[i] Welcome to the Cultural Program.  International in the city of Bochum.  That honors us that you are here. you can imagine.

First of all welcome you too, thank you.  I am [name] from Syria in the province of El Raka.  Born on 22.06.1983. I have an agricultural secondary school.  I have a bread factory and a gas station.   Welcome to our project.  Oral History in Europe, in bin [name], the fiedworker.  I thank you for your commitment.  In this project here in Bochum.  In Germany, we are today in the Humanitarian Solidarity Middle East e.V. Today on Sunday 11.11.2018. I want to know your history.  What happened to you and what we can learn from you.  Please you have the word, tell me about yourself.  First I thank you, and welcome I am [name] .  From the province Al Rakka from Syria of course, born on 22.06.1983. I am married.

[i] Do you have children?..

[r] I have three children.  Four children and a daughter in Syria, the other three are here.

In Syria, we’ll talk about why one in Syria, and three with you.  How long are you here in Bochum?.

[r] I am.  For three years and a month.

Did you come during the war?..

Yes, I came in 2015.  I left Syria on 31.08.2015. From the city of Halab.

[i] The reasons for your migration?.  That you are here is war?.

Those are the known reasons.  From war and other reasons, but.  There were problems, our family was threatened.  That kill, and have a brother who was kidnapped.  According to Deer Al Zoor, he was 14 years old.  When he was kidnapped, when we brought him back.  With difficulties, and help some clans.  My parents are to El Ladekia, in stages, first has left mine.  With two brothers of mine who were in the university El Ladekia, afterwards.  Left my stepmother and two my little brother.  After that I have with my wife and my sister.

In a moment, we’ll talk in detail about the reasons, and why you left your country.  And how did you get here? First I want to ask you.  Did you bring something that reminds you of your home country, souvenir?  When you made up your mind, did you bring something with you?  What makes you think?

The things I would like to bring with me are many.  But you know, it’s hard to get away and you can’t bring everything, I brought this bag.  It was with me in my whole trip.

[i] Will you please lift this up so we can see it?  That’s my bag that was with me in it.  All the important documents that confirm that we are in life.  We came and left our country, I had our passports.  The marriage urcune, The vaccination book my son.  The money, even if it was little, but this is it.

[i] Very impressive.

[i] Lord [name] , we want to start and talk a little first.  About you?

[r] Here you go.

[i] We want to talk about your person?..  We’re talking about your childhood?

My childhood, I studied at Liberty Private School.  It was for the Armenians.

[i] In what city.

[r] In Rakka.  There was my childhood from kindergarten to.  The fourth grade, a school for Armenia.  It was good, it included all nationalities.  And all persons and Armenia.  Muslims and Christians.  That was nice, after that I moved to another school.  Primary school, name Jamila.  After that I went to middle school, Sokaina school there I learned.  Until the ninth grade after that I moved.  After the agricultural Abitur.  My childhood was beautiful, I was raised by my father and mother.  My father in this period was a civil servant.  In the city or an important official of the state he was an institute director.  My father is a political scientist.  I grew up in a family that loves science, but unfortunately I did not graduate.  I wanted to work more.  Just nothing else.

Do you have an older brother?

No, I am the older one.  I have three sisters who are disciples, and two boys from my mother.  My mother died in the year 99.  After that my father got married, of course.  We wanted him to marry because the situation was difficult and there had to be a woman at home.  She is a mother, a woman for my father.  He married the first one that lasted no more than a year, he divorced.  Unfortunately, he got a girl from her, and the girl has a special status.  It was hard between the father and mother, later he got married.  Once again, we have a brother and a sister, we are.  Can you say three and we are six.  Total Nine siblings.

[i] Maschaallah.

[r] I am the oldest.

[i] How old were you in this phase.  The difficulties of childhood, marrying your father, yours died, you were affected.  Psychologically, as a child, did that leave you feeling?

That was a time.  Which is very very hard when my mother died, I was.  The oldest brother, I was in the 10th grade.  And my sister, who is disciple than I am, between us lie not even two years.  She could not. She was also a child, and the smallest.  Brother who was nine months old, the situation was very very difficult.  My father had to create his work and his political work.  He had obligations or the apartment, the situation was.  Tragically, first period we have very very muchlietten, special my little brother, his situation.  It was very difficult, then we got used to the situation.  The first woman came into our lives.  We experienced problems, she tortured my younger siblings.  But my father was always with us.  For him the children were the most important, later.  The second woman was like a mother, she helped us.  We started into life.  I got married after a while, I joined the army.  I went back, my father made me the bread factory that was first he made me in life.  Like a project, I got married at that time.  I was 24 years old when I got married.  The marriage was not successful because the wife.  Not from our culture or society, she comes from Sham, and we are a group.  You can say Arab we have tradition and culture.

[i] Beautiful this theme, we are talking about where from.  Do you come from? Because your accent is right.  From Syria from El Rakka there are Cleans?. I want to talk about it and about your marriage.  Why not take with this woman I want to know the story.  First I am from the province of El Rakka and we are.  A clan called Milkin “El Halibin” we are sovereign group.  By Ahl Al Beit, our tradition and customs.  It is about as Arabian as the old clan “Bediun”, the guest service is obligatory.  It could be that the guest comes home and finds only women who have to entertain him.  The Arabic coffee, the lunch, it could be that the man does not come.  Only after hours, she has made all the hospitality, the guest.  After a while, when he learns that he is not there, our customs are tradition for us.  In the Rakka province, there was no hotel, just imagine.  Because the guests sleep with the inhabitants, I grew up.  And was overflowed by a place called tourist hotel, I didn’t know that.  We don’t even know what it is when a guest sleeps in the hotel.  That is an insult, he must sleep in the guest reception.  If he needs something, he can stay three days, it could be that he drives on and we don’t ask him.

Do you still maintain these rituals and traditions?

It’s still there.  I’ve even tried here to use simple means to cultivate that, to offer Arabic coffee.  Maybe my children can get used to it.  My wife came from an environment in Sham.

[i] Your ex-wife? Who didn’t get married to her?

Yes, my ex-wife.  She came from Damascus, our people in Damascus we don’t say.  That they had no traditions but other than ours, and gave difficulties.

[i] A capital?.

