[i] It pleases and honors me to meet you here. Today tuesday the 15.01.2019 here.  In the Humanitarian Solidarity Middle East e.V. in the Westenfelderstr. in Bochum. I am [name] the 1st board member of Humanitarian Solidarity Middle East here. In Bochum the fieworker in the Oral History Program in Europe. Welcome Mr. [name] , please introduce yourself? What did you bring us today?

[r] I am [name] .

[r] [name] Syrian origin, married since. 2006 born in 1982. I have three children and have been in Germany for about three and a half years. I brought a very nice memory with me. It accompanied me when I left Syria and was a memory from my mothers. So that inshallah accompanies me on the way and helps us in our lives what we have chosen. That is this chain.  With the cross the symbol of our Christianity, I hope so. That it accompanies our whole life and helps us with our problems and difficulties. Those who can bless us, our faith in Allah is great. A new and good life, the best there is.

What does this cross mean to you?

To be honest, that means to me.  From the Christian or religious side that we appreciate. Syrian Orthodox by .  The roots of the Aramaic language that would be spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ. That means a lot to me, frankly.  A symbol of our religion and a symbol of our Christianity. Jesus Christ and the teaching on which we walk and persecute. From the social side we can say that a beautiful and miraculous memory. From the parents, has accompanied me on the way, as they say. The satisfaction of my parents, and on the way we had many successes. So that we could come here, thank God.

[i] How long have you been here?

[r] I have been since. Early July 2015, First July 2015 I came. To Germany.

[i] Mr [name] you are married, have you come with your family?

[r] To be honest, no.  I hope this does not happen again, I have separated from my wife and children. About mid-June 2015, because of the circumstances in Syria.  I used the legal method at the beginning and then unfortunately illegally. Until I arrived in Germany, the necessary measures were taken until we got a visa. I got a stay after that I made the family reunion, after that you came. After 11 months from the date of my arrival in Germany.

[i] How are you today.

[r] Thank God. Good but it bleit thanks Allah.  We have tried to integrate ourselves into the new society. I hope we are going the right way, my children. Thank God they are in school, they are doing well, we have done the necessary courses. So that we can live, our daily routines. As they say, I am looking for a job, I have worked very briefly. Not long here but I try.  Inshallah, there are certain difficulties you could talk more about. But the situation does not help us now because of the language. Other problems that we find suitable work. Or the professions we had practiced in Syria. There are many expression problems but it works well, we are healthy. But something is going on.  What always shakes us I do not know if the foreigners to any country. I suspect the longing for home, family and kinship. The memory of what you left.  In your country that is very difficult abroad, determined. I have always accompanied what.  I don’t know.

[i] Let’s see the camera? Oh.

That’s my mother, God let her live long.

[i] Amin.

She accompanied me all the way when I left Syria. Was a contactor for me.  On the gabzen way.  We had experienced some problems on the way, unfortunately. Whenever I touched it I felt that it strengthened me a lot. Helps me to overcome the problem.  The phase we had and thank God is at the end. Everything became good I came to Germany. I mentioned that a memory of my mother attracted her. I hope we can talk about everything even more than that.

Thank you for bringing us this memento. The very meaning has, it could be.  If you give up a week that we would exhibit in the museum, can you lend it to us? We are grateful to you.

No problem, I hope,

[i] You’ll get it back. The booty full, I liked the idea very much.

Thank you for your taste.

Of course I don’t have a problem, but. In my heart means a lot to me.

[i] We bring it back.

I want you to bring it into safety, even if it stays with you, definitely. I don’t have a problem, I really appreciate this story and its meaning. The moral value for all of us.

[i] Mr. [name] You mentioned that your mother gave you the necklace? Is your father still alive?

No. Unfortunately not, my father, God forgive him he died when I was here, honestly. About two years ago.  That was the greatest misfortune that could happen. Nobody should experience what you say, but that was… A very big misfortune abroad.  Abroad, this death and this distance to the parents. The circumstances that go over us that is the alienation. Not only the distance.  When an event happens or something difficult. You can be next to your family.  In your homeland that is hard.

[i] Uh.  I didn’t ask you why you came to Germany?

We are because of the recent circumstances that happened in the country. The war, unfortunately, has destroyed a lot, apart. That which broke our hearts, our families and our people, destroyed the whole country. The situation has been very difficult. Surviving is difficult, financially difficult, socially difficult. It is difficult to preserve our souls and the lives of our children because of their future. That was the main reason to leave the country. We have come to Germany, I am now Stabil. Here in Bochum, when I came to Germany.  I am in the same city, they were very. Hard and difficult circumstances, I hope it should not happen to anyone, I hope one day. Even if we don’t stay or stay here, we can. Visit our country, come and go to Syria because. In the end, the smell of parents.  Is there and home no matter where the mansch goes, it stays. His country is the most expensive, surely we live happily, thank God. We certainly cannot do without it.

[i] You mentioned the country, The homeland?  We’ll come back to Bochum but let’s stay in Syria now. In your village atmosphere, you mentioned.  You are from Sadad, this is a village, a city. Sadad is an aramic village honestly.

[i] Were you born there?

[r] From Homs.  No, unfortunately I’m saying we don’t want to suffer. This is our country, I was not born in.  I am Damascus born, but.  My village I never left behind, my village, the people. As they say, the internal migration of the happens most. Villagers have left their villages.  Because of the economic situation or similar in the country. Back then at that time.  They went towards the city and of course my father was one of those people. They went in this direction and has its seat in Damascus. Sadada is an aramic christian village, its number of inhabitants. About 22000 people.  All are Syrian Sirian Orthodox.  Their language is Syrian.  From the Aramic language that our Jesus Christ spoke, and. There were many people under the circumstances.  In Syria, many have left them.  I suspect their inhabitants is no more than 5000 – 8000 people. Between 5 or 8 thousand about now.  Although I still lived in Syria.  The result of internal migration is.  In winter I do not suspect that inhabitant is not more than 7000 persons. In summer 20000 persons are there.  In Sadad because daily there are occasions, weddings. Or funeral, has beautiful weather in summer, which people spend. Approximately all summer, in Syria the summer is three months approximately. This is a very beautiful village, we hope to return there, we hope that you come to visit us. The situation is better in Syria and the conditions are good to visit. A long stay and beautiful.

