[i] Hello

[r] Good morning, sir.

[i] Can you introduce yourself?

My name is [name] , I am the mother of a 12-year-old boy My son’s name is [name] , just like me

[i] Which country do you come from?

[r] I am from Congo DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo

[i] How many years have you lived in Paris and France?

[r] I have been in Paris since 2005, I came in 2005

[i] Oh, you came in 2005?

[r] 2005, me in June.

[i] Have you been living in Paris since you arrived?

Yes, I still live in Paris, that is, in Ile de France So when I arrived, I was pregnant So uh, I first arrived in 92, in Becon; And as, I have since become pregnant, I was brought to Becon Hospital And from Becon Hospital I was sent to Créteil, to the municipal hospital

[i] And, why are you being taken directly to the hospital?

[r] No, I didn’t go directly to the hospital; So when I arrived, I arrived, I was first 2 weeks or 3 weeks at my Sister’s and then I started to have pain, as I was pregnant and that’s where they took me to the Hospital, Becon Hospital And when I arrived at Becon Hospital They brought me back to Créteil They told me that at home the care was small[was not adapted] , my case was serious That’s why they brought me back to Créteil intercommunal And since then, I still live in the 94

[i] Okay, and where is your son?

[r] Yes, my son was born in Créteil, at the intermunicipal hospital

[i] And why did you come to France?

[r] Well, it’s really a dream, since I was a little girl, I dreamed of coming to Paris! Because Paris is the city of stars you see a little what, laughing Everyone loves Paris ! and everyone loves visiting Paris, so uh uh I always dreamed of coming to Paris ! I always liked coming to Paris But, I didn’t have the possibility to come, but it was really a dream come true !

[i] Okay, so it was your turn to come to Paris?

[r] Yes, it was my dream to come to Paris!

[i] And, can we talk about your life, if you agree to talk about your life in Paris? Uh, how was the reception?

[r] In Paris, as it was my dream, to come to Paris anyway, I saw that in Paris they really respected; it is really the host country, as they say it is a country of human rights ! it is a host country ! in any case, I lived that ! because I arrived, I was considered an undocumented immigrant and I was pregnant! So, uh, it really shocked me to know that there was no injustice! So, I was undocumented but they welcomed me and gave me the treatment; and even the day I was, uh, transported to the hospital in Créteil, there were ambulances to go to them and then, there were even, uh, bikers! who would clear the road So, it’s really like what we saw on TV! as it was, uh, in the movies! so it really impressed me; it really impressed me by what I was undocumented, and to benefit from such a welcome the welcome, really there was no injustice on that point there; really so uh they welcomed me; as I was pregnant; they really respected their principles to rescue a person who is in danger! so, I experienced that! really the French they rescued me!

[i] Okay, and when you arrived, so you came to join your sister or how?

[r] Oh no; I came to try my life; that’s what I was dreaming, so I have the right to dream, to make my life come true. As in my country, everyone knows it; there is the war that has been going on for a long time; there is not really a comfortable situation and I wanted to live in Paris; I was dreaming of Paris; when I see all the stars who come to Paris; so I tell myself; I thought: I have to go to Paris I will see Champs Elysées, I will take pictures on the Eiffel Tower, in any case; For that, I am very happy to be in Paris; it was my dream !

[i] Okay, uh, did you have any difficulties once we welcomed you? With that you’re happy with the doctors! The difficulties in any case it does not miss! I started having difficulties when I got out of the hospital; Because I got out of the hospital, I now had to, uh, find accommodation So, still undocumented, I started living in homes or hotels So they just gave me the address, only the address! Go to such a place! You’re going to take this bus, you’re going to take this subway, so I didn’t know, so I was taking two steps and asking the question, so I was really bothering people; with my questions and then there were other people who were nice, there were others who didn’t want to! especially at that moment, So uh, I didn’t have health; really my health wasn’t good So, sometimes other people, you go to ask for the explanation, He treats you, No no no no, I don’t know; it’s like he sees you too dirty I met some! But there are others who were kind and who tell you: no Madam, you have to go in this direction So, yes, I have encountered difficulties! But that’s the way it is!

[i] And how did your integration with the administration go?

[r] Well, already I would say yes, I would say yes, I would say, because already my country Congo, It’s a French-speaking country; So, already from the language, I didn’t have any difficulties And, in France or I would say in Paris, if you know how to express myself, So, on this point, I didn’t really have any difficulties And as, I’m also studying, in the Country So uh, when I got my residence permit As soon as I was given the receipt, directly I found a job!

[i] ah agree

Yes, I found the work with the receipt As the receipt was “allowed to work” So uh, I found work with that And when we had to leave to go to integration classes, I didn’t have to do that; Because I was already integrated, I already had a job So, for me, it went very well !

[i] Okay, and what kind of study did you do?

[r] In Canada, I did the financial management

[i] Financial management? financial management

[r] Yes

[i] at the University?

[r] at the university; I did that at IEC, Higher Institute of Commerce

[i] Ah it’s a good school

[r] Yes, it’s a good school! It is a business school, it is known all over the world!also, So, its diploma is accredited even in France Because when I arrived here, I did the equivalent Here, I had to do the administrative accounting, as I already knew me the accounting, So, I did the administrative accounting And it gave me the equivalent of I don’t know, Bac plus But, in my country, it is BAC + 3

[i] And you did that at which university? or school?

[r] Here in Paris? In Paris, I did eeh GRETA I was at GRETA MT in Charanton

[i] Charanton, is it near the 13th District?

[r] 12th grade?

[i] It’s next to the 12th arrondissement.