Not like us, our habits always the woman has a role.  She catches guests, she has a function, she works.  She does compulsory tasks and other things and she couldn’t do that.  That’s how it happened, we broke up, I have a daughter from her, her name is Carmen.  That was my first daughter, and unfortunately she is.  Stayed with her mother, her mother was in France for a while after that she went to Kurdistan, now.  Live in Damascus, I wanted her to stay with her mother.  Because the mother will definitely love her more than anyone.  Also the father, when she grows up and she decides.  To be with me, that is my wish.

Your second honour, that’s what you decided?

My second marriage is a long story.  It started with the end of my first marriage.  My second wife.  I wished she was the first, but she’s fate.  She is from my region, from a big clan, your parents, your father.  He studied archaeology in Europe.  In Czechoslovakia, he is very educated, he is cultivated very educated.  He is a director at the district level.  From my surroundings, from my habits and My traditions I have fallen in love with her.

[i] Correct value?.

Yes, I loved her, her parents tortured me.  In the beginning they rejected me, I tried to betrothed them for two and a half years and they didn’t want me.  Because I was divorced and had a daughter. She was a young girl who studied at a sports institute.  They said no does not fit you are married, you have a girl, just come and take our daughter, they were scared.  That has a negative effect on my life in the future, but.  In the end I made it, and we got married.  I have three children with her together, she is too.  I have Mussa and Sara, Selin is born in Germany from one and a half years.  And now our new baby is expecting.

[i] Inshallah.

[r] Inshallah in February he is born.  Inshallah.

[i] I hope you can fulfill your dreams.

[r] Inshallah, God protect you.

[i] We talked about your mentality, about your village.  Where did you live, what was the name of the town, tell me about your home?

My house.

[i] Your parental home?..  They live in a building we live in the same building.  My cousins and at the same time my aunt’s children.  How do we feel like brothers and sisters. The atmosphere was always.  That’s how we grew up.

Are you a big family?..

Yes, we were in the building.  30 or 40 people, my apartment was.  On the last floor, of course my father built it for me.  I have the first marriage, I told you I failed.  The second marriage we have the apartment, my wife and I, have chosen everything together, every place has.  We bought it from here, but unfortunately.  We could not enjoy that we had the best of all.  I can tell you, I bought furniture.  Which is very good or excellent, unfortunately.  We didn’t even live in it for a year.

[i] The reason?.

Because of the war, because lately, I haven’t lived at home anymore.  I have slept in El Rakka, I sleep all 2-3 in another apartment.

[i] Didn’t you have any security to sleep at home?

I was golgt, in that time was the kidnapping spread.  My other brother was kidnapped and demanded a ransom.  There was a big pressure, we could not sleep at home anymore.

[i] Yes.  Let’s stay in the children’s atmosphere.  Your youth, get married? How was your childhood?..

From which side was my childhood?

Were you a happy child or in your youth?

[r] Happy, of course.

Or how did you spend your time, we talked about it?  Did you have the joy and fun in your life, did you occupy yourself?

[r] Of course.

[i] You said you came from a wealthy family, certainly your financial situation was secure.  You are the lords and rulers of the land, tell me anecdotes?..

Look, my childhood was very cheerful, my father had us.  Everything and always the best.  Even driving a car, I was in fourth grade, he taught me how to drive a car.  When I was a kid, it was very nice for me, I had my father.  Accompanied to agricultural projects.  I had had a lot of fun.  We had horses.

[i] Is that your hobby?. Horse riding?..  I want that, but the place that was away from our province was not available.  100 km, whenever I have the opportunity, I like to ride with you.  He had taken me hunting with him.  I had had so much fun, we went hunting and took the dogs with us.  We got visits from Lebanon or Halab, you take part with my father in the hunt.  We were a big group, I enjoyed it so much.  I was a teenager.

[i] So as a teenager.

Yes, I didn’t feel.  The country was in my childhood in an economic blockade.  He gave us everything, I had my childhood in the nineties.  In 1990 I was seven years old, that was my beginning. Everything was good I was happy, my school offered me a good atmosphere, the private freedom school.  We could go by bus I had friends.  What we see today I never got to know in Syria.  The problems, and sects, I went to church.  I prayed there, my parents never asked why or why.  On the contrary, I’m happy, I don’t know what the story is, I come and go.  My teacher and the school directors.  Takuhi, um Mardik, is the family friend until today.  Has visited my family in Al Ladekkia and Sham until the days she has become our friend.  I want the all, my teacher I told you.

You are an open and social family from your childhood.  That we have noted in our conversation, did you have?  Hobby?

My most important hobby is.  Driving the car, I love to drive.  I liked to go hunting, a phase of my childhood.  I have collected stamps where I find a stamp I take it out.  And collect, I lift a suitcase in Syria, full of stamps.  That is also something which is lost because of the circumstances.

[i] Let’s talk about you, you?.  A boy who have girls in your company in the village?  Had the same treatment or what distinguishes you?  Since we are in Arab society, you said you are from an Islamic open family.  To you it is important to the person not his religion as was.  Treatment of girls where you have sisters, we want to know something about it?..

I’m talking about my family, in the beginning, we, my father. we didn’t have that, my sisters, the girls who had a role.  Which is better than me, he has a sister until today she is.  She is younger than me, but my father kosults and relies on her in many things.  He relies on you, he said Maha asks.  So we grew up when my girls sister.  They have their own opinions or their own studies.  What she wants to choose, you decide everything.  Also how they dress.  Also the other things, my sisters choose from what they like.  We do not have the problem with no matter what in this life, she is a girl has our trust.  I can do what she wants and the most important thing is that she can deal with this trust.  That is the most important thing to us, at the end she chooses her life, I will not be with her.  If a man chooses you, you will live with him, we can only advise you.  If we see something, nothing more than that.  The society is not everything as it is described, the picture is wrong.  On the contrary, in all Syria the woman is protected.  The woman, I am in my family or this society.  What is around me, we do not have a woman who goes and suffers to buy things.  On the contrary, you help her, she wants to go, she can’t be pampered anymore.  There are difficulties in life for example.  For the work, the woman has no possibility to work like men because of the society.  You do not know that when I came I found.  I didn’t see a taxi driver in Syria.  But there is a seamstress, bank directors, school principals.

[i] The conservative jobs.

[r] Yes.  She works in a shop in a restaurant, no there is not.

[i] Very nice the abundant information.  Which you give us, you loved your country and happy in your homeland, that’s the impression we’ve got now.  From your conversation, after that came the war.  The war came. Did the decision come, was no way out?..  To continue living there in this beautiful country.  You are a wealthy family, conservatives, you have built your life.  You have your apartment, your work, you had to leave everything behind you.  And do a rescue action, I want you?.  Please report it?.

