[i] Hello [name]!

[r] Hello

[r] How are you?

[r] Good.

[i] We’ve met since yesterday, haven’t we?

[r] Yes

[i] What are you doing here at the new church? r] Here too […] But I work, I work for spinning center, I’m here looking for 7 years that I work.

[i] And what work do you do? what do you do exactly?

[r] I do a little bit of everything, the manual work that is there I do then, accompany to the police headquarters sometimes for those who need to go to the hospice, or make a document, for health reasons the work as follows

[i] And before you came here to val di sacra where were you?

[r] I arrived from 2008, I arrived in Milan then after a month I arrived here in Chiesa Nuova when I arrived here, I arrived in Borgialo, I had decided to stay for 2, 3 days, and I’m leaving that 2, 3 days I’m here now almost 10 years, I mean I found well

[i] But so you wanted to leave after three days?

[r] Actually where I was born is a big city, I’m always used to big cities And when I got here, I saw only 2 3 small houses, I said here is not a place for me

[i] Were you born in Terana?

[r] Yes, I’m Iranian.

[i] And what were you doing in Terana, how did you grow up?

[r] Before I arrived here in Italy, I studied for 12 years then from the moment of war Iran with Iraq I went to war when the war ended I went to work for a year in a small factory, then I decided to go to Japan I worked for 10 years but […] that of Japan is long […]

[i] Then what were you doing in Japan?

[r] I worked everything, as a bricklayer, in a factory that made bikes, then in a factory of mechanic I worked in a restaurant.

[i] Did you say that I studied for 12 years, what did you study?

[r] The moment I studied the situation in my country was not so good. Because it was just finished the war, finished the Iranian regime, but I went up to the eighth grade then we did the war for 3 years, when I came back I did not study Because at that time who returned from the war could give an exam to get the diploma, it was so

[i] And you took your high-school graduation exam? r] Yes, for the diploma. So you’ve travelled a lot, Japan, Italy, you’ve also learned languages in this period?

[r] I met my wife in Japan, and Latin American, Colombian. And from Japan I went to Colombia, then my daughter was born there, then we went for a period to Iran for 3 4 years, then my country is a Muslim country, I have a respect for my religion but for my wife was a bit difficult, so we decided to go to another country, we came here to Italy in 2008

[i] And now you’re established here, who’s the new church?

[r] Yes, I told you before as soon as I got here I only said for two days, then I stayed 10 years.

[i] What’s changed with the two days you wanted to run away and stay 10 years?

[r] Actually the thing that is kept here in the new church to stay all this time is the work but I understand when I arrived here I was 40 years old, at 40 years old who gives you the job? I was lucky that they gave me the job, then I got on well, I’m happy.

[i] And to find this job how did you do it ? what did you have to do

[r] I didn’t really do anything, when I arrived I was an asylum seeker I was planning for a moment then when I got out they asked me to do an internship with them, then later they made me a contrate and I’m going on like this

[i] And you’re doing well

[r] Yes, I feel very good.

[i] And what do you do besides work here in the sacred valley

[r] In the sacred valley I laovro in the morning until half a day, then in the afternoon I’m here until 4 then I go to Borgialo do everything there, we have some apples we have brought, in the afternoon work … mowing grass, any laovro, and Saturday Sunday if I find work at the restaurant work

[i] Besides the work that an important part of your life you have goals you have friends here in val sacra you do things that go beyond your work

[r] Yes, friends yes, Italian friends yes

[i] And what do you do together?

[r] Sometimes we go out together, have a few dinners.

[i] And do it to your thing in their house

[r] To what extent mine in their house also

[i] Is there something you miss in the valley of sacred that you would like there to be something you say is missing?

[r] Here in Sacred Valley or?

[i] Yes

[r] No

[i] Is everything in there?

[r] Yes, there’s everything.

[i] So not away anymore?

[r] I don’t really have free time to think about other things, someone says I go skiing I go there I work more, my time spends on the job. The first time I went to Borgialo that I work for that afternoon or Saturday morning, the first day we were growing vegetables, I said this is the work we do for a whole day I do not […] this salad costs 1 € if you buy it from the super market, because they do that, all this work put vegetable garden put tomato eggplant, all this then buy at the super market with 10 € the first year I did not understand, I said anyway is a laovoro I pay, but now and become even if I do not work you are I have to spend in the garden to do at least half an hour there, even without working without doing anything I have to do a tour […] now I’ve been working here for 2 years, in new church, in Borgialo always there. from morning to night I do a tour there

[i] So there’s so much you can do?

[r] Yes, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve never worked in the country, I’ve never worked in a vegetable garden, I’ve never mowed grass, I’ve never even done that in Japan, but now I’d like to do this job every day.

[i] If you had a chance to get some land, what would you do with it?

[r] The first thing I would do is the garden I like so much, but I do not miss here a land because there is so much where I work now with those who work, I do not work for someone, work then we share together, you pay me until the end of the month but we do it together, I’m glad this work, I have so much to do I do not miss, left everything in my hands I do, then it’s like it was mine i] Instead with technology this is a manual work of the land, cultivation etc… and the technological part uses it a bit ?

[r] No, I don’t use it so much yes, on the computer I use it but technology doesn’t.

[i] Like what? […] r] I know how to do a few things on the computer, not a lot

[i] When you go to the police headquarters to accompany them to do some services, work the bureaucratic stuff.

[r] Yes, I do that.

[i] Do you use sites when you go?

[r] Yes yes

[i] So you know Italian well even write

[r] But not so much so, though.

[i] And what other languages do you know when you’ve traveled a lot?

[r] I forgot, however, as long as I’m there, I speak to someone 2, 3 hours Japanese I speak then continue to speak then also Spanish, at my house they speak Spanish, I don’t speak so much now but I understand all Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and even my languages make you

[i] Do you know how to do that? Do you know how to read and write? All right, thank you very much.

[r] Thank you very much