like to stay here in Italy in the future?

[r] I’d like to go back to Pakistan though, as I do have friends here but my family is very important to me and my friends. So I want to go back to Pakistan and try to improve my society and do something for my home and my society. I have friends here after I’ve been woven with them and I’m afraid that when I leave after 4 or 5 years I’ll miss them because they’ve become part of my family. Is the Italian language very difficult for you?

[r] Yes, languages in everything are very difficult for me. I speak my language after a long time. So I am trying to learn Italian for myself because my teacher Chiara is the best. So what are you doing to learn the Italian language?

[r] I’m going to school and I try to do all my homework and I’m also listening to some Italian songs and I watch some movies in Italian.

[i] What do you and your friends speak in English or Italian?

[r] I speak English to them because I don’t know how to speak Italian and I can say “where are you from”.

[i] Now if I try to speak Italian to you would you be able to answer?

[r] I can try if you could speak slowly.

[i] Are you in touch with your family?

[r] Yes I have contacts with my family thanks to social media it’s very easy. it starts with the good morning from my breath, and I talk with my grandchildren every day. first we only talk with the phone but now I use bacebook so we see each other doing better.

[i] Do you have contacts with the Pakistani community in Turin?

[r] I live here with Pakistani people at home and it’s always full. At breakfast and lunch I eat healthy food but at dinner we need spicy food. So we have to eat Pakistani food at least once a day. When I lived in Greece for two months it was difficult to find Pakistani food. and when I came back I ate Pakistani food every day.

[i] Did your family visit you here, did they visit you?

[r] My family would like to visit me but it is very difficult for them to get a visa. I asked a friend if someone could help me get a family visa but I couldn’t find anyone. But I’ll try to bring at least my father to visit me I’d like to show you Turin and Europe. i] How many years do you have left to complete your studies? i] I started two years ago and I have three more years left to give my thesis also.

[i] So as soon as you’re done you’re going back to Pakistan?

[r] Yes, when I finish my stidia I’ll go back to Pakistan.

[i] And after once you come back to Pakistan would you come back one day here in Italy maybe also as a tourist?

[r] Yes of course I want to go back defenitively to Pakistan but I want to go back to Italy. Especially to visit Turin and I want to return to the Amalfi Coast. And Sicily and the south of the island I will be ready to visit them because people have a lot of time as in Pakistan. So I will like to go there.

[i] Have you visited other cities of Italy than Turin?

[r] Yes I have visited Rome.

[i] Did you like it?

[r] Obviously

[i] It’s a beautiful city.

[r] I’ve been to Rome and Florence and they’re full of styrias whatever you see is a piece of history a museum. Also culture and food, you can find good Italian food in Naples and you can find good pizza.

[i] Always the pizza.

[r] Yes.

[i] Do you want to tell us something else?

[r] Do you want to …..?

[i] Tell us more about anything?

[r] I really like how Italy manages evolution and tries to stop the smog to make the country a better place. And the thing I like so much in Italy is the green space there are many trees and mountains where you can go for a walk and breathe good air. i] Thank you [name] for answering my questions.

[r] Thank you and goodbye.