[r] Now.  The decision when came, I am happy in my home very very happy.  I was fine, one of the most difficult problems today is.  The financial and the work.  I was very relaxed. When our lives were in jeopardy.  If money is no longer important, you are only looking for security.  You want to live and keep your children safe.  Last time I was in Halab, at the end I moved to Halab.  The bomb exploded right next to my house I was.  Im sat in the living room.  In front of me the television and gives a window, the bomb has come directly opposite the window.  On a water tank and an oil tank on the roof.  They didn’t explode but the splinters were scattered.  My son was with me in the room I don’t know what to do, I jumped.  My wife was in another place, immediately I took my son. in front of the house when I saw it that way.  There were always bombs but that was the first time, I saw it.  It came down I don’t know like my child and leaned my back against the window.  So that when something comes should come on me and not on him.  I ran like a lunatic I called my wife Imar Imar.  I was afraid that what happened to her would happen, I walked into the entrance in the middle of the building.  That was the safest place, I took Imar in my hand.  Until we came down, the screaming and the dust, we heard the ambulance.  The people and the child cried was afraid I wouldn’t know.  At that moment, if I could hide inside myself, I would have done that.  So that I could secure him, importantly I controlled myself.  Has become a little calmer, I thought about it.  I had seen the people that the journeys, inside I think they are crazy.  I think can be you can leave everything behind.  Behind you and walking so simply.  All your memories, your dreams, your ambition, you are in your country.  Your country exists, you now go to the unknown, you are now a human being.  Go to a place you have no presence in it when I have walked in the street.  Hello you, hello you I sit with the pharmacist.  At the vegetable dealer I see the second the third.  I can open the biggest project in my home country.

[i] The feeling of security.

The feeling of security.  That’s it, but when I saw the danger direction my family.  Here I was thinking.  I made up my mind before I left 4-5 days before.  Spontaneously around noon I said my wife, you want to fly to Germany.  She said no, if you want to go, we stay here, I say impossible.  I leave you behind me and I go, this way I think.  Not to accept, you come with me I go, you do not come difficult, impossible I do not know what will happen.  I must take you with me, I had been very afraid of the sea.  Although she can swim.  But the thing is not whether you can swim, that is a sea.

[i] Yes.

After that she was convinced that we had prepared ourselves within a week.  We left.

[i] Someone took part in your family.  With you or was that your decision? Did the father play a role? Did the siblings play a role?  The decision is not easy that you go, you leave someone behind you and go.  You are not alone at home you have a family and siblings?..  These are also things that play a role in our lives.

[i] Look Mrs. Zoubeida.  When I made the decision, I talked to my father, it was very hard.  Which I made beautiful, I was afraid to tell him.  I am in Halab, he is in Ladekia, but before we had a problem.  A big problem, I had a brother.  He was kidnapped from Latakia, my brother was a student.  He was a law student in his second year and at the same time graduated from a commercial institute.

[i] How old was he?.  He was 21 years old.  About that time.  He was kidnapped, they wanted from us ransom 4 million.  Syrians at that time were about. 17 or 18000 euros, which have let us know and experienced.  They want ransom, my father agreed.  Then the contact would be broken, of course the state and the security services intervened.  They looked for the connection.  Where they were, and my brothers have disappeared to this day.  He went and showed no trace and for the day he did not appear, we do not know his fate.  With the wekche side we do not know, he was kidnapped.  The decision how I tell my father that, a brother was kidnapped.  And I tell him I want to travel with my son, I called him Musa like my father’s name.  He had always been afraid for him.  When I told him he was getting aggressive I told me that was not possible.  Don’t travel, come and live in Ladikia.  He had bought me a house in Ladikia at that time, I told him I can not, I am afraid.  We are threatened, we are still threatened, I am here in Germany and my family is still threatened.  I said is not a normal condition.  Always persecuted, we are always in danger of being kidnapped, we have to pay ticket money.  I would like to register my son in the kindergarten, I have registered him in a kindergarten.  Two days later he was gone, in those two days there is one.  A bomb exploded in the kindergarten, I filled it, that’s enough, that’s enough.  My father was aggressive, I said I made the decision, I have to travel.  I have travelled and have said goodbye to him at the border so.

It was hard for you to say goodbye?

Yes, wallah Heavy, and I have photos of my son on the border.  Of Syria and Lebanon, the last photo, I told him I want to photograph you next to the people.  So that when you become old we were in this country and went tongues.  It was very hard you go without your will, and someone comes that takes everything away from you.  In front of your eye and you can do nothing, we have gone.

[i] Why did you choose Germany?..

[r] Germany because.  More reasons, first if you. move away from a place, if you now ask me how old I am.  35 years my actual age is 60 years.  My social age.  Is three years, the three years are my age in Germany.  I am like a child who is three years in a place, three years I have nothing.  I have no language, my age is like my daughter Sarah, she has.  Not even her language is weak, she cannot move.  She needs help, I am three years old I go.  When I came to Germany I am a person his age is zero.  He needs a place where people who gives him a smile welcome.  Greetings, good fellowship, we have seen the people who came before us.  They greeted them with all friendliness, this city has so many things, I don’t know what to tell you.

In your country, did you know that Germany is good?..

Yes, you know, the migrants the people tell each other the news.  You see something on television when she spoke, we say to her.  Mama Merkel, when she said on TV.  We welcome all Syrians, she didn’t say she supports anyone with the government, opposition, Sunnis, Shiites or Christians.  She said we receive this word.  Is very great, I do not want to mention countries.  I do not want to.  The whole Islamic world or.  All Islamic countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, all Gulf countries are in an economic situation.  Very well those have no one received. I have tried to buy a visa I could not because of the amount.  Was unimaginable, we have decided to come.  To Germany because of the service, that’s all there is.  We have thought of our God, I tell you again.  The thing with the age, I 60 years old.  From the Proleme we have experienced, the situation.  The social life, I experienced it like a 60 year old.  I have these circumstances and this experience, and my real age.  35 years old, I have the first of them.  28 or 29 years only, afterwards were only problems and difficulties.  Until today I am not relaxed and I do not live because I am not a person.  The works and performs, I feel in many moments.  A burden for society, I can not go and achieve something.  And not work because I am three years old.  I have no language, the language is the biggest obstacle, although the city offers us that, But the language is not just learning, the language needs relationships.  Friendships, contact with the Germans which does not exist.  That is not possible, there are people.  Has had luck with friendships, I unfortunately had no luck with it, I have no friends.  Although I wanted to, and wished that but you can’t pick anyone to become your friend.  For the family, because you don’t know what is behind him, who is he, we say.  All those on the Starsse are German, maybe not all are German.  Maybe another nationality, foreigners like you.  You don’t know who this person is.

