[r] My name is [name] , a difficult name I already know I was born on 11/05/1993 from my family we are a bit nomerous, and I am the first child when I was four years old there was no school for children, so I had to go up to 7 years to go to school. When I was 7 I started primary school, I did it for 6 years, because in Guinea the cycle lasts for 6 years. to do the media there was no school, because I lived in a vilagio, the nearest middle school was 14 Km I could not go there to do the middle school, so I had to move, because I was born in guinea on the side of mamou in a small vilagio called Kégnéko, from there my parents sent me to Conakry to live with a Uncle from there I did the middle school for 4 years, then in licceo I did 3 who is the normal cycle of guinea that cycle is not like that of Italy. Then when I had to go to the University I had higher scores in Physics and Mathematics so they sent me to Labé to live again from another place, I had to do there again 3 years of ‘University and there I had no relative yet, the relatives I still had in Conakry I had to leave him to live at that place there still I went to Labé I did three years of university from 2012 to 2015, then I returned to Conakry I started to do an internship in December 2015, I did that internship for 2 months, I had to do it for 3 months then I look like .

[i] And what did you do at the University?

[r] I did computer science at the University, because the University in Guinea not what you want you to do depends on the points you had, where they sent me if your high points are in Mathematics and Physics send you to do inofomatics I did not want to do it but I had to do it because I did not have so much choice, I wanted to do architecture but the points I had did not permeteva me . so I moved for this, from Conakry to Labé, then I lived there for 3 years [r ] Yes more than 500Km, while I was doing all courses, since 2009, 2010 I made many messes in Guinea (political posters) I was part of a political party that is called UFDG, I was part of the representatives of the youth of my neighborhood when there are messes it was us who solves, I can not say I was too good, Because I could make so many messes with power then when I was at the University, there was a movement that stood up to the party of power, I did not even agree with this movement in Labé where I did the university and there comes the president of our party (UFDG). so the president of the republic was an advantage for him if he won that place there, because we had to make the election at that time them (2015) so he said if we win in his city we want to win the election by forces . Alpha is the president of Guinea, [i ] Even today?

[r] Yes, until now he is the president. Some little things are already happening there so I didn’t get along with them at that moment I was the representative of the young people of my quater, one day … when I started to do the internship, it was a distant post where my family lived in Conakry (my uncle) I looked for a house near where I worked, then one day the Carabinieri arrived from my family to look for me, two cars of Carabinieri arrived, goodness I was not there because they had already before taken one of my brothers, that brother had suffered so much torture in prison . [i] Big brother or little brother? [r ] Big brother, I say brother, but a little boy because and my uncle’s son he was already in prison, so the whole family was already terrorist, if the Carabinieri still come to look for me, I, during the night, because they came to look for my boy there at night and when they arrived, the honno taken and taken away, then after the honno heard of having done a coup d’état to the president could not be explained, because the honno taken before that happens, this said coup d’état. It was the police to go and shoot at the house of the president then they acoustized the people who took before this said coup . So when the Carabinieri came to look for me at home, already the whole family was terribly upset, bad that I was not there because I lived where I had taken the house, around 5 am I woke up for prayer the family called me to say that the Carabinieri came to the house to look for me, try to hide yourself . Because the whole family was terribly upset. I’m fine, in half an hour I prepared the trip. I left for the evils, then went to Algeria, then I was there for 3 months, after these 3 months with the money I had saved when I worked in Guinea, the family sent me, then I paid the trip because I was looking for a safe place, but when I arrived in Algeria I could not even rent a house even if you have money the fact of being black, not then rent a house, I said not, I was looking for a safe place but here is no place for me then I risked to get the mediterania I arrived here in Italy on 12/08/2016, I arrived in Pozzalo, from there they brought me here in Settimo I was there for 9 days, the cooperative with alive now named de Frassati, they went to get me there . they welcomed me in Val Susa, the first thing I saw in Val Susa was the mountains, which made me so afraid . in Guinea the highest mountain one thousand five hundred, here I arrived I saw the mountains more than 3 thousand, 4 thousand I said maybe one day everything comes off us, here there is security but I’m still afraid. [i ] Were you afraid of the mountains? Yes! I said if an earthquake happens here we are finished, then in that moment an earthquake happened here in Italy in 2016 I don’t remember where [i ] In the center south then I said then if the same thing happens here all these stones of the mountain comes back to us then every day I came to Turin, every day I came to Turin, I said at least if an earthquake happens I won’t be there. then I arrived during the states all complained about the hot heat, and I did not feel the heat, for me it was normal then from there I started to do the courses of the Italian language, where I went to school there was a teacher who taught computer science in a school (CIPIA), that make ECDEL are the basic computer science courses he told me you did computer science, but now you lack the language, come with me follow the courses so it helps you understand the language, I said okay, I went faces were Windows, Word, Excel … for they were the things I already knew, but the fact of having a relationship with the Italians, was an opportunity to understand the language. [i ] Then you had a common interest, then you had something to talk about, then you had something to exchange.

