[i] Today is 24 June 2018. I am just in Bochum at Mr. [name] In Kollegstraße a collective accommodation Thank you Mr. [name] that you have taken the time for me today for a small interview. I am glad despite Sunday that we do an interview today. Thank you Mr. [name] for your willingness for the interview and your hospitality. I would like to start the interview now. [Name] Before we start the interview, wanted to ask you, you brought a meter and some seed here as an object. First of all, the meter, what does this meter mean to you?

[r] I didn’t see my father for a long time. While he was in Iraq, there were many things with him. The meter was also among these things There were pliers, fair and many things While I left Iraq illegally, I also brought it with me. I have thought that is a memory of my father. I had many other things, but I could not take with me on the plane. Maybe I had other things, but for me the most important is only this. He owned this meter, when he came to Iraq, I wanted him to give me, then he gave me. When I need the meter for my work, I use the meter from my father. The meter is hard to protect, if a friend asks you to give him and the meter does not give back or lose, what do you do? I have a law (rule) I look at the technical materials, I do their work with my own technical material I just get so

[i]Is that how you protect it? Many then, is a very valuable thing. Unless meter you also brought some seed,

[r] I sowed the seed I planted these seeds in Iraq itself, are available here watermelon, radish and tomato There are many varieties of seeds, I am myself Ecmistim, I took the ones I planted myself when I ate, collected and dried the seeds. I put it in a bag for the next year. When I came to Germany, I brought some seed with me. I wanted to bring my chickens and rooster too but they wouldn’t let me bring them on the plane. That’s why I had to leave them there. I left my chickens, rooster and donkey there.

[i] I left there when I came, I wanted to take many things with me but you said to take only a small bag because you had to walk illegally Illegally I was allowed to have only such things

[i] Just what you have with you, make small bag full or donkey, rooster and hen do not fit the bag This is a reality

[r] That’s why I have something smaller, like Kurdish gum I bought something like that in Suleymania I still have of this gum chewing gum from tree resin Original gum, bio I still have with me, I hide, they say that is a medicine for stomach and when you cook, The water from the tree is, when kauchum, turns into chewing gum I have problems with my teeth, that’s why I chew, maybe helps to clean, so what I have more Mitgenomen I have chewing gum, seeds and a few memories of my father I brought with me.

[i] A beautiful Sacher I wanted to go back to your childhood Can you tell about your childhood, where did you have your childhood and how was?

[r] I was born in 1970 in Nizip Antep, Turkey. Currently I am 48 years old My father’s name is Abdullah My mother’s name is Ayne I am eldest child son All my siblings were born after me. In 1980-81 my father went to Libya to work as a laborer. He did not take us with him. In 1983 he came back and he took us with him. At that time I went to Turkish school, I went to secondary school 2nd grade, I had to quit my school and I went with my family. Only my brother Hasan did not come with me, he stayed there. Currently he does not live we are four siblings one sister and three brothers I did not know anymore if my little brother Fadil already born or not, we two or three brothers went to Libya One and a half year we stay there In 1985 my father was not good to me i e namely He teased me a lot, I told my mother that I go to my uncle. then I left my family and I went to my uncle, at that time my uncle Abdullah was in Syria. I was with him for a few years After that my uncle sent me to Europe He said “go and develop yourself among the people there, do your best with the young people together for the Kurds our politics and our homeland.” I was here, I played soccer and danced. I participated in Kurdish demonstrations and events to work for the Kurdish cause, I stayed here for three four years.

[i] Where were you in Europe?

[r] I came to Bochum. At that time Xalile Torî had helped me I applied for asylum, could not speak the language. I applied for asylum and got passport, until year 1991 I stayed here The behavior of one person has shown me That I am not welcome here for long. In 1991 I had enough and returned to Syria to my uncle.

[i]What did you do in Syria? and how long did you stay?

[r] In 1991 I went to Syria and stayed with my uncle for 6-9 months. After that I went to my uncle Osman, he was in Iraq from Syria I went there illegally

[i] What were you doing in Syria? and What was your life like in Syria?