You mentioned that the mother is still in the same village. Do you have brothers?

I have two brothers.  One was.  He flew towards Germany and the other one stayed in Syria. So that he was next to my parents, because they are old. Because of the livelihood they need.  That someone from the child stays next to the parents. I cannot say we have preferred our ego. From our brothers under these circumstances.  Which was in Syria at the time, but.  That was his decision plus the decision of his family. The profession of his wife, she works for the city. The best decision was that he stays there next to them. In Srien and the other brother is now also here in Bochum.

Do you have contact? Between you?

[r] Yes, of course.  But I can tell you the circumstances.  Which is now in Syria, my brothers unfortunately from about a year. Although he is the only breadwinner of my parents in Syria. That’s excuse us for being sorry.  He would have to go to the Bundeswehr, he is finished with his compulsory service and would have to go to the Reseve Army. He was finished for 15 years but because of it.  The war he would have to go to the Syrian-Arab reserve service. Since then the contact has decreased.  With him via the Internet or communication, he has none. Service during his service with the mother, thank God. We also communicate a little because of it.  Power failure, there are many things.  Who prevent that but thank God we can, still. Communicating, asking about her and her health. Whether she needs anything, and Hamdullah everything is good. Not bad.

[i] That certainly calms you down.  That you communicate from Bochum to Sadad.  To talk to the mother, you said you are a family father and have. Children that makes you lucky as an old woman.

Definitely. Or maybe something makes you happy.  Or crying the social networks.  The hamdellah that exists now has made us very relieved. Communicating with parents, otherwise it’s a big problem. Living abroad is difficult. When there is no contact. With the parents also because of the bond my children have with them. Uncle, cousins and cousins their family and grandma. There must be a way to communicate. To each other, their country not forgotten, their parents. Their languages, always the language that must speak. The mother language determines, nobody can.  To give up one’s language on the contrary, that honours us that. Two or three languages speak that is very good. Plus inshallah the situation can be better. In the next few days and we can go to Syria. They did not hit the first hit for you. These are people they don’t know, the family. That made it much easier for us to communicate the social networks to the parents. And to experience what happens to what happens to us. How does life run between the two without interruption? We are overburdened with things no one has. Knowing what is happening,

[i] Surely so that no resolution happens. Because of the binding. I want to talk about? Your childhood?

My Kinhait, was very. Fine, Syria is certainly my opinion. Was a country destined.  People can live together.  We had gotten used to this settlement, maybe about 200 houses about.  I talk in primary school.  Less than 12 years.  And in the settlement are.  The houses are next to each other, this is known in Sham. The doors next to each other, the neighbours for each other. The families for each other, I have lived in a settlement of the. All were our brothers Islam, we were the only ones. Christians all over the street, even in the school where I studied. I guess I was the only one or with another person. Only Christians, but we didn’t feel that. What I just mentioned, in our childhood. Until me.  One class several subjects, I learn.  Islamic religious education, I know something by heart. From Al-Fatiha simple passages from the pictures of the Koran. Learn from these in the classes.  Mt my friends I can not leave only in religious education. It a nice life my father had a good job. We have lived comfortably.  The schools were good and the learning was free in Syria. There was no extra cost for learning at school. At this stage I was good at school I can tell you. I was superior in this phase and afterwards. There was another school, a little further from our house. There we moved, we moved to another one. To another city in Damascus, until secondary school. I have learned in Omiya high school is a big and well-known school, in Damascus. In Assa street, that’s what they call it.  Exellente high school but unfortunately.  In the middle of the year.  The last stage, Abitur in Syria.  I fell.  An accident easily at home.  I am let down from the terrace and I problems. In my back I would have to do a disc surgery at the time. The college where I studied was very nice, these circumstances. Was very bad I did not take the exam. I was obliged to repeat the year. I repeated my Abi, I passed it and went on. Life in high school was very nice.  One has grown up has friends.  Young men, young girls, new town.  The college where I studied was very beautiful. It was called the Intermediate Agricultural Institute. Was in a place with many forests.  Gardens, beekeepers were there.  In the institute, there were cows.  Cows for the study in a department.  They studied in the Animal Production Department of the Agricultural Institute. The views were very nice, the weather was very good. I graduated. And I started a new life, the military and working life. We can also talk about marriage in detail.

Did you serve your army?

I served my army. After I was done by.  From the Agricultural Institute in 2005. In May 2005. I started my compulsory service.  In October after.  Four or five months A decree was issued. At the time of the presidential decree of President Bashar al-Assad. Who has a fixed compulsory service there is in Syria a fixed compulsory service. Who is sick who is disabled.  Or health problems and would be dealt with by committees. Medical committees that can.  Offer yourself during the current compulsory service again. Another medical committee to determine. How incapable you are if this is confirmed. He can pay a monetary compensation for me. Was that a little hard.  Because four or five years ago I had.  The accident and the Op.  I took care immediately.  Medical committee also because of my service. Was in a difficult center in the Syrian-Arab army. There it was difficult than where else.  I have initiated it, I suspect.  If my memory has not left me at the end of October. 2005 I was beautifully liberated.  I then worked directly.

