[r] My name is [name] ! [name] , I’m from Marocco, I’m 38 years old, I’ve been living in Italy for 12 years, specifically in Turin, I chose Turin because it’s a city I’ve known for a long time, a little through my sister’s account who lives in Italy Turin precise for 89 years, so every year he returned to Maroco, he would give us a piece of his life in Italy, so Italy and Turin seen him from afar is why when I had the opportunity, to come, to go abroad I chose Turin. I have been married for 8 years, my husband and a South American, from Ecuador, I have two beautiful girls. one 7 years old, and younger than 3 years. The idea of immigrating was part of my dreams, but it was right to go and visit this country, as she says before through my sister’s account, I fell in love. when I came, I had just graduated, so I was pretty fresh, I wanted to know the world, have new experiences, also look for opportunities, why not? I remember that I was in love with the country, the city, its history that I knew even before through my studies, because we also studied the history of Italy, a very important story, so I had a great desire to know it live, and discover it in person live. as I said I have been for 12 years, I am happy, I can say that I am quite integrated when you love a place always look for a better way to integrate, a sweeter way, more correct more just. but this does not detract from the fact that, difficulties meet, because they are still part of the rules of life. for the most part I feel very good, I have friendships, friends, that I love that I love me, that I esteem that I value myself, I have done many jobs many things, flyers, even work with the public, as intercultural mediation I have done some projects, with the intercultural center of Turin, I paice to have counted with the public. with people, feel useful, I’m always available for the first next one. this is a careerstaff that I …

[i] More important.

[r] A caresterist that describes me is no longer important. If you want to ask me who I am, ask the others at least what they say about me I am a very helpful person, and paice to help me, because my philosophy and the one who helps is always helped. then in life you never know . All of which

[i] You told me you’re Moroccan, you’re from Morocco, your husband’s South American, he’s from Morocco?

[r] from Ecuador, and a Latin

[i] How did you meet?

[r] We met at school in 2010, it was November 2009, we were in the third grade. We met from the beginning, straightaway we became friends, so we met things. we were very close, the fact of having so many things uncommon but united. as they say … however, a deep friendship was born, slowly was also love was born, after … less than a year we got married, in 2011, then immediately after 9 months 15 days the first child was born. Kadiza, is a very very smart girl, very intelligent, intelligible the fact that she has South American blood, and a North African Arab blood, that characterizes her, has made her a child very forward, very awake. so as they say love has no nation has no race no religion no language. in fact, my story, I describe it as a story that comes out of the clouds . North Africa, South America, and Europe. This union, unites beyond us two, two heart two bodies also three cultures. the South American, the Arab American, and the European, however our language is a language of love as it happens in all couples, and Italian, that I feel quite lucky to have this. this riches because it is one more thing, if thanks to my husband, thanks to the fact of marrying a South American I have also learned Spanish, other the lengths that I speak, my children speak three languages for the moment. it is a riches, I am not stopped in the fact, as many have done, oh my God, it will be hard, difficult, as you did as you do, to live this thing here, to see this difference, this diversity. but I see diversity as one more. I have known a people, a culture, a language more so I see it from this point of view.

[i] you who come from Morocco, you have a family maybe that are all Muslim chredo.

[r] Yes, precisely

[i] you wanted to marry someone who does not have the same culture, maybe even not the same religion you had difficulties with the family?

I saw him as a good person, a smart person, a great worker. a person who wants, knows how to learn, never stops learning, so we were there. he was interested in the Muslim religion, since then, so I became more interested. Slowly speaking of my religion of his intersection all that was born also the love for me of this religion, which also led him to convert. Although I do not like this word coventire because, he chose inslam as religion, not eliminating his true religion but rather, one more thing, this is a wealth, one more thing, because religions are all based on the same things. no religion goes to say you have to hurt someone, or vice versa, so they are all based on deep beautiful things, good for your neighbor, for yourself, for God, he choosing this religion added one more detail, in practice the things he did not do in his religion, would be to pray five times a day, do fasting, something he did once a month did once a day fasting. now with the Muslim religion does it once a year, a month but during the year does it when he does not want to smoke not to drink in my opinion that must also be a philosophy of life, not to damage his own body. regardless of what he said, of what religion is decreasing. He added some things to what he had before. I can say in simple words he completed what he had.therefore in himself, within himself has the Muslim religion and the Christian one, I all come from the same creator . God created us all, maybe I call him “Allah”, in Arabic it’s obvious that I call him “Allah”, but in Italian I call him “Dio” in French I call him “Dieu”, however it’s not that we’re talking about two different things. it’s true they were difficulties, but not because of the religious fact, but the distance. I come from Maroco and he from South America, we are so far away, and the first thing my good soul told me, Ma figliola, but where this Ecuador is, if I had to look for him one day on the right map to look for your husband in case he hurt you where I can find him this Ecuador was afraid, then as we know in mixed marriages especially so far away, the fear is that, not for the evil that can happen to us adults who have chosen, but our children. why the first question that so many people ask me, above all my compatriot women, they tell me. I was not afraid that one day he would take away your girls? because of the fact we are totally distant. it is this thing here that made me afraid, but I did not want to be afraid. because I was sure that with complacency you can deal with everything. but above all with respect, so I have overcome this thing but it is normal to sofrire or be afraid, preocupation, as I say is part of the rules of life. for the moment I do not want to think anymore, because thinking I would only ruin my presnete, and even my future now I try to live cerena, live my life, because I choose it, and make it live the way cerena my children because this is the most important thing. And let’s see what destiny hides from us.