[r] I lived near you my uncle. Sometimes we visited people in their houses, sometimes we were in public. i cooked.because i know arabic, sometimes i did the shopping. Sometimes we went for a walk in the city I went for a walk and sometimes I read books what else should I say? sometimes we played soccer sometimes we listened to political books my life was so simple there was no particular task that I did and I did not attend school since I left Turkish school I did not attend school but my uncle told me what books to read and at that time I was still a child I could not think what the others were doing I also copied I looked at other children and copied, What they were doing It was childhood My father’s attitude was not good My uncle’s friends’ attitude was better than my father’s He did not know how to deal with the children He worked too much From morning to evening he painted Evening came tired to us to sleep, we could not see our father I did not see my father at home or in Libya, later I did not see him either All the time he worked, 24 hour he painted Now I have a contact with my father, otherwise a biological relationship was not more

[i]After that you were in Iraq with other uncles, how did you live there?

[r] There I did the same thing I lived five six years in Iraqi villages What my uncle told me had sometimes done and sometimes ignored Our work there was to collect wood. we cooked for ourselves and occasionally made walks through villages On the mountains we collected chestnuts for us What can I say Had we lived so what More I had a normal life

[i]How long did you live in Iraq?

[r] I lived in Iraq until the spring of 1996 In 1996 I went again to my uncle Abdulah.

[i] Meanwhile you were no longer a child and how long did you live there? I was 26 years old but 26 years is not so great if you are not mature, age alone is not enough Being an adult starts with experience You have to understand how to live Until then I was an inexperienced boy

[i] How long were you with your uncle in Syria, from 96 to when?

[r] Until 98 I stayed with him Yes

[i] Until 98

[r] Until my uncle left Syria in 98, before he left Syria, I returned to my uncle Osman

[i]Did you go to… To Iraq

[r] Once again I went to Osman

[i] How long did you stay there?

[r] Where, 98?

[i] From 98 to when did you stay there?

[r] Until 2001 I was with my uncle

[i] After 2001 what did you do?

[r] After 2001… I went to Russia illegally For a while I stayed among Kurds in Russia Krasvander, Moscow and city Yarestan 6-7 years

[i] Six seven years

[r] There I stayed among Kurds And in 2007-2008 I returned to Iraq I wanted to come here to my family in 2003 But I had not had a chance I could not come here I went to Iraq to get a help there so that I could come here Since 2003-4 watching as I find a way I was pursuing at the same time what does life mean? I was trying to understand everything what does homeland mean, what does world mean, what does history mean and what does politics mean? I was searching. what is being a Kurd and what is being a party? who am I? what is family? i.e. understand the general world What are the truth of the world who am I? what are my rightness? At that time I wanted to understand this and I wanted to come to my family in Europe. Since 2003 and last year 2017 I came to Germany because my 13 year history was like this one side I wanted to come to my family and other side I wanted to make rest of my life new In Iraq and Russia I planned mostly so that we have a better food like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

[i] Can you tell us where you started with plants? In Iraq or in Russia?

[r] I started planting in Iraq in 1999 1999 but I did not take much seriously when I was in Russia was better In 2003-4 interested me in Russia more with planting from year to year my interest increased more

[i] What do you plant in Russia?

[r] In Russia I planted strawberries tomatoes, eggplant, corn, watermelon so what edible, like white cabbage What you needed Russia has similar climate to Europe slowly I learned to plant

[i] The planting was for yourself or for sell?

[r] No, for our food I planted mostly by hand with shovels I had not had the opportunity or pay money for tractor only for my food what I needed, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries only for my need what I should eat my knowledge was not so far to plant more and to give or sell my strength was not enough for that also my time and my physical and I was also financially not able a large technical equipment and large fields to plant damala when I was in Russia, I had no present mind and possibility

[i] Your family went to Europe, you said that your parents and siblings live in Vienna. from Libya went there why did not you go to your families and come to Germany city Bochum?