[i] This is the phase where you were still single, we’re talking about the period? How personality developed when we talk about a nice time in your life. We’re talking about beautiful modern country. Were you still single?

Here I was single I got married in 2006.

[i] You served the army? And did you work?

[r] after the army, less than. A year that was good for me.  Because it was difficult to find a job. Immediately in Syria, less than a year.  In November I remember in November 2000 and. Five 2005 was my first working day.  I made an application in a company. International company Groupe.  For cheese production, certain varieties are known. I joined the quality department. I was a laboratory technician in a quality laboratory.  Such international companies are divided into two areas. They call it Quality Contral and Quality Aschures. The Quality Control. Was Controlled.  The control production directly.  The Quality Aschures was.  Checks the control production.  Who is directly responsible for it.  I have worked 2.5 years, I have.  I found something better in another company and changed on. 2007 about I have worked until 2015.  Until I came to Germany company El Sabag. For cosmetic products and skin treatment. Creams, shampoo, hair gel.  Dishwashing liquid the company had good products.  Had a good reputation. I also in the company’s roll-on laboratory. About nine years.

[i] You wouldn’t know that you would come to Bochum one day?

Certainly not.

[i] At the time.

[r] Certainly not that was a nice time. Here in the time I talked directly about the work. But after I worked a year from my first job. In 2006. I had a love story.  Beautiful, with my present wife, and in 2006 I got married. We got married that was during my employment. I our life in 2006. A family to start, a house, children. Approximately after two years we had the first child. We have made stop until 2012 about five years.  Allah has given us two children, twins. A young man and a girl, we had a 100% life. Normal life, besides could imagine what happened. In Syria, to be honest, we were very over the moon, we suffered a lot of damage. We would be burdened afterwards.  That was not to be expected, Als.  The social situation was bad. The economic situation was very bad, the prices became very expensive. Those who earned a lot could not do more. We needed that every day to survive the income was not enough. True, we were looking for a way.  To improve that before we do.  About that we have to leave the country. Unfortunately the situation would always be worse because. We have lost many cities, the big cities. Where there was work where something could be improved. His condition if you want to move or his changes. Or what else does, Halab has started to fall. Got a lot of damage, The suburbs of Sham, gave into the industrial zones would be badly damaged. Homs, all this i the first crisis.  Are these problems happened in the biggest cities where you can benefit. To survive, that took time.  I told you the crisis started in the third month. 2011, Allah gave us the children.  In 2012. I have waited more than two years in 2015 until no more. Go, we would have to leave the country.

[i] The decision?

[r] The decision.

[i] Who made the decision that you? Since I can stay, you are a father of three children. You decided to save this family?

To be honest, the decision was the most difficult one I made in my life. I can’t say I was alone, my wife was alone. The many shares had to make this decision. She is with me the founder of this family that has supported me in all. IN my life everything we have experienced.  Of light, heavy, joy, etc. She was.  That should help to make this decision, because this is a life decision. Heavy and hard the most important because.  You decide to save a family.  Your family I can tell the little one, your wife. And your children them.  On the one hand to save and destroy a big family. These are the parents whom we have thought.  To leave Syria under these circumstances.  And the death that can meet all people.  It was a very difficult decision.  We have the parents under the difficult circumstances, the family you can. Sagen has started to disintegrate because of my brothers. Was also gone then his wife and children should follow. Follow Him the same applies to me and my family, and what is left? Except my brothers where I told you he stayed in Syria, three men. In three families the parents leave.  And leave the country, very difficult and one family. Has started to crumble, I guess.  That this thing perhaps.  A lot of negative influence has on.  The parents Psysche who stayed in Syria and the state of health.

[i] I wanted to ask you Papa.  Has decided with you with or against?  Tell me in detail about your father how was his situation under these circumstances? Certainly he loves to save his children from this miraculous situation. In a country?

To be honest that is.  A subject I don’t like to talk about.  It’s not private but it hurts me.  The father wanted us to get on.  If we wanted to survive, we wanted to save our children, better life. Better, because there is something in the future.  Unknown in the country we do not want to say there is no hope. But is unknown in the long run, and the children grow. There is family on time either it will be destroyed or built up, that is unknown. He has helped us to make the decision of the poor. He has shown us strength.  He is psychically stable that he can move on. Don’t worry and.  Don’t have any problems with it.  To go, Papa, as I have sacrificed much. From my life and my time so that I could start a family from you. So that you may be happy, you must.  Do the same so that you may be next to your children in the future. And family live right and Allah shall give you the strength to walk this right way. I tell you I don’t like to talk about it. Honestly less than a year that we lost our father. And his death I give a lot of attention to it. The idea to leave home because honestly. When the father, head of the family, the family pyramid. Looks the family has gone apart and the children. Can not be next to Him and support Him. At old age or something.  He has none, he wants nothing more.  From life, if the most expensive.  Is gone, certain he has not lost it forever. But he has no more hope under these circumstances he can. See us one day, he meets us, we smell him. The life what has happened, I guess is many. Families in Syria I suspect the psychological damage and death. What happened to the elderly was because of the migration. The family or the children there were in the family. A great Eonflüsst had with the illness, problems or health problems. Was got worse at the parents in Syria.

Did your mothers agree that you should leave?

The mothers that is the most difficult decision.

Or was she afraid for you?

She was afraid, I’m sure. Very very there is nothing dear as the mothers heart that is known. But I tell you again for the whole family with my father. Mother and my wife, the children and everything. They all wanted us to be good, they all wanted us to be good. Finding lives or new opportunities that are good. Stable and safe for our children and family, that’s the goal. Happy to see us, in any case it was mega hard for you. I want to tell you this situation, we had lived in sham. I tell you, I wanted to travel from Damascus. My journey begins in Damascus, my mothers live in the village in Sadad. The day I wanted to travel my mothers did not want to come to Sham. Honestly this is a very difficult situation, I always avoid. To talk about it because I said goodbye to her the day before. I was in Sadad and I saw her but it was very difficult for me. That I leave Syria without seeing her I did not want to come. And from the difficulty I don’t want to see anyone walking in front of my eyes.

