[i] Hello [name] .

[r] Hello.

[i] How are you?

[r] Well thank you, and you?

[i] Good, good. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us who you are?

[r] I’m [name] and I’m from Turkey. I’m married to an Italian. In tiorea I am a Japonese teacher.

[i] Interesting.

[r] Yes.

[i] Since when are you in Italy?

[r] I came in August I don’t have a year here yet.

[i] Less than a year.

[r] Less than a year.

[i] Where did you meet your husband?

[r] In Turkey, we have a friend in common. He had come to visit my city and then we got together….

[i] Met.

[r] Met and after ….

[i] Love is born.

[r] Yes.

[i] And when you first came to Italy, how did you find this country?

[r] Two years ago I came with an Erasmus programme as an intern. I did my internship as a Japponese teacher.

[i] Why did you choose the Japonese language?

[r] Did I study in middle school after middle school as you say?

[i] High school.

[r] Yes, high school, I studied English. But I thought maybe I have to find another language for work English so many people can speak it.

[i] Yes, a lot of people do.

[r] I thought about Cinee first, but in Turkey there is no university for Chinese education. I thought maybe better about Japanese. I found the university and did it.

[i] Bravo congratulations.

[[r] Thank you.

[i] Turkish culture and Italian culture are different. How do you live the two cultures in your daily life?

[r] Generally people think that the two cultures are close, but in my opinion they are not. The north of Italy is a bit closed for me is better. Because I got used to Japanese culture I like to have some space between myself and the people.

[i] Sure, you want some space.

[r] Turkey is close to the culture of Naples.

[i] Neapolitan.

[r] Sicilian Neapolitan but not the North. It’s a bit difficult to find friends but I need time.

[i] sure. Did you make any friends in time?

[r] Yes, all foreigners.

[i] What nationality?

[r] Iranian Arab Azera.

[i] And how do you communicate with each other?

[r] English.

[i] Do you live Turkish culture here, for example, food, music, culture, etc.? At home, for example, what do you cook, what do you eat, Italian or Turkish?

[r] Mixed Italian Turkish Japanese Korean. I also like to cook and try food from other cultures. I cook Turkish if we have guests who are curious to taste the Turkish cuisine. But generally with my husband I cook Italian because it’s easier.

[i] In fact. What are you doing here now, working or studying?

[r] Now I’m looking for work but I can’t find it.

[i] It’s difficult for everyone.

[r] Yes, but I would like to find work in another sector.

[i] Like what?

[r] Type Marketing cells in some company even in the fashion industry.

[i] Yes why not. Is there a chance to return to live in Turkey with your husband?

[r] Yes, we haven’t thought about it yet, but in the future we can go back to Turkey if there is any opportunity.

[i] Sure. So you managed to have a good integration in this society? Do you have problems integrating here?

[r] What does that mean?

[i] In the sense that you can socialize with people to insert yourself in this country and feel not Italian but part of this country? Or do you always feel like an immigrant and feel like a foreigner?

[r] When I arrived here everything was beautiful. But now I started to feel the difficult part. For example when I try to speak Italian and I can’t always speak it perfectly.

[i] It’s normal you’ve been here for a short time.

[r] Someone criticizes and says why you talk like that.

[i] So they put you in trouble when you’re wrong?

[r] Yes because when I make a mistake… no som as you say…

[i] Are you embarassed?

[r] Yes, a little.

[i] What do you do to learn the Italian language?

[r] I strive to speak Italian myself. For example with people who speak English I speak English because it’s easier that way. But for example my mother-in-law speaks little English, I have to speak Italian to her.

[i] Of course

[r] I’m trying to spend my time with her I go with her to do the shopping help her home if she cooks I cut her vegetables or else I speak Italian.

[i] That will help you learn the language, the more she interacts in Italian the more you will learn.

[r] Yes yes.

[i] Your husband’s family is his mother-in-law and father-in-law as they took their son’s choice to marry a Turkish woman?

[r] It wasn’t a very special thing it was normal for them, I don’t know we didn’t talk about that.

[i] In the sense that they didn’t tell him why a Turkish woman?

[r] No, even on the part of my family, everything was quiet.

[i] What do you like about Italian culture? What do you prefer most?

[r] The food is very good I take

[i] I got it.

[r] I’ve gained 6 kilos more.

[i] So you really like it, you got fat.

[r] Yes.

[i] Have you learned how to cook some dishes?

[r] Now I’m studying to learn pasta sauces generally. I also learned the Piedmontese dough “la bagna cauda”.

[i] “La Bagna cada” is a very strong and very difficult Piedmontese dish.

[r] No it’s not difficult you just have to prepare a sauce for me it’s easy.

[i] How did your family in Turkey take your marriage to an Italian?

[r] At first they were a bit nervous.

[i] Why?

[r] Because he’s a foreign boy and he’s not a Muslim.

[i] So you are a Muslim?

[r] Theoretically, you are

[i] Aren’t you a practitioner?

[r] No.

[i] Instead your parents do?

[[r] My mom yes But then I took my husband and brought him to my town.

[i] You introduced him to your family.

[r] Yes, and my mom really liked him because he’s not a strange man.

[i] He’s good.

[r] He’s good at it and he can speak Turkish.

[i] Do you speak Turkish?

[r] Yes, my mom really liked it.

[i] So it’s a pleasure

[r] Yes.

[i] Has your family been visiting you since you came to Italy have you been visited?

[[r] No, not now, but in the future.

[i] Would you like to have children?

[r] I’m a little scared.

[i] Why are you afraid? Are you afraid of childbirth?

[r] Yes. I like working, and I want to make a career.

[i] Would you like to accomplish yourself first?

[r] Making a career is very important to me. With children it will be a bit difficult.

[i] Do we say that you are an immigrant because you are an immigrant in the end, as you see this mass of immigrants today?

[r] Massa?

[i] Do we say with this much immigration that there is now as you see it?

[r] I don’t know, but in my opinion… I’m sorry, I’m speaking in Japanese.

[i] Quiet

[r] In my opinion, Italy has a great responsibility from the outside. Everybody when he comes here for the first time Italians try to do something But to others they don’t do enough this won’t crack the problem someone you have to do something.

[i] What do you recommend? What if he can do what should they do?

[i] For example, how can he manage immigration here? What is missing?

[r] People immigrate here because they have economic problems war. I think they have to help these people in their country. Because it is not easy that one goes out of his country to another because it is a risk because it may die during the trip. That’s why they have to have a better solution to come here and live. That’s why they have to help them, but I’m not just saying Italy or Europe, but other countries in the world. They should not help them to make wars but only sign this problem so that everyone can live in peace.

[i] Of course. So the best thing is enough war.

[r] Yes.

[i] Because people run away from war to ensure a more peaceful future.

[r] Even in Turkey now there are many Syrian immigrants. One day in the post office I saw a person who wanted to withdraw money that relatives had sent him. He tried to collect the money but he didn’t know the Turkish language and for the Turks it’s not easy it’s not easy for both of them I don’t want to accuse anyone. And a bit if he behaved badly with her and told him you have to speak Turkish. at that moment I felt really bad.

[i] Of course, because it’s not easy for someone to escape from the war goes to another country and not know how to speak the language. But on the other hand you have to have a little patience to understand these people here. Marve, would you like to add something else?

[r] I don’t know.

[i] Whatever you want.

I’m really trying to put up with some of this kind of organization I’ve started and I hope so.

[i] Thank you for your availability and thank you for answering my questions.

[r] Thank you.