[r] I was also to them because I came here illegally with fake passport said that they had to bring me to Germany we leave you in Germany when I came here, I already saw that more Kurds live here family, I and my father did not have a good relationship so he could not me and I as a child so why could not introduce me to him whether he wanted or not, I now wanted some close contact to help them, earlier I was a child, could not help I could now care more about family, earlier I helped child also eg.For example my mother said that we had no money because your father could not send the money, this took corn and went to sell to get some grosch so that we could buy sugar and necessities during the school vacations I sold corn or candy When I was ten years old I went to sell something to earn some money I already knew to financially support family so what had done

[i] If you now return to your childhood How was your first childhood in the village? What dreams did you have for the future?

[r] What was life for me, I stood from morning until late evening I was still a child and was looking for employment for myself what should a child want, a beautiful and successful future. i liked to play I could not sit still as a child, either I felt the tasks that my mother gave me or I was at school or I played. i went sheep at midnight, got up very early in the morning, during the day i was either at school or i sold candy or i played with other kids. a full life i wanted the things every kid wants i saw someone had a car and wanted one too. if others had a bike, wanted one too so like every childhood dreams i had some too

[i] When we look at your life; your life is culture-full and diverse. You are a Kurd, born in a Kurdish village. You were on your life path first in Turkish metropolises, from there in Libya, then Syria, Iraq and Europe. From there again in Syria, then in Russia and back to Europe. if you compare these countries with each other: what were the circumstances there? How did they affect your life? Could you explain a little bit?

[r] In these countries I was involved within the Kurdish community, I had no direct contact with the other peoples but they influenced me indirectly. of course they had influence on me especially on language I understand all Kurdish dialects, no matter if it is Soran, Botan or Serhat or from Mardin, met many people e.g..For example, even if I do not speak all Kurdish dialects, I also communicate I could learn a little Russian and German, of course they also had influence on my culture many things currently their approaches etc. psychologically I am very affected it has caused countless wounds.

[i] Even though you were only among Kurds, you certainly had contact with locals once or twice. What impression did the people there make on you, what was your relationship with them like when you were just a child and a teenager?

[r] My relationship with people was not so strong, quite normal we have to each other an approach but rarely it was very useful for me, what else can I say. but it had so much influence on me and not only on the language I had a lot of impact on me and my thoughts I can not now enumerate everything individually, because it is so much in each country is the culture, atmosphere, point of view and approach to social issues very different. i was not so perfect, but I am persistent and want to build something here. that I perished a lot had a very positive impact on me.

[i]Which state did you like the most?

[r] Where I was I was never bored no matter if I was in Libya, Iraq or Russia what should I say no matter if Muslims, Yezidis or Christians I wanted to make a good friendship with them so that we could strengthen each other The work no matter what the work was I was always there I did what they did. I listened whether they were foreigners or natives. I wanted to grab something I could understand what I did, I did not know exactly may be that I did not understand a lot but I was on the road without fear

[i] How many siblings do you have?

[r] One died in Iraq in 1998 is called Hasan another died in Vienna, Huseyin both were smaller than me Hasan and Huseyin both died already We don’t know Huseyin found dead at home he was found hanging now my little brother [name] stayed he was drug addict

[i] He lived in Vienna.

[r] He was in Vienna, returned home and still takes

[i] Did he go to Suruc or Nizip?

[r] Yes he was with my father in the village of Amara, he bought the fields there He went to his village and built a house there, is now with his father. he stayed alone He is drug addiction According to my guess, the cause of death in Vienna could be killed by such a problem. I have no confidence in police. They say he killed himself. The cops lie a lot or you will just end the investigation quickly.

[i] Does your mother live in Vienna now or is she also in Amara?

[r] My mother died last year in Amara last spring.

[i] May Allah have mercy.

[r] Thank you

[i] Who of you lives in Vienna now?

[r] In Vienna I now have three sisters Azime, Hatice and Fatma.

[i] What is the relationship with the sisters?