[i] Do you feel guilty?

Guilt, I don’t know how.  You explain these statuses, but I wish I could see them again.

[i] Inshallah. In any case, you’ll see them.

Yes, we very much hope in God.

[i] Man always has hope. You are a hopeful person.

[r] Absolutely.

[i] Lord [name] we continue, we have over. The feelings and hard time that you have decided. To travel and you couldn’t say goodbye to her, please tell us more? What was the most difficult part of coordinating this trip? How did you get along?

To be honest, my brothers who I mentioned are in Bochum. We encountered a situation because he would. Called to compulsory military service.  From the Syrian army therefore.  I had made the decision to leave Syria. A little before him but about as.  This demand came and we did not.  More could wait because frankly we wanted. That he leaves the country before he is arrested. For the compulsory service or commit yourself. Because as they say.  Who goes or something?  Or what comes is unknown I don’t know how but the military situation at the time. Was very hard and cruel and is not possible to leave him. To begin this phase, he has gone.  With money what we had.  We have collected money from father, relatives. The people who could support us in this time. My brothers have entered travel route, in the phase where I very much. The bad situation I would have to leave and go though. I tell you again is a country.  Which you can not leave, that means Syria is. Everything that we have abereine decision necessarily. We wanted to go I honestly said here was obliged. A house for sale in Damascus, the house where I lived. With that.  I a certain amount of money.  Collect so that I can realize this step. I sold the house and transferred the money. I went the way, I like to tell you a bit. The plan for the trip is.  Many young people who traveled in deiser time. I travelled in groups from Syria, several young people. From our village, I would say village about.

Did you travel alone or with his family?

I went alone, definitely because. We would be told a lot about people who were here before us. On the way and risks.  That told us honestly.  Stopped me traveling with my family. Although we would be told a lot.  Your stay or.  The family reunion if you arrive with someone. From your children or if they are underage they can get their mother. That could happen I didn’t dare to take this step. I went alone, we were always groups. We had travelled six people together from Syria. We had agreed to stay together until we arrived here. We were brothers in difficulty, ease, language or no matter what. Together no matter what we meet.  And make as fast as possible so that the family comes quickly. So that our lives can begin here in this country.

[i] The decision was to come directly to Germany or to another country? Why Germany of all countries?

[r] Germany of all countries. The goal was Europe no other goal.  It many people because in Syria in this period and migration. Mega that happened is definitely in all directions. To organize, submit applications in Lebanon. In organization the Syrians helped to travel.  To Australia, Canada and European countries but also. But my decision Europe with security. Before the trip.  I have decided for Germany, the reason for it. Is my brother who was here.  He settled in Germany.  He had told me a lot about it.  That is the best country in Europe, according to his first information. He has seen here that was not long here. Industrial country.  Educational country, technology.  Is very advanced and here is much future. It could be much better than other countries. In Europe for the future of children and life. And the general situation, the decision was Germany. The last time before my trip I made this decision, I went this way.

[i] What was the way from which country?

[r] The way.

[i] You have left Syria, How many countries have you traveled? And how was the journey? At first it was.  Difficulty I generally had that I travel. But when we entered the journey with the means of transport. That were comfortable.  The ones you know.  That was good, I was on a bus from Damascus to Lebanon. After that we bought tickets.  For a ship from Lebanon to Turkey.  Everything was legal, correct and problem-free.  With our Syrian passports.  We arrived in Turkey, we had connection with. Smuggler or the Mafia who should help us. Illegally to come in.  To European countries because legal does not exist. We all had no visa and travelled because of the circumstances I mentioned before. When we arrived in Turkey we bought a phone card. We contacted someone who should help us on this point. So that we could cut Turkey, he told us we should. To go to a certain place in Turkey, that city. We also travelled by bus about 13 hours we sat in the bus. We arrived and here. Start everything, the difficulties and the problems and risks we had. To be honest. In Turkey.  For more than two years began the human smuggling networks, I sober up. When we arrived in this city.  We knew no language I tell you again we are. All from the same village we only know Arabic. We don’t know any other language that could help us. If we go to a new country, but there was. So many Syrians in this city and from them.  Were many of us Arabs.  We help each other we keep together and try. The easiest way to go away.  That can help you as quickly as possible.  We communicated with these people, they brought us to hotels, we stayed there overnight. During this time we were always in contact. With the smuggler who was supposed to help us leave Turkey. We got an appointment in 2 or 3 I don’t know exactly. We have a try with it you.  Over the sea to the border to Greece. He brought us to a coastal area.  He the embarrassment in the car.  In the same car that drove us.  We sat very miserable.  Over 20-25 people in a single bus. Direction coast.  They had other people.  They had us in the same bus, that overtook us, I told you the problems. That began beautifully with the time.  When we arrived we unloaded the Balms and are a bumpy mountain road. We are in a valley at the edge of the sea.  We were supposed to blow the balm ourselves.  Until that was formed we had seen it for the first time. We knew of nothing and how we can drive with it. He had also told us a number.  The smuggler that we are no more than 30 or 35 people. I was so surprised.  We were in this boat more than 56 pesons this is not a boat. That is a Balm.  We wondered why and how.  This number in this balm that does not go the children who were there. We had six children I remember. Baby in the hands of their mothers also women.  The situation was never.  Acceptable but we could do nothing because. Someone has discussed who was with me.  With the smuggler he either told him.  You go or climb one there is no other solution and is every time. You don’t get the money back anymore.  We had the money because we sold our houses. We have sold our existence you have left everything. Behind you so that you can get on.  You can’t give away money without benefiting from it. Here is enough for us we wanted to go on.  We drove with one is the driver.  Less than 10 minutes we were in the middle of the sea. We have asked a lot.  We did not know whether we would die or arrive well. Unfortunately we saw that ourselves, something happened to me. When we were in Balm the coast guard was.  The Turks followed us as they saw the balm. They followed us.  What they told us later, they wanted to save us. From this danger.  Where we were going, they had fired.  But not directly at us.  They scared us.  So that they give up.  And do what they want, here the people. Had a lot of fear started to scream. They say we have children showing it so they can see it. Let’s go on our way.  All the problems and disasters that have happened. With us in our country, also here.  We have seen death in our eyes.  The coast guard did not keep that.  Those were two boats passing us. Trying to hit us from the side to stop. We insisted to go on.  We were afraid to die.  That’s why we didn’t stop at the end.  After 10 minutes, try.  To stop us both boats have attacked us. From both sides to the Balm.  Between the two was until it would tip over. We were all in the water.  We had life jackets on but I personally. Can’t swim and honestly than the Balm. Started to tip over I want to tell you something.  Which I can never forget, I imagine. The pictures of my children in the water.  There was no hope for it to survive. My life ended here.  That was my last moment, I could only.  My friend hold, my cross.  I pray our Jesus Christ please save me from death no matter how. Because of my children, my parents and what I left behind. When they saw us that way, they had ransomed us. They had got a big yacht and we walked on it with the help of stairs. They brought us back to Turkey. We had spent the night after our body was so wet. Our things, a very bad condition, we spent the night outside. In the police headquarters, because there was.  No place for so many people.  We froze with cold, we were wet, it was windich, it was very cold. Until tomorrow, we signed and left. Because that is forbidden you may not repeat that. Allah is with you.  We must finish our journey, we have spoken to a smuggler. A new one with a different method, I wanted to ride with something. Not yacht something better than before.  Until.

