[i] Hello, [name]! We are members of the Bosangani Association from Bochum In the name of the Müseum we would like to know before we begin that you can introduce yourself. Do you want to do in French or, ok thank you Mr. [name] that you took the time to participate in our project. Project of Müseum Hannover of Bochum Thank you very much that you really took the time to accept our invitation We would like to ask you first to introduce yourself. So people can know who you are My name is [name] I come from Congo I live here in the city of Bochum.

[r] I am [name], married, father of 3 children I have been here in Germany for 9 years.

[i] Thank you Can’t we know about your childhood? That is why we ask you if you can talk about your childhood, belt, etc. Where were you born where did you grow up in which church that will be very beautiful.

[r] I have just said that I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo , although Congo Kinshasa I was born in the city of Kinshasa. That was on November 25, 1984 I am the oldest child of the family Because I was born Life was not easy I am born in the commune Ngiri-Ngiri She is located in Kinshsa The street is called Ngiri-Ngiri I was born in a simple normal family My father is called Lupaka Kalonda, my mother Alphonsine Lama You have brought me into the world . Then when I was 8 years old I remained alone without a father. There were situations that my father knows for himself. Since the refreshment was not easy for us. Life for us was also hard I went to school I first went to kindergarten, then to primary school, and finally to secondary school. I graduated, despite the difficult life of the country because I fought a lot to survive. At the age of 25 I came to Germany. I am already 9 years in Germany 3 years now in Bochum I am married in Germany, I work, I am father of 3 children, . I simply live normally, but it was not easy my life career overall I have suffered a lot, as many others now suffer food, clothing, …, were not easy to get Since Papa had not worked , he was a student . My mother was a housewife, she was just at home, I was born in the family house. We lived together with the aunts, uncles, we all lived together. My childhood in general was not easy Then my father told me that he had to go to search because he had to take care of our good future. When I grew up, I tried to look for life in my own way. That’s why I found myself here in Germany.

Thank you for all the details you gave but we would like to return you went to school in Kinshasa. Kinshasa is a big city. In which municipality did you go to school? And in which school? did you attend primary and secondary school? I first started with kindergarten, but not directly with primary school, I started Kingarten when I was 3 years old. I stayed there until I was 6 years old. That was in “Complexe Scolaire Bonguana”, that is in Bandal (municipality of Kinshasa) in the Avenue Bukaka the number I forgot in the state district Kimbondo I did there the first up to the 6th grade of the primary school I got there my certificate. Then I went to the secondary school in IT Bongolo. Then I made a formation, from 3rd class to 6th class of the secondary school always in ITK Bumbu as an electrician I made with this specialization an Abitur and got. I am an electrician with a degree. This is in the municipality of Bumbu

[i] Thank you Do you have contacts with friends who have grown together with you? Or don’t you have any contacts anymore?

[r] Surely there are contacts because if Got …give the possibility I go there for vacation Since I am here, I have gone there 2 times, there I have met my friends. As I am here, they are not so The situation of the country is not good, you have hard life to overcome We have finished everything the school, but for them the situation is not good. Everyone wants to come here maybe he will find life easy because they see that I have done something The relations of the country are not good special for the education and the future of young people who had made the school together with me is not happy For me it is a mercy to be here in Germany because I don’t want to eat and carry but they sometimes lack to eat something

[i] But the media says that Congo is a very rich country. And you tell them that people have a hard time eating. That gives a contradiction

The geography and history, as well as the media, report on the wealth of Congo. Why do you say now that the friends and relatives who stayed there have problems to make a living?


Yes, Congo is a rich country , which has diamond, coltan, , Kuppfer, gold zinc, from there it is true that Congo is rich. We see coltan, diamond, and many other mineral resources needed in the world There are people who benefit with this wealth. If you belong in that rank (group) there you will have a good life but the people outside that rank like my friends, nobody has a good life I was worried the last time I had been there, in Kinshsa, I make a parenthesis here, I met a friend. He told me that he made for five years without having an amount of 100 US dollars cash. For 5 years 100 US Dollard is like 100 Euro He made for 5 years without having an amount like 100 Euro. One must imagine a person with a 33 years, how his future should be. That is why in Congo such thing happens what one observes there. Riots again and again, because there is no good future for young people. But in practice the country is rich, this wealth goes into the pockets of people The people belonging to the government profit with it

[i] What contacts do you have with your friends now? By phone or what? or what, do you still have a relationship with them like before?


The relationship, how we grew up together, didn’t stay that way anymore because I go on vacation, but sometimes I don’t visit some I visit some, we help ourselves sometimes I avoid meeting them, because they sometimes come to me, they want to get money from me. I have no money to distribute. I am on vacation, My money is well planned. Our contact is not deep, we like to greet each other, but not close contact But I know that I was together with him to school. We were in the same class. We are talking about school time. She told me that I was lucky because I live in Europe. I try to motivate them that we must continue to fight with life, we are the air of tomorrow In Germany is also suffered, there is a hidden truth. In Germany, if you don’t work, he can’t eat. You can’t get any further. Although there is social welfare, you have to go to work. In Germany there is the possibility to work. There is no work there. They have the will to look for work and to work, but there is no work. To get work, you have to have relationship, otherwise you don’t get work Without contact you don’t get work They have their suffering

i] Your contact with friends, you say that you were born in Ngiri Ngiri, so I want to know about the family that live there, who are in Kinshasa, who left there, who you have contact with.