[r] They do not speak my language. I would like to talk to them by phone, I visited you once in person, saw them. but they don’t speak my language and I can’t speak German only Fatma can speak little Kurdish. I call Fatma occasionally. She also works 24 hours a day like my father. She never asks me how I am doing, what I am doing. We have occasional contact, mostly I call, I didn’t understand how this culture works. We barely lived together as siblings. It is clear to see, we can not do anything with each other.

[i] Your life path has alienated you from your family, you were rarely with them.

[r] Yes

[i] God knows

[r] We are only biological siblings, we have things in common and we are strangers.

[i] When we look at your life, you have had a difficult and moving life, you have seen many places and cultures. What about love for you? Have you fallen in love?

[r] What is love? Depending on your attitude, you pay attention to different things: some love, appearance, and character. Of course, there were people I liked, since my life was not suitable for a relationship, I did not propose to them, no long-term commitment could develop. Love for me was always platonic.

[i] When and where was that, how old were you then?

[r] When I was a child, about eight or ten, I liked a girl from class, I thought to build a future with that girl. Childish reveries After that we went to Libya. There, girls and boys were strictly separated from each other. I could not meet a girl there, let alone fall in love. In Kurdistan and Iraq there were girls I liked, but I had neither the courage nor the strength to start a family.

[i] When you look back on life, where do you see your mistakes? What things do you regret? If you could change anything with your current experience, what would you change? reread

[r] The question is a classic framing question, I ask myself all the time. sometimes I don’t deal with my past enough. now I’m looking ahead, everyone makes mistakes in their life. I could have done a lot better, but I could also have done worse. I am one of those I see myself at least as important, I ask myself every day what I can improve, some days I implement. I always look at today and tomorrow. I do what I can do now, I have made many mistakes in the past. Man should always work on himself. Man has many failures, well, what’s past is past. What is important is to use what is left properly. If I can do that, I would like to work more on myself to develop my work, my language and my behavior.

[i] You have a long life ahead of you I believe that you could do many things that you want.

[i] You are busy.

[i]I want you to talk a little bit about European life.

[i] Did you come to Germany in 2017? Could you say something about it? At what time of year was it, what problems did you face?

[i] In the year you first arrived, there were about 20 years between 1988 and now 2017. What changes have occurred in Europe and in your life in 20 years?

[r] I expected that this time the bureaucracy is less. In the beginning there was a home place. Until the lawyer won the connivance of authorities, there were problems with the home place. I did not know where to sleep evening, with which friends could stay, that were the problems. Ei Wii money was a problem, my father gave me some and sometimes that Sometimes find a place to sleep and find money, that were the problems I had to struggle with for a while. As a young person in my twenties I could go from place to place, that was not a challenge for me, now I’m 48. Believe me or not, I don’t know if I got a draft in mountain villages or what, at the slightest cold I get a headache or physical problems. That’s why the difficulties were greater this time. The first year I had difficulties, now there are no difficulties At least I have a place to sleep, some income and with that I can buy something to eat. I have my garden and for that I can afford materials sometimes. The difficulties I got last year, I have no difficulties at the moment. however Man wants to do something better. i think I have the opportunity to think now. I work I plant my garden, with organic vegetables, so I have something healthy to eat. Even if everything is not perfect, you have something good to eat. You have seen what I have planted, you can take it. Tomatoes, potatoes and much more I plant at the moment If there is an opportunity, I would like to do something good for me or for someone.

[i] You received recognition in 1988, how did the foreigners authority react? Were you able to fall back on your residence permit?

[r] My lawyer talked to the immigration police. It took six months until we got some documents together, then it became autumn. In the fall, after six months they gave me a monthly toleration. My monthly toleration is now on three month cycle. They give me a three-month toleration. Toleration That’s called toleration. With a Duldung, you can only stay in one place and work in one place. My lawyer demanded my old people’s passport from the foreigners’ office. The policemen say that you have a name like mine, same date of birth, same father and mother and your name is Mehmet yildirim. Policemen say we have to look who is actually Mehmet Yildirim, are you or someone else is. They say they will solve this problem.