[i] You paid again?.

[r] Of course. With new prices that were more expensive.  The talk was about the Balm has a price, Jetboat is more expensive, Yacht is more expensive. So, you choose what suits you.  As much as numbers we can have taken the Jeetboot. Thank God we can say with all the risk. Thank God in the end, it worked out in the second attempt. We arrived in an island in Greece. We had to change further from the beach, we were wet but we reached our destination. It was the beginning of dawn.  We have started inshallah the light begins from here. We walked a lot on a big mountain until a Greek village. We do not know for sure where this is but new land. We started to see signals.  Signs on the way.  That shows this country is European, the inhabitants have us. Receiving what I did not suspect, they were very nice. Directly they gave us food.  They went to the shop and bought us food, water and juice. So that the children, the women and the people who came with us. Here also the police received us.

Were the residents or the government? First the residents to that.  The state police informed that.  Now refugees have arrived with us.  Probably Syrians have come across the sea and are in this place. The police came and treated us with respect. They brought us with vehicles to the camp. Later we understood when we got there we found Syrians in front of us. We arrived at the refugee camp. In the bunker or camps that exist in these countries, we wouldn’t know anything about it. We have arrived who told us that this camp is for everyone. Everyone stays here and tomorrow after one or two days. You get papers like a toleration.  In this country, they call it Kartiye.  That you are legally staying in this country.  The two nights were very hard.  That was full of people in refugee shelters. We slept outside in a place.  That was the roof of the cemetery, there was.  Space inside to sleep in the camp or cabins. Day later.  Had they made our papers quickly.  After we got the Kartiya we took a ship from this island. Direction Athens so that we continue our way to Europe, too. With smugglers and mafia and stories.  Either we take the road or the airport. Or in the sea, and the problem was.  Just as you have money, the means are available. But unfortunately all the funds were expensive.  There was no way out you have to get further.  We were happy that the sea danger was over. And what we have experienced.  Here was the hope to continue with a means that is better than before. I met a smuggler and had promised me after two days. There is an attempt with the airplane over the airport I give you. A document with which you can go to the airport. And with it fly with a flight ticket I prepare everything for you. All my friends around me, we talk about it. They told me it can’t work.  In the airport they had tried before me.  The airport was so full.  With the German police.  European police and the control is very strong because. Everything would be known, the situation of the Syrian refugees. They didn’t suspect that I could make it from the first flight attempt. And arrive in Europe.  I talked to the smuggler.  That I fly directly to Germany because of my brothers. That happened and thank God.  From first attempt from Athens airport was.  You can say my luck well and thank God I am. Arrived healthy and landed in a German airport. What I want to say is, that moment when the plane should take off. Maybe the joy was so great.  You feel the future started here, with this moment. When the plane started, of course the pain is very great, the fear is also great. A phase.  From your life.  We say you lose it in a second. And the hope of a fire future that is very beautiful. My brothers waited for me I had told him. I had communicated with him he knew that I knew. Today I fly to Germany, he had.  Waited for me in the airport and immediately I threw up the Budespolizei.

How was your feeling that you had left the plane and you were in the airport? What was that moment, a victory, a moment of fear?