[i] Mr. [name] we can talk about the subject, about relationships and friendships.  How you come to Bochum, I want before you come to Bochum and have a decision.  That you come to Germany, and the minister has received all Syrian migrants without distinction.  Tell me what was the method for you to come?..  To Germany, which way, tell us about the adventure.  That you did it?.

[r] The method.  I tell you that from the beginning, since we have decided and the phases.  The beginning was in Halab, I made the decision, I had a cousin.  He’s from El Rakka who he was looking for to escape from IS and Daesch.  And the terrorists, he fled with difficulties to Turkey, he talked to me.  His family was big, that gave me courage, these reasons.  My children, Sarah threw 4 months old, 4 months is a problem. me, the biggest problem, Mussa could run free move.  We have prepared.  I have brought as many things as possible that we can use.  On the way until we arrive and help each other in Germany.  Unfortunately I didn’t get anything out of it, I count.  I am not important next to my wife and my children who are much more important.  We had three suitcases.  There were private things in it up to the milk.  For Sarah, I took milk with me, medicine, first aid kit.  Mobile phones, some souvenirs.  Where I can’t do without it, that was for my child.  What is very important to me is my child.  He can only wear special shoes, medically because of his flat feet.  I brought him the same as the small ones but I took them with me.  I got a scarf from my wife that was.  When we weren’t married yet, I had taken that away from her.  I took it with me, unfortunately they didn’t take anything with me.  Nothing, just what I had on.  And a light jacket, I could still wear that.  We made ourselves on the way on 31.08 in Bolman direction.  Lebanon, the trip was an effort, because that was the first time.  ALas we climbed in Bolman, my son because of the circumstances which was always trapped.  At home, I take him with me in the car I buy him something, nothing more.  To eat, I don’t even let him play outside, I have no security.  The first 30 km he has broken on me.  To me and to my neighbours.  That was him a new atmosphere, he did not bear the bus atmosphere.  We went to the rest stop, the problem is I have no change things with me.  I woke up as much as possible, I held out, we arrived in Lebanon.  There was the disaster when we reached the Lebanese & Syrian border.

You were alone.

No, we were a group in a Bolmann, three Bolmann.  They were all towards Europe.

[i] Bolmann, what does that mean?

[r] Bus, 45 people about.

[i] Bus, Okay, a group on the bus.

[r] We have arrived.  To Lebanon, we had booked in the ship.  With the ship because the fly was completely booked out.  At that time they had opened a way to Turkey, you can travel legally.  I made us passports for the whole family, we reached the border.  To the ship, at 23:00 o’clock at night.  They let us out in a place that is place.  A place you can compare to a garbage heath.  With sense of the word, we came.  I have, thank God, I had rolled beds.  I wanted to do something, I didn’t know what to do.  I have my wife and child who said we have to wait until tomorrow from 23:00 in the evening.  Until 11:00 in the morning, 12 hours we should stay in this place.  Because people don’t fit into the sal of the harbour.  My wife and child were sitting on the deck chairs, I have cleaned something there with someone else.  Until the time comes.  At four in the morning someone saw us from the harbour, he let us in because my wife.  Because my daughter is four months old, that has him something.  Sorry, he said comes in, we have gone in the hall.  I have boarded the ship, I still have photos of the ship.  We arrived in Turkey.  We are from Turkey direction.  Izmir, also with a Bolman, unfortunately.  I have forgotten my glasses in a Turkish rest stop, afterwards I was very tormented I could not let any finish.  Until I arrived in Germany, on the way it was very difficult for me.  We arrived in Izmir at about four o’clock in the morning.  I had no mobile phone with me, nothing.  Or we had a mobile phone but it didn’t work.  In the Turkish network, my cousin with his family was supposed to wait for us in this place.  We came no one was there, but.  I have seen a horror thing, people sleep on the sidewalk.  Here I got scared, at first the views weren’t like that.  Where should I go with my family?  No hotel, I can’t speak Turkish, my wife can speak some English.  That’s good, as the Turks ask, nobody speaks English, what should we do.  Approx. hable hour or three-quarters was so the condition.  Then my cousin came, he said he had been late, he said he took us home.  We spent the night at the smuggler’s apartment.  The smuggler said he is from my town.  But I don’t know his person.

How much did you pay for the trip? Did the smuggler pay money?

Yes, of course, I’m going to tell you now, because that’s not the smuggler we were in spirit with.

[i] Yes.

We have some smugglers behind us, that was a period of.  Many phases, we slept at the smuggler’s and frowned, in the morning we went with him.  He wanted 1100 USD per person.  Every single one.

[i] Great amount.

We talked to him, we said we have small children, you should help us.  He said I don’t take from children.  (thinks) He said today is the trip, my wife was in very bad shape.  I was scared too, but I’m trying to motivate you.  From her will, I didn’t want to keep that in mind, but I did.  Was mostly afraid for the children.  If I die, what would they do after me, for God’s sake?  If something happens, how should I live on, I say it now.  I cannot live without you, even if I leave Syria, that would be impossible to stay in Germany until now.  What is important is that they took us.  With a taxi, to the place.  To the meeting point, we got out, she said run.  You have to go into the forest. We went in the forest, I carried Sarah.  In the cot, so she wouldn’t notice.  We went into the forest, we sasen there, we were overjoyed at how many people there were.  How many people, I don’t know the number but maybe more than 100 people.  Everybody is waiting for the turn, we had someone with us.  He spoke Turkish, he is my cousin.  He asked you when and how we should go.  The important thing is, we got some information, we went in water.  The people walked in front of us, we were again overjoyed that we are not going today either.  That night, we should spend the night in the forest until the second day.  So that we go out, we have excited ourselves.  If a problem happened, they ran away and left us in the forest.

Women and children.

Women and children, so many.  Most of them were women and children, you see.  Women or 3 women and 10 children with a single man because determined.  Her children and your brother who came with her neighbors.  Who came with who knows who.  With her brother, so all the stories you hear on the way, most people are like that.  I looked at them so closely, I came with my family, i.e. this is a good thing what I did beautifully.  Good that I made this step. We have gone.  And back again.

Did you spend the night in the forest?..