[r] Yes, exactly I knew many things, then I knew these things, the first day I went there, there was a gentleman, when I commiciato courses was already genius, then a gentleman said we are already late, with him who does not understand the language, then did not do the previous courses, as we can expect. The professor replied not to answer you today, I wait 3 days. that day I started to do the courses, then at a certain point the professor told me to go to his place to turn things off. then said not, I already have difficulty in making myself understand in Italian, how I can turn them off, then it’s fine to follow my screen then you’ll understand how I do things then you did them too. Then they told me you’re going fast we don’t understand. The professor said now I answer you, because you told me at the beginning that I brought here someone who doesn’t understand the course now that he does things then you tell me it’s going fast ? then they asked me how did you understand these things ? They asked if there are universities in Africa ? I did not know what to answer then after a while they were all fond of me, everyone called me for help, at the end of the year I did not need to do the exam. I understood a bit of things in italian Then I started an internship with a cooperative that does the programming, I started this internship until now I am doing it because they are all free professionals, they do not hire people, everyone works for themselves, they give you the VAT number and work for you. I did more than a year this internship, but until I get the answer of the farewell that I am still waiting for, they can not hire me

[i] Don’t you want to open up your VAT account? No, I didn’t open the VAT number without a residence permit. Also, at the University I made a request to do the masterclasses, the polytechnic gave me the agreement as early as last September (2018) I had to start the courses, but the fact that I don’t have the residence permit yet does not mean I can still do this so I’m doing this internship with this cooperative called 19COOP. [i ] Where do you live now?

[r] I live in Val Susa, precisely in San giorio di Susa. [i ] Where is it? [r ] The first thing is a place far from the station, and the last bus passes at 6:50, so it is not a place for me now I live there for 2 years and a few months, since I arrived in Italy living there. [i ] And would you like to stay there or would you like to go and live somewhere else? [r ] With the car I can live there willingly, but without the car it is uncomfortable for me not because I do not like the place. Then there the people are good, I would say so I also had 2 families there that I thank very much [i ] In what sense are they families, but they made me inside their family, because they helped me in so many things [i ] But they are local families, how did you meet? They understood that 4 Africans arrived there, they asked us to invite you to our house for dinner? I said yes with pleasure, they speak a bit of frencese, we understood each other with frencese, and that lady teaches at the polytechnic, she helped me all the way to be admitted to the polytechnic, they are really two very good families that now I have become very fond of, and I would like to invite him to Africa, as soon as possible that I can go to Africa I invite him to spend at least 2, 3 weeks with my family. [i ] But would you like to return to Guinea? Do you miss it? Yes, I have the whole family there, but now that I’ve gotten used to it here, going to see the family yes but now I would like to try the life of the ancestral Europe, that I’m already living the lived 2 years already some months, that I feel good [i ] Yes because now you have learned Italian you know the Frencese, you also know other languages ? [r ] A bit of Arabic I speak, I can make myself understood in English. [i ] You learned it in Algeria, didn’t you? [r ] No, I’m of Muslim religion, I’ve done many courses in religion, to understand things well, because it’s a very difficult language there are things, I don’t know how I can call them, under the understanding.

[i] of meanings ?

[r] Yes, then say a word in Arabic and then translate it into English, it gives you the wrong meaning. then I said, there is one thing that interests me, I try to understand at least the language a little, that’s why I learned Arabic. English I did computer science so I had to learn it to understand why I need it. frencese, I didn’t learn this, I studied it all the way through school, Italian I can make myself understand [i ] And instead with your parents in what language do you speak?

I lived in Conakry, there we talk more about soussou, so I can make myself understood in soussou (a dialect of Guinea) in malinké because I had malinké friends, so I speak well poular with my family even if you know a thousand languages we speak our language, this is a rule. [i ] You told me there are so many of you in the family do not? What do they do, your family ? [r ] My parents are farmers, I am the first child, I have a brother of 23 years who lives in Turkey, had done computer science at the University worked a year for a telephone company, won a scholarship in Turkey to do the magisterial, he now lives there, the others of the family are all in Guinea, I have two sisters and four brothers, [i ] All younger? [r ] All the little ones [i ] So they still go to school ? Yes, they are missing a lot, especially the smallest one. [i ] What’s her name? [r ] His name is Mariam [i ] But how do you feel? [r ] Do you use your phone, such as WhatsApp, Skype, social network [i ] And do you often feel? [r ] Yes you every Sunday [i ] And why Sunday? [r ] Yes, because I’m freer on Sundays, then even there I’m freer on Sunday evenings we make the video calls so now it’s been two years since you’ve been back ? [r ] I haven’t been back for three years now, because I left on February 26, 2016, today is March 1, 2019, three years have already passed

[i] Is SOW okay if you want to meet me for other things ? What’s your dream ? [r ] My dream I can say is to have my own family, in the sense that I have to get married, because I am already used to living with the family, I am not used to living alone especially we are many in the family, loneliness is not something done for me. the first thing I would do is find my family, not the biological one, this is part of my dreams and continue to favor what I’m doing. life has chosen me computer so I accept it I would like to be better off, for what I would like to do again a course at university. if I have the opportunity to continue if I do not get the chance I do more

[i] Okay thank you very much. Thanks to you.