[r] I don’t know I can’t describe. I can’t remember it being the greatest joy. Mixed with the fear I left the airport door. I come from a European country and that. Is in here in europe.  You know between the European countries is not so controlled. But you leave the airport.  I am so afraid to find my brothers. I arrive in a country, I don’t know the language. I know the streets, not the people.  I don’t know anything yet, only hope.  That I can find my brothers and fear honestly to find my brothers. I was worried that the police would catch me before I found my family. Before I see my brothers waiting for me where I dream of arriving. I feel I have touched a floor, thank God. Everything was fine, I left the airport and here. I waited where could I find him, he had to come to me. I am not supposed to find him, wait after 10 minutes. Every minute passes like a life, until.  I have seen a hope and have my brothers. That came to me I walked to him, and that was. A wündervolle feeling.  The refreshment is hard, you should forget the past and start. A new life in a country like Germany, Germany is a country. The Wündervoll is compared to Europe.  I have heard a lot about people.  That we have communicated to many European countries. Where the Syrian refugees are, the qualities that are in Germany. It’s definitely like my brothers told me and the reason was. That I would come here.  That was definitely like everything that was told about it. Germany is a very beautiful country, very much. Intercultural, industrial, one country.  Technology, clean.  Here there is work, education everything was beautiful – but that’s what we saw and experienced afterwards. And the difficult phase started in.  First camp.

[i] When you were in.  Going to a camp, New people, New language, European country par excellence? You have an adventurer behind you.  Tell us what happened to you in the camp?

[r] In the camp.

[i] Please?.

[r] I am first in a very large camp. My brothers brought me there but that’s the problem. I can’t speak a word, how can we communicate? How should I understand what is happening to me, they have helped us. There were many people who didn’t want to?  To speak another language but we had a little. English language skills and has started the cam prices. Can we call that the procedure before the stay. You will go from one stage to another with a specific procedure. Based on a series drawn by the state. Germans to make them available to you.  The right life for you to be able to come. To get the stay, I attracted in three camps. One was a collective accommodation dirt we stayed seven days. I remember, the food was good, we were well treated. The people are nice.  And helpful, dear they had helped us there. They had understanding for our situation, that we do not understand a word. We went to a new camp.  Transfer more stability with.  Certain people in the room.  You wait there until you do your trial. The Supreme Court in Germany or similar. So that a decision is made about you and the right proceedings are initiated. That the stay I stayed there.  About a month later I started.  I heard that the court dates come very late. I have honestly made a step I go there every day and wait. At the door court in the hope this.  I can go in and do interview because. There was no moment where I didn’t think of mine. My wife and children in Syria are as fast as possible. To come to me until one day worked out. After month and a half in Germany.  I made my court and the whole procedure. I waited so long in the camp until I got the stay. After that you get a Temporary Passport in Germany. And your new passport, you are allowed to move to Germany. I have applied for my transfer to Bochum the city where my brothers live. Where he told me a lot about it so that I would stay here.

[i] You came to Bochum?

I came to Bochum.

[i] We had finished our conversation when you came in? Bochum where we want to continue and talk about Bochum? Extensively. What is your impression of Bochum?

When I came to Bochum.  I had made a nice decision because my brothers are here. He tells me a lot about the city.  Brothers, Bochum is very beautiful, there are many Ararbers. They help us a lot.  To live here and the difficulties you have. Can meet in this period.  What you need someone next to you.  In a phase where you don’t know the language here in this country. I have come to Bochum I remember. That three or four people here were because of our contacts. That we are all from the same village or city. In Syria of all young men we communicate. Together where have you sung something, where do you stay etc.? We all concentrated on Bochum.  To stay here, the reason was.  Because of the beautiful atmosphere here the young men who. Before us here were had told us much about it. Of the nice weather.  It is not as cold as other federal states like in the east or so. Is very cold in winter and with us the weather is unfär we can say. It is similar to the weather in Bochum plus.  If we deepen and in the topic.  When my brothers came also because of young men. Arabs, Lebanese who were here.  In Germany or in Bochum exclusively more than. 10 years and parents were earlier friends with them. In Syria, when we came here and they experienced that. Germany they helped us a lot.  To come here to help us in the beginning. You have to do the basic papers for the family reunion. To get an apartment.  Anything that can make you easier.  And that accelerates in the situation you experience. We have come and I have arranged everything. The family reunion and I waited. To the interview of my wife in the message that they are coming. We do not know this unknown phase of 6-1 or 2 years. That was unknown to us, we started to go to Bochum like a city. How to go out looking for apartments that can rent. I have loved in this period that I myself. Could report to my brothers.  We looked for associations and organizations. People who could help us with the question about parishes. Even in the churches here there are many pastors. Catholic or Protestant have tried a lot. Helped us to give them an address. So that we can get an apartment.  Here in the city so that you have an official address and a legal apartment. In the city, what happened to me.  I have registered with the Diakonie.  They call it homeless service.  Only those who don’t have an apartment can report there. The post or letters.  From the city around you about proceedings.  Or as far as you are concerned. Germany is a country. Who only works with papers.  The information is archived, signed etc. That’s a bit hard here and we havelietten. With the contact because there is no such thing with us. With us quite loosely in the country.  We do not proceed so you can call.  Tell or send a message with the neighbours. Very simple and easy ways as the procedure here. And the bureaucracy that exists here in the country, that’s why you are here. Obligated to have an address.  Registered with someone that your mail.  Can arrive with you.  Here when we went into town and met people. You start to see the German.  Who wants to help you.  And you see the German who doesn’t see much.  Interest has to integrate with you or. KOntakt records, we have met people. Mehrer and there is a woman I got to know by chance. When I was looking for an apartment, I talked to her. About an ad in the newspaper, of course. I couldn’t talk myself but the people around me. The organization I no longer know whether at the same time or afterwards. I have your dear association.  You have helped us a lot I thank you for that, but. At the time I had some young people who are long here. They help us with that, Arab I remember.  Me then was one from Iraq, because Bochum has. An assortment such a gathering that I have not seen anywhere else. From Arabs, Polish.  Italian, France, many people are here in Bochum. Perhaps what we really like is the communication of all societies. Or all the KUlturen, the boys helped us a lot, we found an apartment and started. To furnish the apartment, of course with what we have at our disposal. What the city offers you as help.  So that you can secure your life here or the first step. I lived in a small apartment.  In this period until my wife and children come. So that we can take a bigger apartment. That was this woman I met the owner of this house. She was very nice, helped me a lot.  In this period I had had no language short. I could only do what I learned in the camp.  She accompanied me on this difficult journey. At the time to finish the papers. So that my wife and children from Syria and the procedure. Thank God they weren’t much late, 11 months less than a year. They were beautiful here in Germany.  She also received them with me.  When they came it was a great joy.  I introduced the city to them, my wife was also happy. When the mansch leaves his country and somewhere else comes. A foreign country, he knows no one there, does not know the language. That is difficult, we.  The meeting in Bochum is also good for my family. Was very good, motivated my wife.  To love the place and to see my children as their uncles. And their children and will continue to live in the family life. People who understand each other because they didn’t speak German either. What was very hard for them was that they were happy. We started our lives, enrolled in language courses. And the children visited the schools after less than a month and a half. Approximately they had participated.  Thanks to this German woman.  It is not easy to find school places here. Special end the year.  We start to discover Bochum.  The beautiful city which is wonderful.  There are so many places.  The Historical Memories have reminded you of your homeland. The roads to your country, the culture to your country. Is an old city that is very beautiful.  I had read about Bochum that it has experienced a lot from. It would be bombed, would be exposed from war catastrophe. In the Second World War I remember.  More than 140 rockets.  Endured Bochum in 24 hours.  The city stays on its feet but one can say. There was something before the Second World War this history and culture. What you read in the walls of this city in the streets of this city. For a look you feel.  That you’re in sham when between your family, let’s say. At least that’s your company you know about. This city has reminded us a lot of our homeland. Nothing can replace that, nothing can replace the country but. It has given you something with the Syrian culture. Which is very beautiful. What I can never compare with. Another country. Syria is the mother of all cultures and history in the whole world. There is nothing beautiful and wonderful country but Bochum. We are very happy here.  We have seen there museum which was very beautiful. Also the things that are inside are beautiful. The town hall reminds you in.  Old Sham which is very beautiful.  Also the Arabic accent you have the feeling. When you walk in the streets of Bochum and Arabs are inside. Or this mixture where we talked about it. Don’t let it make you feel. That you live abroad was nice and easy for us. For life.  In this city, we are very happy here honestly.