[i] In other words, someone else arrived here with your name and sought asylum here.

[r] Either he used my name or my passport or looked exactly like me. happened two months ago, It’s very simple, my father did the DNA test, everything is proven. Paternity test done. it’s called paternity test we did that I have documents, my sister are here, everything is obvious. five minutes work, can do my lawyer or police officers. There is such a person or not. It is not possible to be the same, the father is the same, the birth of the mother is the same, the birth of the father is the same. The brothers’ name is the same, so it is not possible. I don’t know My sisters come here and explain them, that is, enlightened in five minutes. I do not know anymore I think it is a fraud, so the policemen say something like that, but not convincing

[i] It’s a bureaucratic thing, the lawyer can clear up, it’s very simple thing. Do you have the possibility to go to the German language? Is what offered to you or?

[r] I wanted to learn German. I always watch German TV at home From TV I get words and something else I watch the news and other things. i wanted to go to the German course but told me that I have a Duldung and so no residence permit only Duldung. You are not entitled to course with this residence permit, but you can finance the course yourself. I have no money, neither can give me my father, nor do I have a job, no one is already also give me a job. I don’t have a job, where do I get the money. It does not work. The state has to give but it also does not So that I can attend the course. I have to pay for the course myself. I don’t have money in my pocket, I don’t have a job either and nobody gives it to me. At the moment I would have to follow the TV course.

[i] Unfortunately, now I see where you live. This is one of the camps of the asylum seekers. Before, I asked the counselors, they said that there are 62 people living here at the moment. I think that each 62 people are from a different country. What is your relationship with them? How is your life here? Do they all live here in a single room like you? Or many people in one room? You know?

[r] Almost all of us live like this, there are some families, for example, some brother, mother, some sister, some for example, there are also Germans here. For example, my neighbor has an older mother. He is German himself, he is older than me, 60 and his mother 80 – 90 years old. There are single young people from Libya, from Iraq, Turkey but There are Africans. I do not have much time. I work in my own organic garden. I don’t have much time to sit with people. to chat, When I meet someone, I speak, but language is a problem. I speak Kurdish and Turkish, a little Arabic I speak very little Russian, I don’t speak English. My German is less, so I have little to do with people around me. I wanted to help some people but they had bad character. I want them to help in the garden too. There was a Kurd from Iran. I found that their character and my character are not similar. He looks at things that do not concern him and does not ask for permission. I have been working in the garden for 5 months, he is new, but he plans everything for himself, he practices without asking. So I limited my contact with the others. Character do not fit together. You can’t do too much together if you have different characters.

[i] You said that it is more difficult to communicate with people, so you are more involved with nature or? I saw that your garden is very beautiful. I will take some pictures of your garden. God knows you spend most of your time in this garden?

[r] So you give your work there and you get your reward. You want to help people but you don’t understand, I would like to help people but The work of people is not always tangible, if you take care of mother nature and take care of it, then you also reap the fruits of your labor. Now I need it if you want to eat a good strawberry or watermelon. You wanted to eat a good tomato or cucumber, If you want to eat organic beans or corn, Even if you have millions, so you can not buy that. i plant only organic Sometimes I go shopping in organic stores, but what I plant have better taste. The taste is better because it’s fresh. what I plant is better than organic, that’s why I’m interested in it.

[i]I looked at your crop, you gave me a tomato and a cucumber. Yours is 100% organic. What is sold in stores, it is not quite organic because they spray.because they are sprayed. It’s true, you have a very beautiful and valuable garden I saw you spend most of your time in the garden. The contradictions in society, the disagreements in the home are these the reasons why you prefer garden work? do you prefer to deal with your garden than with people?