[i] now you’ve made me the hypothesis the husband takes the children goes to his country, you’ve gone to his country

[r] Of course I do.

[i] Do you know his family, and he knows yours?

[r] Surely the first thing we did after we got married was to go on our honeymoon and choose his country. I remember the first time that the idea of going to a country so far away that the only way to travel was the airplane, with 12 hours in a row of travel, it was not easy so I went, I remember as soon as I got there was everything different, different even stethically the houses were different those I know of my country, Italy, as soon as I arrived there was not all I say fear but a new family new country, mother-in-law everything you can imagine. I remember that the first week, after two days, I said my husband missa that we will return to Ecuador once today 4 years. after the first week I said let’s do it every 3 years, the third week I said I’d like to return every year that means I found myself very well, then honestly I have a mother-in-law to be deserated. in the sense that a good person, who loves me, who has respected me, who has respected the choice of his son Despite that she is very religious, practicing her religion, but has never put himself against the will of his son. My husband also went to Maroco four times, and since they met him they told me you did well to choose this person, they understood why I risked I chose this union, marriage. He likes Moroccan food, he likes Moroccan food that when I married him I finally said marrying someone who is not Moroccan, I got rid of the Moroccan cuisine that I do not say ugly, but the opposite, but rather very demanding. instead I find myself with a South American, who loves Moroccan cuisine from A Z, so I did not get rid indeed. I cook her kitchen too. me la 10/10, gia sua mamma me dava 9/10. therefore I can say I integrated myself also in that sense my children love Maroco a lot, they have a very strong relationship. in fact my daughter to the older one when she asks her where she comes from, who are you? she says I am marichina. I also tried to direct her, to make her have her roots, solid things, in my opinion who has no roots can not have fruit. like a tree, grows in the air in the meantime, so she with knowledgeable, loves Italy, Morocco, and Ecuador. in my opinion it is right that she is there.

[i] What are your projects in the future?

[r] I have so many projects, in my opinion it’s the way it should be, otherwise you live without goals. without diets, you don’t do so much. I have many projects, I can also say dreams, because since I am a bit difficult to achieve . but I am impossible, because in life nothing is impossible, let’s see what fate hides from me, what reserves me, what makes me discover I was never imagined to marry an Ecuadorian, here I am married to a South American. with family children, so in life we dream one thing then after we get another but the important thing is to do things with your own convection with choice, and with love so the projects if I have to tell him we will never end, but I have a project, as I said I like to always have contact with people, and I love my neighbor, no matter what.when I see my neighborand my neighbor I do not see must come ni that liingua speaks no what color has. on that I am firm. One thing I would like to have is a restaurant. Yes! Why is it a restaurant that can unine North Africa Europe and South America, in fact I also have the title of this restaurant. but this is not the other things to achieve it, but a dream, a restaurant where you cook a food with other spice. not the one we know but another love. Love and respect. The most important ingredients and offer good food, but when I say food is not what you eat but also what nourishes us, in the human sense, of relationships, in respect to others. So it is a dream, or my granddaughter, hoping that they will be able to realize it, because we need a place that enters and you don’t see any frontier. You don’t see any diversity, where you see, you live an experience of being yourself. To be a person who goes to eat a good thing. To discover the other world, if you can’t go to that place we make that place come to you. Where there is food, culture and customs. the ideal way to let us know the right way. then when you do, eating a good dish, the fraudsters melt, the only frontier that remains is that edge of the dishes. the only difference will be that

[i] Do you have other things to tell me that I didn’t have the idea to ask you?

[r] What can I say, I would say that I am lucky, to have chosen Italy, in precise Turin, because I consider myself Turin DOC, I love Turin, I love its history, I always love it, then I love it as a fascinating city, beautiful. But last year I had the opportunity to get to know a part of Turin up close I made the tradition of the texts where we talk about Turin, the people who sacrificed their lives for Turin. Of the places that I know where I spent all the holy days that I knew have a history, but I have never known it is with this little job here that I have done, I have known it from close up, so now I appreciate it more. But the thing that hurts me is that people don’t appreciate it, they don’t see the true value. They pass by ignoring history, ignoring the sacrifices that people have made to make us pass in a serene way without problems, without war.

[i] Thank you for answering our questions.

[r] Thank you for this opportunity.