We didn’t spend the night there, I didn’t want to, I named my cousin.  And we walked to the main road, I carried my child, they helped me carry it.  Until main street and are back to the city.  Here I said I’m not staying with anyone, I’m taking my family to the hotel.  Difficult, even if I spend whole money I do not let them.  Sleeping with someone, I have booked in the hotel, they are children.  They want to shower, they want to eat, I have booked in the hotel.  We ate, we ducked, I woke up with my clothes and again I had nothing else with me.  We are in one so.  Coffee, we thought after what we can do.  We found another smuggler, here was the biggest problem.  We had a deal with him he told us at 22:00 evening.  Here from this place, you take a taxi, and I talk to the taxi driver, we left.  By taxi to the place when I got out.  You know, I’m a know-it kid, and a village kid.  I have an impression for different places, different ways.  Because I live like this in my city, my work.  When I reached the place I felt something bad.  A place, you feel the danger.

[i] You haven’t rested?.

[r] I had no peace.  Immediately I said come, we have gone into a hidden place.  I have hidden my wife and my children, all of them, I have from far away.  Try to know what happens.  On the bridge and the bridge has a way to the forest, we talked to him.  He said where are you, I said don’t give him the address where we are.  We don’t see any people because surely you won’t come alone, there must be many others.  We are alone, why alone.  We said we’d go back, turn off the phone, we’d go back.

[i] You didn’t tell me the story? Had they had a trap for you.

[r] Yes, I’ll tell you.  Tell him we’re going back, we don’t want to go on with him.  In Izmir we went to him, we want our money back, we were overjoyed he had a trap for us.  Before us they had robbed a family, they had even taken away their passports.  They had left nothing to them, nothing, I asked the family.  He said we were about 40 families, they all robbed us.  Thank God nothing happened to us, I told him.  I don’t travel like this anymore, I have to find another better way.  By chance, before the hotel I was.  Has passed a person from the Syrian city of Abou Kamal.  I had worked with people in this city with tobacco products.  In the tobacco trade.  Where from, from Abou Kamal, you know someone, Sheik Feisal.  He said yes, I know him, that was the boss of our Clean, I said he was my business partner.  My friend, we remembered everything, you know the memory.  Let the people come together, I was invited to lunch with you in town, they cooked me a hot one.  I sat in the reception at the boss’s, he was over the moon about me.  There very many know, he asked what are you doing here? I told him I am traveling to Germany.  He told me I help you, he recommended me someone, he said he is reliable.  That was really the man I travelled with, he took 1250 USD from me.  Per person, so that coincidences play a role.  The one of my Turkish relatives in my Clean are also.  In Turkey, I was over the moon that I know him.  And his family, I don’t know his person, but I know the name, the family.  My name is like the name of his family he is also called [name] .  [name] my cousin, he wanted to help me then.  He made us a sale, right offer to help.  With the number, my cousin had 9 people, he was with 9 people, he would have had to pay a lot.  Is a problem that one has helped us.  That was a successful trip, of course my wife, since we have gone to the end.  On the Greek beaches had not spoken a word.  Even my son, I tried not to see the water.  Of course I bought him a life jacket and water tires, I already did all the safety measures.  What was possible, I took him in my lap.  So that he doesn’t see anything, we climbed in the Balm.  The number was well not so big, because you know, the biggest problem was.  That many people do in it.  The journey took about 40 minutes.  Or a little less, he brought us to a place that was very close to Greece.  We went to an island, I can’t remember it anymore.  But that’s where we were.  We were happy, very happy, the place where he let us out.  It was a place where there were restaurants.  Or directly at the water. They welcomed us.  The Greeks welcomed us and immediately we went in.  We went into a hall, my wife drank a juice.  She spoke to the English here we were relieved.  As they say, now we are on the safe side, now that is danger.  The most difficult thing in the water away, now the danger remains only on the way.  You go to an unknown place, and what is even more difficult is that you have the children with you.  We went.  Here was the biggest surprise of all, we slept on the street because there was no room.  For the first time I am confronted with such things, and my family is with me.  I didn’t care about myself, but my wife and children should sleep on the street.  I remembered my father’s words that you.  All my life I was spoiled, relaxed.  Even after everything was gone from us, and they took everything away from us.  We had saved almost half.  I wasted something from the kiosk.  To eat, I bought chips and biscuits.  They ate, early in the morning.  They gave us papers, we got on the bus.  They sent us to a place so we could book a ticket for the ship.  So we could go to Athens, we booked, I had my cousin.  A doctor in Athens, he received us.  Here when we overcome a phase, you get the feeling.  You have taken a step or will relax.  You become more schicherer, I cannot describe this feeling to you, or you can feel it.  That was something really big.  We took the train to Athens, went home.  Immediately we went to toilets, who woke up his clothes, who took a shower.  Like a beehive, we were 15 people, our group.  My cousin went to the shopping center to buy things.  My cousin cooked, chicken with rice.  Salad etc., we took photos, I still have them at home.  They cooked the nut like rice, my cousin can’t, we ate.  And enjoyed, was tastier than the rice, and we laughed.  The problem came, we had to move in the evening, we went to the Bolman.  Here has come the phase where we have to run. and the difficulty.  You know the mobility, Serbia, Hungary.  Everything was simple, we say mama Merkel, thanks to Mrs Merkel.  Because she gave us the information to let it happen, we only tortured in Hungary.  Because the fingerprints do, and we didn’t want that.  So that we could assure ourselves that we would stay in Germany.  A certain time, a year, two or three years what they allow us.  We are with difficulties, we have also run.  A long way, people abandoned us, bandits.  In all countries there are then, they tried to attack us.  Thank God, we could escape, we took a taxi.  We arrived in Bucharest.  By train, I find this point.  Was that the beginning of security, because afterwards we did not happen any more.  No more difficult situation, even on the train.  They told us everyone has to pay 12,00 € or USD but her.  Per person like you want you can pay or not pay.  That goes anyway for the help of the migrants who come after you if you don’t want to pay.  This is free, like a donation.  In the station, had built the tents, milk for the children and porridge.  Blankets, clothes for those who have nothing, lots of things.  Had you done, I wanted to pay.  Because I have seen many things in this station and I wish if someone comes after me, at least.  I have made my contribution from this support as much as I can.  If I had more, I would have paid even more, I am afraid that I will have difficulties on the way.  Because, that’s a problem, if I only reach half the way, how am I supposed to go on.  Where should I go, we got on the train.  And from there, we walked a little.  One way, we went to Austria, after that.  We were looking for a taxi or a bus, from this point.  The center, if you come in Austria, they have a meeting point for the people.  And then you can go, who wants to wait for the buses, he can do, who does not want to search.  A taxi or other method, I said because I do not want to wait every day.  What I experience every day when my children sleep on the street, I have a big problem and hate my life.  I have complete depression, at the time when I could.  Easy to go back, I would have done it, I am in a situation.  Whenever I sleep my son on the floor, I don’t know what I’m doing.  I get the feeling of life, why is it happening to us, what is our fault.  What have we done in life to make it happen to us?