[r] People do not have a serious problem. I wanted to help humanly but if I understand, it’s not easy to help people. Because you don’t know the other person, you don’t know how you could vine. nor do I tell many people to come to my garden. I am interested in everyone, I also deal with people, even those I do not like. We can work together, does not make it a problem. the quantity is not important, it is a necessity Who does not eat good food, can not work well. I have to eat a good meal first, so I can do the work. namely man! If you don’t eat a good meal, your health is not good. If your health is not good, they can not do a good job. If the meal is good, it would be better with other things too. I just came here. I dug the soil three four months very deep, some dig 20 cm I dig 60 cm. I dig the soil with hands and hoe. I clean the soil. I want to say that it is not easy. I just came. I buy tools. The money I do not have, my father sent some money. the money to buy food, I spend it on technology. for example, I bought the soil digger for 200 €. but I bought a chainsaw for 300 €. I want to prune the trees in the garden. I bought a lot of things. it wasn’t easy, I only had a budget of 300 €. occasionally my father helped me It’s not always easy when you do things, for example I borrowed a pickaxe and now I have to return it. Sometimes there is not enough money to get a pickaxe. I bought a two shovel. Some thing I can buy, but not everything I need. The things are I with me I have no proper standing place for the things. I am new, I cope better every day with the difficulties. I will manage, every fruit I harvest this year is a success. This is the first time to grow something in Germany. I pay attention to my mistakes so I can improve next year.

[i]You say you’ve been here for three months, where were you before?

[r] First I was in collective housing for two three months, in Weitmar. They said Weitmar would be closed. I was there in the winter, then they closed. At the beginning of spring, I think in March, they said they were closing, everyone should be housed in Bochum and the surrounding area. If you find an apartment, you could rent. There was nobody who could help me with that. They said there was a place. They talked about this camp They said that this place is far from the bus and streetcar stop. I said that I don’t mind, for me it is better to live in the nature. I wanted to go there to Kollog Street. For this place I did it. I accepted and packed the same day, then the next morning I moved there from Weitmar.

[i] What did you do in Weitmar? Were you in Weitmar at the Kohlenkamp?

[r] In Weitmar there were many bureaucratic procedures. For example, opening an account at the bank. I was at the bank several times until I opened an account, I had to struggle a lot with the bureaucratic procedures. I had to go from place to place looking for work. When I was in Weitmar, it was winter and I didn’t have much opportunity to walk. I sometimes went by bicycle and sometimes I took streetcar. So I didn’t stay there for long.

You said that you are looking for a job, what kind of job did you look for? what can you do? With a Duldung is very difficult to find a job and you need a permit from the police, from the foreigners authority.

[r] I know it was comfortable thing, I did my affairs, looked for new job, was here and there and met many people. I stayed there rather not long, I always had to clean, I have the room with a Kurdish Iraqi. He smoked 24 hours a day, had a cigarette between his fingers all the time. He sometimes did his toilet next to the bed. For the two or three weeks I was there, I cleaned his room every day. There was an Arab across the hall.

[i] How many people lived in one room?

[r] Two people lived in a room like this. In the room there is a small kitchen, a toilet and a small room for sleeping and there were two of us. The other one was not there often, maybe two three days a week. Rest of the week he was in Cologne with his family. He did not pay attention to his hygiene. He smoked too much and drank beer and things like that. Actually it doesn’t matter what he drank, I had to clean up after him. It stunk there and I cleaned. For example, I cleaned at the stove block for hours by myself. It was a small cupboard. I have with a lot of effort and a small brush remove the encrusted layer of fat. I scraped off with a knife and a screwdriver…. And it still didn’t work. I talked to the Heimtun that I can not continue to wear it like this. His job was to take care of dirt for 24 hours and clean mine. I caught cold more often because I was constantly cleaning with wet hands and feet. I moved out of the room and into a better room, I was alone in Weitmar. There was an empty room. I was a little bit worried about the management of the home. . His name was Thomas. I told Thomas that it could not go on like this. Whole situation was degrading. I don’t smoke, but he smoked 24 hours, I couldn’t breathe properly and he always soiled everything. This is unacceptable and there was an empty room here. but we have reserved for those who will new Zugewissen here. Anyway, I got a new room. I left the room I shared with Iraqi Kurd and went to a single room. Before that I was with a young Arab. My cell phone was stolen when I was with him, my cell phone is gone. A friend of his slept with us. We slept in a room with three people, I said that nothing would happen. In the end, my cell phone was stolen. I complained to the administration and said that the Lebanese regularly let a Moroccan sleep with us and he stole my cell phone. My cell phone is gone. Why do you put three people in one room? How so they allow him to stay, he is not one of us. They allow a third person to stay with us. In the administration worked a Syrian, he told me that he would find my cell phone. he would take the cell phone from him but I do not know, he said that he did not genomen the phone. they lied In the room stands a table and on the table was the cell phone. we were three, where should the cell phone have disappeared to. What else could I say? I changed two three places within the facility so that I could sleep comfortably and not steal my things. There were many difficulties.