[i] [name] when you’re out and about and come home? Bochum, you are at home.

[r] I want to tell you something. Recently we had one.  Occasion, there we can talk about things at the same time. We had a wedding of a relative in. Frankfurt than us there unfär.  Four days, the third day.  Or the fourth day at the end of the day and we wanted. To go back to Bochum, even the children asked, papa when we go back. Home we miss our road our friends. Those around us are a part of us. The house, the neighbors, the settlement where you live in that can do you. Don’t leave it, you feel at home in your city. You do not know what the future has for you in this country. It could be that you are here all your life, this street, the neighbours. Your life, we were very happy to go back, you are going home. TO your city, those are the streets I know. Driving the car you feel that you do.  Relieved, where you live that is very beautiful. Because of the wedding I want to tell you something. From our tradition which there is with us, wedding. Or these occasions are very big.  Very nice, the weddings last five days or a week. We have seen this here in Europe, exclusively in Germany. Beautiful that is their tradition.  And customs like the celebrations.  I have myself.  A funeral experienced by mine.  Neighbours where I live with him.  We have contact with many nice German families. We shared a lot.  We exchanged also when I started our conversation. When my father died, here my neighbours shared their condolences. In a very nice way.  The people we met have cried with me have filled with me. That we live abroad we lose a part of the family and can not be there. In return you do not want there is none. People who were hard to us here in the city. We some difficult situation for many.  If I do not tell you that there were conflicts with the Nabcharn. They were not good to us.  A country which is very difficult to integrate you in because they. From their point of view, they are the Germans and you. You are the Arab.  I just want to guess of one important thing here, although I don’t suspect. A culture or something that happened in.  The West that didn’t come from the East, the heavenly religions. The civilization, the technology, the people who are now. The doctors, the engineers and the people you hear from them. In Europe, the brightest names.  You can find them from Arab roots.  They must not forget that, they must. We understand exactly and know that.  That is not our country, but we are honest. No matter how you get on in Europe the first and. Last dream to return home, more beautiful than our homeland does not exist. No matter where we go, we must know that I have experienced a situation. Very hard is that I would like to mention to you from. Some people.  The extreme are.  My neighbors did not want me in my park. One of my German neighbor friends.  Told me that he said.  Here is a park for the Arab car.  He didn’t say for this person or for this family. There is no place for the Arab car.  That really hurt and was unpleasant.  The people that also.  Where you are trying to communicate with the whether with hand signals. Or no matter what method.  For an integration, they don’t talk to you or they don’t try. To hear you I tell you this is something.  As they say, not all your fingers are the same, there were people who helped us. And it supports us in this phase.  I thank all these people and the whole country very much. Germany who gave us this and tried it. Our live to stabilize time and we decide. Whether we can go on or there is a border where we return home. And our lives that there were, I apologize. Me of all who have done us wrong.  Or if I did someone wrong, but that is the reality in every country. Is there such a thing, I wish.  That our lives get better, we have more understanding for each other. We integrate ourselves more so that we can find work. To go on living normally as in our country with it. The far sees and the Germans, the people the. Here live who are the Arabs and what can they do. Of good things for themselves and the country they live in.

[i] What do you have to integrate yourself?  With the German so that you show him something of your tradition and your culture? What have you done?