Even though you saved them from dying.  From death, why did you torture yourself, you saved him from war?  You didn’t drive him on vacation.

I filled it I took it from death.  To slow death, I fetched him from a place.  What is even more difficult, maybe my son will be homeless.  Maybe I’ll lose my son, he may become useless for society.  I don’t know where he is going, everything unknown.  By chance where we were looking for.  No matter what, so that we go, a person has come from Iraq.  His mother is Turkish.  He has citizenship, perhaps from Sweden.  He tells me he has a when (bus).  He said I can drive you, I was 10 days in this place.  I go and come back daily from morning till evening.  I send a tour and come I get a tour, so I have vacation.  I have decided to help these people.  I stood like this, see this person.  He loses his time, he loses money.  He loses his vacation which he only gets once a year, with it.  He helps us.  We have to give something in return for these countries that offer all this to us.  He took us to the train station and they welcomed us.  They gave us food, had made several kinds, pizza and saffron rice.  Juice and milk for the children.

[i] In which country are you still?..

Everything in Austria.  From this station they sent us on the train to Germany.

[i] We want to arrive at this point.

We arrived in Germany, I had seen Germany.  Here I sat relaxed with my wife.  We looked at the panorama, the country, the houses.  If we have a house, we will live here and enjoy nature, our children.  We will study, we will find work.

[i] A film that turns into your head.

We had had a very good life.

[i] Yes.

What level are we going to live in this country.  What is our role in society?

[i] You have arrived in Germany?

[r] I have arrived in Germany.

How did you get to Bochum? and why Bochum?.

[r] I arrived in Munich.

[i] Munich.

[r] I arrived in Munich in the evening.  We slept in a hall, there were thousands of people inside, we slept.  They had received us, that was the best reception, I was probably filled.  Very much, they told us in the morning, you want to stay here or travel.  We told them we wanted to go to Detmold, a city.  200 km from here, near Hanover.  Between Hannover and Bielefield, because the cousin.  From Imar, lives in this town, he came before us.

[i] Because of war, or did he come to live here?..  He came because of the war, but a while before us, Six months ago The way was hard when he came, he experienced many difficulties?  We got on the train, we booked from.  I can’t remember it anymore.  But we had a problem, we haddto change, the train reached that point.  He said it was the last stop, we were lost.  We hear the Germans talking, but don’t understand what happened.  We saw all the people getting out, they told us how enough is enough.  Where are we, are we in Bielefeld, no not in Bielefeld.  I only know the name Bielefeld, I show it my booking.  At that time, I think he says again.  Can you speak English, he told her no, Oh my God.  A young woman came to us about the 20 I think.  She said to my wife I speak English, I have been so happy.  She said we have to get out and the company.  Will pay a taxi for us and take you to where you want to go.  I don’t have to worry about you, here’s your ticket, make a check.  Leg taxi driver, and he takes you where you want to go.  She got out with us and stayed with us until the last second, and she ordered a taxi.  And she said that they have children, because of children sitting, because with us there is not.  You drive, the car is for 4 people.  We can drive 5 people.

[i] Or 8 also goes, where is the problem!!?.  Here I am overjoyed, every child who sent us by taxi.

[i] Were you surprised that every child must have a child seat, not just every child, every person must have a seat.  And buckle up, and this place is only for one person.  In fact, she talked to the taxi driver and told him.  They give you a phone you talk to a person, he tells you in English where you are going.  He sent us to Bielefield, and from Bielefield.  Her cousin came to pick us up with a Wan (bus).  Yes, his girlfriend is a German.

[i] Yes.

He borrowed this from her.  He picked us up at night, we are.  I had taken someone with me, he had sung.  You can ride with us, sleep that night, and after that, we’re in .  Detmold at 4 o’clock in the morning, on the way.  My wife fell asleep I had that in my lap, she was tired.  I laugh as she sleeps, we arrived.  Home, he asked what are you doing first, I said first I want to take a shower.  First, and then.  I want to eat because I am so hungry.  In fact I have been ducking with my son.  I let them all sleep before my eyes all together.  After we took a nice shower and ate, he gave us a room.  We all went to sleep together, this night I do not forget how much.  I slept deeply, I hugged them.  We often remember it, Imar and I.  We stayed with him for 20 days until his German girlfriend came.  She helped us and sent us on.  Hausen.

[i] Oberhausen?.

[r] No, Badhausen.  Is 20 km away from his town. She handed us over.  In a certain place.  There we were 9 days, then directly to Bochum.  Certainly we did not choose Bochum.

[i] Transfer?..

[r] We wanted Detmold, but unfortunately.  That didn’t work out.

[i] Unfortunately or fortunately?.

[r] Wait a minute.  You were faster, unfortunately that didn’t work, that was our goal.  We were sad, but I don’t forget one person there who was responsible there.  He had spoken Arabic, a social worker.  At first there was a mistake that my wife had trasfered to one city and I with my child to another.  When I talked to him, he said it’s okay we correct that quickly.  I wanted Detmold, her cousin told her to come and so, he told me, look.  You are a lucky person, I said why.  He said literally, Bochum is a city.  The wonderful thing is.  He tells me that, I think he lives Relax.  Tell me I want to go to a person who helps me in life.  I am zero years old, how am I supposed to.  This is my beginning in Germany, I don’t know yet.  He said believe me a wonderful city and beautiful, its inhabitants are dear when you are there.  You will discover that, and see, I said ready.  He said ready when you go.  We came by bus to Bochum.  My family all fell asleep, I couldn’t sleep a second.  The way takes two and a half hours, I watch where I am.  There shall, and what will happen before me, we have arrived in Bochum.  We got out at the post office in the town hall.  Under the post office is a place, in this point we got out.  I carried Sarah, a suitcase on my back and one in my hand.  Because my wife can’t carry, she was sick.  I tried to carry as much as possible.  (a moving moment, he thinks).  After that we went to the social services building.  To the social welfare office.  They put us in a hall downstairs.  Tables are inside until the papers are ready.  They took our papers and registered us.  They took us to the camp, name, Max-Gräve 7.