[i]Wasn’t it far from the city?

[r] No in Weitmar

[i] You think living in the home outside the city is better than living in the home in the city center.

[r] The thing is this: The home administration has to accommodate people individually and appropriately. They can not consider everyone as identical. Well, they put me like a 20 year old with a young person, although there are enough free rooms. They put me with a person who smokes 24 hours a day and who does not pay attention to his cleanliness. First they put me with a thief, and the thief stole my things. What can I say, man learns something new. I understood that the home management acts arbitrarily and selfishly and cannot calculate. Then I decided to put some pressure on the management to give me a better room. Some showed me empty rooms and rode me to demand a move in this one. I wanted to, but they didn’t accept it. At the very end I could no longer Either I will fall out of favor in this pollution, cold and with this person, I did not cope psychologically. He cuddled area I realized so it can not go on and complained to the management. One day I saw that he washed his shoes together with laundry in the machine. Someone must have opened the machine and added his shoes. Strange, when I said why did you do that, he said he didn’t have detergent. then they ask for detergent, why do you put your shoes in the wash? I collect my socks for 15 to 20 days and wash them separately. I wash these socks separately and also dry them separately He threw his shoes in my laundry. I didn’t wear that laundry, I don’t remember what I did with it. There were different people in this home. When you go to the camp for the first time, it’s very difficult.

[i] You have been in Germany before, you have stayed among the Kurds more often. You have traveled many countries, as well as Syria and the Turkish metropolis, Libya, Russia Germany You have worked for the Kurds and here there is a large Kurdish society.
What is your relationship with the Kurds, with their associations?

[r] Here we have a club. in Bochum, one in Essen, on that occasion I go. It’s a lonely place, People don’t come and go more often. and I would like to see people, but now I’m interested in gardening. That’s why I don’t have much opportunity to visit people. I think I should pay more attention to my health. For example, I have a sinusit problem, a stomach problem, I tell doctors a lot about it They give me medicine and I take it. but it doesn’t affect I would like to do something for the Kurds living here if I can help them. or can we do something together. I think but I need people we can do something together. or work together the story with people. People who are here now, we don’t have much dialogue. I don’t know anybody either. I am alone, Because I am alone, I want to learn the language and I will do my own work myself I can’t find anyone to do anything with here. neither in the club nor here and around. I met some people and went home to them but I didn’t like it that much, so you can’t do much with them. They have no desire to do anything. They don’t have any claim… more you don’t have many demands. so what can I do with people I have seen? I didn’t get any result I don’t know yet! if I can find someone here? do something good together and help other people. I want to be useful for myself, my environment and this city. for our Kurds and for other humanity. I think for myself, both as a human being and as a socialist, so I am ready for what needs to be done. Of course, I am not like a real socialist. My conception of socialism is a little different, and my conception of homeland solidarity is also not identical with what the others say. So what I understand by socialism and love of home and what the majority understand is different. I am not a classical socialist, as some people claim. My opinion is a bit different

[i] Yes I understand.

[i] I’m wrong or, you say that besides refugees, locals also live here!

[r] Yes, there are Germans.

[i] Why are the Germans here? Where do they come from? Reason?

[r] They have settled here before. I don’t know, they were brought here. This is a home in name only, but it doesn’t look like a home. only difference is the security forces.

