[i] Good morning!

[r] Good morning.

[i] Would you like to introduce yourself, please?

[r] Yes, my name is [name] I was born in February 18, 1992 in the Ivory Coast, precisely in Ire, a small town in the Ivory Coast, I am not married but I have a daughter who is so missing.

[i] Do you have a family on the ivory coast?

[r] Yes, that’s my mother and father and 6 little brothers.

[i] Are they older than you?

[r] I’m younger, I’m the first child of the family.

[i] When you were in Ivory Coast, did you go to school?

[r] Yes I studied for 8 years. I did the first cycle that I do not remember what is called in frencese primary school and then middle school

[i] Have you done for eight years?

[r] I have done for 8 years

[i] What did you do after the shield?

[r] After the shield I did 2 years as a mechanic, then I did 2 years as a driver aprentisagio (the people who help the driver) then I got my license in 2013 then I became a driver when I was 21 years old

[i] Do you have anything else on this journey?

[[r] No! Because first I was a mechanic, then I was a car aprentist and then I became a driver.

[i] Have you done this for how long?

[r] I was a driver from 2013 until 2016 when I left my country.

[i] Did you do this job as a driver for someone? Did you do it for yourself as a taxi?

[r] I didn’t do it for someone because I was a camione driver and I was transporting the goods from the factory to the super market.

[i] Was it a company?

[r] Yes, because my boss had a big company and then he had super markets.

[i] You’ve been doing this for three years?

[r] Yes from 2013 to 2016 we can say 3 years

[i] You left your country after that?

[r] Yes, when I had problems, I had to leave my country.

[i] Have you arrived here in Italy in what year?

[r] I arrived here in Italy on 19 November 2016, in Mezzina we landed in Mezzina in the south of Italy in the region of Sicily.

[i] Then you arrived in Turin?

[r] Yes, they chose 50 boys from among us and then they sent us to Turin. on the red cross

[i] After the red cross?

[r] After the red cross a cooperative named de frassati hosted us with the cooperative we started to do the Italian course then to integrate, to understand the European life

[i] Had this route been done for a long time?

[r] I can say that I have done this for a year and a half.

[r] When I arrived I started to study the language, after a few months they sent us to do the third grade that went well after the third grade I started to do an internship as a tire dealer, after 3 months I continued for 9 more months as an apprenticeship now I’m very happy to do this job, because before I had never done it I learned everything here I met some very good people, my necklaces behave very well with me they make me understand there is no difference between us, we are all ugly, and we do everything together

[i] Have you done anything other than school?

[r] No, here in Italy, first I did the schooling, then after I did the internship.

[i] Where do you live now?

[r] Now in the same place since I arrived I live in Sant’Antonino di Susa (To)

[i] Saint Antoninus of Susa?

[r] Yes St. Antoninus

[i] How long have you been here?

[r] I’ve been in Italy for two and a half years.

[i] Are you with the cooperative so far?

[r] Yes yes I am with the cooperative because I have not yet taken the documents I have done the farewell I am waiting for the answer so for now I must necessarily stay with the cooperative, maybe after when I have the documents I go to live away but now I am always with the cooperative frassati

[i] Are you feeling well with the cooperative?

[r] Yes, the cooperative there are really good people, who listen to people I do not know how to qualify them because they are totally good

Now tell me the difference between [name] that there was in Ivory Coast and [name] that there is here in Italy?

[r] The [name] that there was on the ivory coast has changed because there were so many things down there that I didn’t know there I lived in error I didn’t know so much stuff, I walked so without knowing how life works there was no one there to listen to me, to give me advice of life but here I met people who made me understand so many things so I can say that the [name] that there was the down has really changed.

Did you have other dreams in your life?

[r] My biggest dream was to see my parents living together again, but now thank God Thanks to that work I’m doing here, and to the life I’m living here my parents are talking about expiration that they are getting greedy, because this is my biggest dream other great dream is to meet my daughter, because for so long I haven’t seen her….

[i] Other dreams in life apart from seeing the family again

[r] Other dreams

[i] Do you want to continue doing this job you’re doing or do you want to change?

[r] I never accept to change the job because where I work they welcomed me in a really good way. so not at all in life I accept to change places because when I arrived I didn’t know how to do this job, they taught me everything and gave me the opportunity to explain myself, to say things that I don’t like, I do not fit in with us we say a person who gives his hand when you need not then skip this person to go and look for money first you have to look for luck then the money will come by itself I people with whom I work are really good, they helped me a lot gave me everything anhe what I did not imagine to have so for nothing in the world I can leave there, my dream and continue to work there, live my life.

[i] Do you have a daughter you were married before?

[r] No, I wasn’t married, I had a partner who lived here, then when I had problems I ran away and then she had to marry someone else, because she couldn’t be like that. but I understand her because she did 3 months without having my news, maybe she thought that I didn’t exist anymore so she had to live her life, but I also hope to have a girlfriend and live my life with my daughter.

[i] Now you’re not married yet, aren’t you engaged?

[r] No nothing I’m not married I’m not engaged, I’m like this

[i] Do you want to tell me other things that I may have dabbled in asking you?

[r] I can say that I said everything but I can also say this project helps us to make ourselves known, to make us understand in life also yesterday I was in Oulx to do an interview, there were many boys from different countries have listened to me, I think they understood so I told them, I hope I can explain to people my life to make people understand that all of us who come here are not ugly, there are people who want to learn and integrate themselves Then there are people unfortunately make a bad impression, we fly to make people understand we want we are not all ugali, true we are ugali of skin, but we are not ugali inside before judging someone need to avicinarlo and understand what he wants, what he lived, so you can walk with him with me what I could add, talking like that if I offended someone was not my will

[i] Between two lives, one in Africa and the other in Europe, precisely in Italy, what is the difference between these two lives that you have noticed?

[r] In my opinion life in Africa and much more difficult than that of Europe do not resemble life in Europe when you are born you have everything ready, but down when you are born the parents do what they can do afterwards and you who have to do the rest work then take care of the family, the parents really life in Africa much more difficult than that of Europe

[i] Do you find much more freedom here than in Africa?

[r] Here you have more freedom to talk to people, to say what goes and what doesn’t go for the bottom you have no chance to speak, even if you speak no one doesn’t listen to you so in my opinion they are two different worlds

[i] Now I have nothing to add so thank you very much for answering our questions

[r] Thank you to you and to everyone who listened to us .