Most of the time.  Except that we about.  The first way for us to sit together.  What we should develop was.  That I’m inviting them to Arab food for a delicious arbic dish. He who doesn’t know them doesn’t know how it’s cooked. We are sure the Arabs are good at cooking. Kebe, Taboulé, Maloubé the things that very.  Tasty and unknown are for the Germans. We invite them for lunch, we sit very comfortable. They like the food quite well, and always.  Try to tell us that they don’t like it. Tradition have that we are similar he does not have to invite you back. At lunch or dinner, they give us presents, they increase us. Things that make us contact.  With the people around us to integrate as well as.  Schauspielohaus, cinema I have a hobby.  I like very much to go to the cinema, to a fair we go. Doing sports, running together example, we do a lot of things. But with each other, as I said beautifully, the food. When they come we talk a lot about our country. And their country the Kutur what we have in common. What do they have, what do we have, how do we understand different issues. Or how do they understand that so that we can find something. Where we agree that no one hurts the other. Also the different culture, tradition and customs. Are different from one country to another, that is. That brings us very close, we try to understand each other, things. They can convince us and others we can convince them. Everybody does that in his society and we don’t reject it. But the same in your society but you with the Germans. You have to take your precautions in different things and he. The same so we integrated ourselves.

[i] How do you spend the spare time or the weekend with your family?

Very nice, the weekend is.  Beautiful in the summer there are the swimming pools.  Those are very beautiful in Bochum there are.  We also go there for winter swimming pools.  Not like in summer, in the park.  The Wünderschön are, here you sit in the park. You honestly feel that in Freizietpark. It’s very hard to see our countries with us. Size green area we go for a walk.  We go to the playhouse we run in the city. What is very beautiful you go in the shopping malls the Mols. For shopping.

[i] The families visit? To be honest, family visits are very nice.  Rarity with the German, the contact.  Socially we are more with our society. I would like to tell you the Arabic.

[i] Please tell us why the weekend here is more valuable? As with us in our countries, we get tired to work every day?

[r] Of course.

[i] The approach to life?

The approach to life for us here is suffering. We hadn’t suspected that at all. I mentioned this to you earlier. The papers and the bureaucracy in Germany break your back, you get up in the morning. You have a plan that I that I go to the course. I take my son to school, do something, you open the mail and find. Two, three letters from the state because.  So that you do control for your son I do not want to go specifically into the subject. l. But very many things.  That messes up your daily routine, makes you a new stress, and that. It’s about daily, I want to tell you.  When something changes in your life you are obliged to change plans. The daily or weekly, and this pressure. You don’t have a break either for your head. Except Saturday and Sunday or let’s say the weekend. The families we are honestly I would like. Talk about we are 30 or 35th family from the same village from Sadad.  Are in Bochum, here I also want to betonnen keep that together. Because we talked so much to each other. We have been derdert until we.  Everyone wants to live in Bochum in the same city. We want to live next to each other, together as in our home country. With joy, in mourning we are all together. With the family problems, which of us is stronger than the other. Who is his language better he can help the rest, he can steer you. For something better.  All people at the end came together in Bochum. Our communication is mostly.  With the people who are around with us, our society, our Arab people. From the same village I mentioned to you. With absparache make activity.

[i] Invitations?

What integrated together with the German. There are certain sessions with us.  The ones we do, we mix that with Germans. That they sit together with us.  We are not only among ourselves, of course we love that and have something private. Alone our atmosphere, our invitation as you mentioned it. Beautiful things that we do they don’t have. Or they don’t like it but it’s something we experience. We are very happy with it and I hope that the relationships. Stay so beautiful, Strong and the Arab people stay no matter where. Holds together, with it.  He becomes stronger where he is and thus understands the world. What does this connection mean, what does Arab mean no matter where you go? Their communication is very strong together, it is not possible. Change the foreign country or the place.  The place, the politics does not share the people. The Germans miss that and they don’t have it. The same feeling for the people.  The bond so together I tell you again. The German woman I know very well in the best form. Maybe she doesn’t see her own children once or twice a year. We don’t have that, that love and kindness. What we have the connection unfortunately I have not noticed it with those. I did not fill that but we say.  Everyone has to respect their society. Accept as it is.  Until now I count as a guest in this country, it could happen any moment that I leave it. I return to my homeland and my society with what I love and grew up with. I will not do without it at all. All the world not only Europe can give me a fraction of. The earth of my country.

[i] A beautiful interview very exciting. We will be determined with you in other paragraphs. Such beautiful conversations and good information that brings us something and society. Do you feel that you made it?  With a certain plan to secure the future of your family? and what are your goals for us to end the conversation? The nice comment with you?.,

To be honest. For my plan.  What I put in my head when we established ourselves. In this country, the children are to be sent to school. To take care of that.  Their education in one way.  That brings them forward, that we learn the language my wife and I. We have completed a certain course and we have reached a certain level. I don’t want to say that we can be confronted with anything. What is offered to us, there are still some difficulties because the language is difficult. The German language is a difficult language and hard to find. A job to find what something.  Level has to do with our simple language.  In this time and what we could gain until now. I strive for, about we can say that we. In the plan are in this situation, the ambition. That we can learn the language better as soon as possible. Until we find the right job.  The same professions that we have worked with. Legalize our certificates and find the way that leads us there. A job that we can create.  Our situation gets better in this country so that we can live better. And so that we find the main goal.  Our future and the future of our family in this country.

[i] Thank you Lord [name] , if we had more opportunities, we would have other things. Inshallah other meetings I thank you for coming, I thank you for your lecture. That is beautiful for the hope and light you have given us.

Very much to you, I want to thank you very much and I thank you. Your organization and your great interest and support. Since ours come to Bochum until this moment. I wish you good luck and success in your project. In your work I pray from God to be with us. That which is always with us is in every step and wish the good and joy for all people. Let Allah make you happy and let God protect you.

Thank you