In Kinshasa live family members of my father and my mother, aunts, uncles (maternal and paternal side) They also have children, my cousin are also there, we talk on the phone together, and when I go there, I first go to them. My aunt is there, siblings of my father. My father and mother don’t live together. My mother is in Luanda, my father is here and my brothers and sisters who were born here. Sin are 3. They were born in the city of Essen. We live here together.

i]The family who stayed there D , they grew up together, there is concern

[i] for this separation. How do you feel about this distance between you?


For me there is concern because we have the same blood, we were born in the same family. I was with them from zero to 25 years. I know all common sufferings. When I was there, it was a little better, but now it’s bad. Very bad concern is that one day they will have a good future because if there are 100 relatives in the family and you alone are good and 99 aren’t good (don’t have a good life), that means that you also have difficulty. Since you always have to help The money you have, for example, for the middle, you have to send to them. Dami they get something to eat. There’s the worry you’re missing something to eat Sometimes I throw away the food here but I can’t send the food there because it gets spoiled on the way. That’s why I sometimes send 100 €, 50 € so that they can get sth. to eat. One cannot say clothes, it is only miserable. This is my concern it is one day Here I would like to take advantage of the opportunity that is here. I want to learn the technique from here so that I can do something there. My contribution there can make Vieleich I can change there something with what I have learned here in Germany.

When you were in Congo, what was the political relationship? Can you please explain what you experienced in Congo in politics, in the sense of political regimes? Which regimes did you experience and how is it governed?


I can say that politics has already been destroyed from its roots. I was born in 1984. The story before my dues said earlier was not good. I bland the politics in a catastrophic situation. in the sense that he is in the presidency , does not want to go away. He does not want to organize the election. He wants to stay in power. If he dies, he will take his place. If one belongs in this group of governed politicians, he will remain in this group, group of rulers. If other people want to make politics, these people will have difficulty to get into this group. As we can see here, if you study politics, you can simply make politics, but there is not the political situation that I left there, the political situation is catastrophic The situation has become worse The man in power does not want to leave power. He prepares the election, but at the same time he prepares someone who will take his place. So that he will protect him later. Everything for their interest. They want to disturb the country. That is our observation. Although the country is already destroyed. There is no future. The school doesn’t work anymore. If the school has already been disturbed, it is the destruction of the future of the country. When the future has been destroyed. If the school that gives the people the intelligence where they teach the learning of “a”, “b”, “c” and “d” has been broken, what will the new natives learn? This bad policy has brought out the phenomenon “Kuluna”. Kuluna was created for this reason. Because when someone has been to school, he cannot be a criminal. He can’t just become so criminal. He who was in school, who learned, “Kuluna” has no pity. When a “Kuluna” meets you in the night, he can only cut your hand because of the telephone, sometimes only because of 10 dollars. He can open a pregnant woman’s belly with machete and take the child out. Just to demand the money. If the money does not give, he will cut the woman with machete and the child will come out. Everything in front of the man. They traumatize people, they plow apartments, everything because the Bidung no longer gives. The future no longer exists.

Maybe you can explain the phenomenon “Kuluna” to the people who will hear you.


What does “Kuluna” mean? We are in the city of Bochum, Bochum has many districts, we have Bochum Hamme, Altenbochum, Bochum, … Each district has a group of young people who form a corridor. A group of young people from 18 to about 20 years old. They were buying. They don’t go to school anymore because the parents don’t have money for school fees. The parents even lack the money to feed the children. A resident of another part of the city is not allowed to go to another part of the city. A resident of Altenbochum is not allowed to come to Bochum Hamme. When he has come, he is asked for a telephone set. If he does not have it, his ear is cut. I have already seen that someone had gotten the hen for the binding, he brings his wife, so that she can bind it she was pregnant they have met the “Kuluna” on the street you[the Kuluna] have asked for money. They had no money. She went to the hospital. The woman had contractions. When they came into the “Kuluna”, the “Kuluna” took machete, you said, since he does not give money, we will give birth to your wife ourselves. They took her belly, and stabbed her into the masses, then the child came out immediately, you killed the woman, and at the same time the child, That is the phenomenon Kuluna. If they meet you on the street with a car, they arrest you and they ask for money, if you don’t have it, you are cut everywhere with a knife and they kill you afterwards. As they say: Gang There are conflicts between neighborhoods because sometimes you have turned something into someone Even if you will say that there is no “Kuluna” anymore, they have remained with hatred, and they have come to account? Because this “Kuluna” kills somebody, for example a Kuluna from another city.