[i] You haven’t forgotten that.

[r] No, I didn’t forget, but the surprise.  Was that the camp, a sports hall was open.  Shared, with fabrics.  First time I experience something like that.  We sleep here, and next to us are people who sleep, we hear them, they hear us.  Nevertheless my wife told me.  A few days that pass, we have to endure.  From the first day you told us you wouldn’t stay long.  You can move into an apartment, my goal was to live in an apartment so that my life would go on.  I feel a little safe.  We went to the camp.  There were 50 people in the camp.  The first 4-5 days I don’t go out.  And I don’t see anybody, we still live, afterwards slowly, slowly, we went out.  To see the sun, my son goes to play.  I go to the social welfare office, ask for an apartment, try to find out.  So that I can move, but I don’t know Bochum, from the camp to the social welfare office.  I have not tried to learn more.  We are in the camp for a month or a little less than a month.  After that they gave us an apartment, the social welfare office helped us a lot.  They helped me a lot when I went there.  They were kind to me, they let me go to the camp relaxed.

What impression do you have of the German people?  The most beautiful thing is what I saw in the authorities and institutes.  When you’re nervous and something bothers you.  You find, with all calmness.  He answers your questions, he sucks your aggression.  You later decide why I came, I made mistakes.  You blame yourself when I go there.  They try to help you until the last moment, no matter how, even if this is not his area In the social welfare office there was an employee, this was not her area, she goes with me supralomely in all the offices.  Until I have taken the apartment.  They gave me the address, they made the move from Camp, they got a car.  Several cars, I with my family, you brought me home.  We arrived home.  I mounted the beds, I made them with my hand, that was the most beautiful moment.  The day was very nice, because after a torment.  We are somewhat independent, a private place my family and I.  At that time.

[i] I like.  Ask you.

[r] Yes, please.

[i] After this phase, you have one month.  Living in the camp, you took an apartment, something very positive, very good, Now you’re in Bochum.  Now the new life has started, there’s your work, the place to eat.  The culture the new tradition, I want.  That you talk, now you are at home in Bochum.  Daily life?

Daily life.  The first day, we spent, we bought little things.  We went back, we don’t know where, a friend had helped us.  He showed us where the train is, how we are going.  We come back, the times, this is all newer to us, we know nothing.  It’s all newer to us, we’ve learned, we’ve driven with it.  I showed us where the train station is, the town hall, these places we often visit.  Almost daily, that worked out well.  We bought the simple things for the flat because the flat was empty, it was only the beds.  A washing machine, a stove.  Simple things, two small pots, without outizilien On the second day, someone knocked at our door.  We didn’t know, we were restless, we went out, nobody was there.  Later we found out that this is our neighbor, this is the first neighbor who comes along with us.  By chance on this day.  We also have two Arabs in the social welfare office.  Arab women visiting us at home in the evening.  On the same day the same neighbor came, she said I am your neighbor.  She is from Iraq, Kurdistan, but has been here for a long time.

[i] [name] , how was your feeling?  You met someone in Bochum, new people?..

[r] Yes, something.  Isn’t someone who helps us on the first day?  In this way, Arabic speaks, the most important thing is.  She knows her way around this country when you find someone.  He knows where, how you want to work, he helps you, what you want to work, the law says.  The biggest problem was, I don’t know the law, I have to live in a country.  I don’t know the laws, I want to move, I don’t want to be a perverted person here in this country.  The people are at the red light, I come and go over the red light.  You say a person!!!..My wife was pregnant.  At that time, she got bleeding and should abort in that day, I don’t know.  What I should do, I was a lunatic, I go down to street, and up again, I know.  Not where to call, then I remembered this neighbour who knocked on our door.  I knocked on her door and told her that, her son rif.  The ambulance, I was over my head.  That was a team, the first time I saw something like that.  We did not have such a thing, they took my wife with them, she was very bad.  We brought her back after two days.  She lost the baby.  After that I have a time at home b9s she slightly recovered.  After that we moved, the neighbour downstairs helped us.  She got us a freezer, then we met neighbours downstairs.  From Armenia from long in Germany, Igor with his wife.  The neighbours started to help us.

[i] Beautiful. a communication has developed.  There is contact with the neighbours, life has taken a step forward.

It has become easier.  Every time you met someone.

The way you describe it has become faster.

[r] Yes, Faster.  If one step can be done in a month, I can do it in a day because the neighbor accompanies you, helps you.

[i] Yes.  They made me an internet contract.  We start to mobilize our flat, etc.  That was the situation.

[i] Okay.  Did you love Bochum as a city, did you fill yourself psychic well.

[r] Ikch tell you.  Something about today, when I was some time ago.  I went to Frankfurt and back to Bochum when I went back to Bochum.  I felt like I was going back to my homeland.  In those moments, as I travel to another province.  And return, I have filled the same for the first time.  In fact I have begun to feel I have home.  I have a country, an apartment, beautiful feeling.  Certainly, I love Bochum, I feel the my city.

[i] Are you staying here?. 75% I have taken up new work.  With Amazon, that has given me some peace, even if that is not the work.  The biggest one gave me security.  What gave me even more security than the work, I started all the authorities.  All places, all authorities, I fiing to go alone.  Alone, I do the papers, that’s easy, if you know something the language, there are no difficulties.  You can go to all the authorities and have the law, you’re right.  I don’t feel like a migrant anymore, I feel like a local.  I am a German but without citizenship.  We talked about your everyday life and how you spend your time.  At home, how the contact with the neighbors is, we have over.  The connection between you and.  The neighbors, between the locals has become stronger after two, three years.  Or is still weak?.

[r] Now for sure because.  I can speak the language better.  There is communication, I can communicate, I have become better.  The German people are not difficult to contact him.  You only need the language on the way, you can say hello.  You can talk to him, you can ask him what you want, it can help you, it can show you.  The everyday life is.  Here is the biggest problem, there is a lot of pressure every day, it is different than with us.  In Syria, in Syria there are many people who help you, the family is big and everyone helps.  There is nothing here, we are alone, every day you get up early, bring the child.  To the kindergarten, come back, go shopping.  Lately my wife has gone to school, I stayed with my daughter.  My second daughter I must serve you, my wife comes back from school, I go.  Shopping when we are missing something or appointments.  Doctors, my son has speech therapy, three days a week.  I have to take him and bring him back I have to be at work at 16:00.  My wife is with the children, so is our everyday life.

Do you have free time?

Something hard to have free time here because.  You have three small children who need complete support.  From 5 1/2 years and less to one year.  Your day is filled with them.

How is your relationship with your country people?. With the Arab Syrian Society who are in Bochum?..  Do you have social relationships, friendships?..

My relationship you can say good, but I have no broad relationships.  Because I want to have my time for the family.  For the children, I have friends, I see you very narrowly.  Yesterday I was with the 4 or 5 person.  I didn’t sit with them for, like, two hours and I went back home.  There is communication, I know many Syrians.  From Bochum or from Iraq, but there is not always contact.  I see him, greet him, ask for the language how far it is.  Something like that.

Does your relationship with your friends play a role in integration?  Here in the city, there is an exchange between you.  Your experiences or you don’t have that much time?..

There is no time, we communicate at the Tefelfon, more than when we meet.  Sometimes, at the same time when I have work he has something else.  But that helps a lot, it could be I find work, he finds another job.  He can tell me about it, could give more possibility.  Can be if he speaks well, he supports me in many things, or he has insight.  More than me, he can help me, that certainly helps.

Do you have an association, Syrian Initiative?..  You are structured here, you are a big one.  Group in Bochum, is not little, Bochum has many.  Syrian migrants, or you don’t belong to them?..  You are many here?.

[r] No, I have none.  In such an initiative, there is an association next to it.  My apartment I go there, it’s not Syrian, it’s Arabic.  I do not have this contact with such initiatives.  I don’t know, I haven’t heard if there is such a thing.  I don’t know if the Syrians did something private.

What is your contact with your parents like?  My contact with my family is very good, I communicate with my father.  Most of all, of course my father is not a person who always has time.  Recently he was in Russia.  I wanted to go and see him, but I couldn’t, he was on his way.  He was with an official group from the state.  I wanted to see him my family and I, did not go, the ticket was expensive.  I communicate with my sisters.  I have a married woman in Hagen, Siel ebt here.  Long time in Germany.

She came before the war.

Before the war.  She had got the stay before the war.  When the war began, she came and stayed here.

Your relationship is good with your sister.

My relationship is very good, I’m going to visit her.  She has four children, I go from one time to another.  Not so often, once a month or two not more.  Your tradition, your culture plays a role in your life?  Your everyday life, in the education of your children, how can you keep that?  How do you do that?

Certainly it takes part in our everyday life, tradition and culture.  You should, one must cultivate your tradition and culture, for me that is.  I like that my children take over all tradition and culture.  Determines the good of it, which leaves us.  At least set an example in this country.  Special my son, I like that he sees, I have.  With me in the apartment an Arabic coffee if a guest comes.  Sometimes no matter who comes.

[i] You have Arabic furniture?..

[r] I have a part.  Quite simple.

[i] That’s very special, Exclusive.

[r] I wanted my child to see this and be informed about it.  This tradition and customs.

[i] Do you listen to Arabic music?..

Almost all Arabic, because still determined.

Are you a person who likes music?

[r] Yes, definitely, I’m trying now.  Older Musa, I have the feeling he may learn to play the guitar.  I fulfilled his wishes and bought him a guitar, but he’s still there.  Five and a half years he’s not ripe yet.

[i] That’s heard.  To tradition music, dance?.

[r] Yes.  Folk dance has something of our culture, our clothes.  There is Abaye, you look at him in certain occasions.  Did you, for example, when the woman wears an Abaye?..  No house suit, we have such stories.  We play with it.

Special in my province, in my city.  Al Rakka, the women move in the city with Abaya.  Of course, there are the normal clothes, like my wife, you have seen.  She looks normal, like here.

[i] Yes.

But at the same time, Abaya and Galabiya, what you wear is called Hachia.

[i] Yes.

That’s what you wear in your Arab clothes.  The Sheik or the Older People.

[i] Now it’s modern they put it on over a suit, very nice.

The Jordanians look at it a lot, even in Lebanon they attract it as well.  But they are more.  Does your father wear the Abaya over his suit?

No, just my father.  Suit with gravatte.

The food, how did you see it?  In Germany?

The food is.  A problem for us because we are used to something when we came to Germany.  We didn’t find it, but it’s all there.  The German courts we don’t know that.  We are not informed about the German cuisine what kind of dishes they have, but we have seen.  Some dishes, that was okay, were not so foreign.

Most Syrians, or others, have.  Love for the cake and rolls.  R Yes, I don’t love the sweets much.  But my children certainly, here are many varieties, but my children.  What kinds you want to eat, even the bun or something else.  Many kinds you can’t decide.  That’s Schufan, that’s Kurbiskerne.

[i] Yes.  Are you happy now in Bochum, after three years you feel there is security?..

[r] Since six months.  I am happy, I feel change and security, I feel I have started.  But you know the problem with the stay.

[i] Yes.

[r] We don’t know.  The thing is, we do not know, we stay in this country.  Or are we deported, which also plays a role.  Sometimes we say we are not Syrians.  Neither do we reach Syria, nor Germany.  I am here, I could be German.  To become, the German citizenship so that I become German.  The world championship I have cheered for Germany more than the Germans.  When they lost, I got excited, it’s not a duty I have the German citizenship to become German.  That makes us stress, but we are satisfied and happy, we wish.  One day we become naturalized or we get the stay only so that one feels.  If you live rich here, and here is your home.  If he works, and invests, I have a goal my child.  To be safe, to study and to live, only.

[i] How was your impression with the German language, you told me.  That is very difficult.

Difficult, because of many reasons, first.  Who speaks English.  Is used to other languages, I have no English, only Arabic.  When I wanted to learn the German language I got into trouble. Secondly.  When I came I learned a lot, but.  After some time I started to forget because I.  At home I speak Arabic, my Arabic friends I speak Arabic, the Syrians.  I speak Arabic, there is not a person who is close.  German or at work, you talk daily with them.  By the time you learn 5000 words, after a month.  There is not even 1000 about what you use daily, you forget that.  Hard.

[i] How do you work in an international company now?..  That’s very positive, you have your foot on the ladder?..  With integration, with language and also work.  You are one of the people who made it here in Bochum.  You are safe and have good results.  Very very positive, you continue.  With your happy marriage, the family, the children.  You told me a lot of good things, I thought it was very good.  How do you wish what should happen in Bochum in your life?..  If you stay here?