[i] I would like to ask, now here….most of those who are housed here are refugees? They have residence problems, some of them have toleration, some of them have no residence permit, some of them are not allowed to have a private apartment, have language problems but the Germans are citizens of this country, Germans are citizens of this country, they have no language and residence problems Why they do not take a private apartment? and do they stay here? Are they homeless or the poor? Why do they live here? Have you ever talked to them about why they live here?

[r] I also see Germans here but my language is not enough to ask them why they have to live here. As I understand them, this place is good for them. They have no trouble here, I don’t know how many Germans live here. As I see, I don’t know how many people are, 10, 20, I don’t know how many people are here. Everybody can have a different story. Of course, everyone does not have the same story, for example, my neighbor is an old man aged 80 and his daughter is 60 years old. This place is normal for them. I don’t know, but I’m sure there are reasons. I do not know how they are. they live here normally.

[i] How is the administration here? For example, when you bed the room here, it looks like a prison and there are security guards at the door. you have to identify yourself when you enter.

[r] This is only for the guests. For example, the security guards have their own rules. After 10 pm the guests must leave the home, not sleep here, that is rule. When you go out, you have to give the key and leave like that. I think that it is for security. They take measures because many strange people want to come here. They pay attention to cleanliness so some laws are required, that’s why it’s not like a prison. where and when you go, you are free, nobody tells you anything, only you would have to sign once a month that you live here so the company gets money. only sign If you didn’t sign first month, you sign second month, you can stay away two months with permission. If you have passport, you can work, no problem. here is no issue. Many people who live here, like me, want to go work. Now and then people with mental problems, on Sundays there is no trouble here. What else should I say? The door of a fat boy was broken. Later he was kicked out of here. He said that the Iranian boy broke his door, but the management said: no, it’s your fault, because he had a lot of trouble here before. So they took them out of here. They didn’t say anything to the Iraqi. The door was broken. They changed the door and got their money from Deutsche. Now they have a new door. For example, the German guy was overweight. He was really fat 160-170 kg. They sent him from here Händy sounds what is going on now namely, it is normal if you live here without harming surroundings, If you do not harm the doors and the house, then the administration does not tell you.

[i]That is, at what time you go and when you come back, no one says what?

[r] Yes, even if you go and don’t come back, nobody will tell you anything. Something between you and the immigration office, if you have a passport, you can go where you want, for example, America. Nobody will tell you anything.

[i] How is the connection between here and the city? I came by car, something is outside the city. It is completely outside the city. Does the bus come here?

[r] Bus comes every hour on the hour. A bus stop is located nearby and comes every hour Who wants to go by bus. There is until 8 o’clock in the evening, otherwise whenever you want, you can take the streetcar from the stop Hustadt any time. Streetcar always runs, but far away from here.

[i]But it’s a long way from here.

[r] It’s far away, you have to walk 20 minutes half an hour. A young person can also sheep in 15 minutes, otherwise half hour.

It’s hard. for example, this old man, you bring their needs by car. He can not do it himself. Others can go to the store and take the necessary food for themselves.

[i] How is your day going? How is your day going?

[r] I get up early in the morning and I clean something. after the cleanliness, I wash my laundry and tidy my room, I have many technical devices, until I put all in order, then I want to quickly go to the garden. There is work to do in the garden I have to buy what is missing, plant something new and I look to see if it should be watered. I have to take measures when it rains. i disinfect the garden against slugs, insects and mice and how have damaged? What could I do. I go to the garden and I work some mowing and digging the ground and I do more and I cook. These days football is on. I watch soccer (World Cup) on Russia FIFA I watch match I watch some games.

[i] Which team do you like? some teams have already played, if you watch the moment, which team do you like?  …..

[r] Which team will follow the rules and play with good tactics and human I follow their honesty and cheating How they prepared, good and honest I follow all the players of the team individually. Who plays according to my criteria, I have many criteria I support the team with these criteria. I can change my team in half an hour. who meets these criteria, Who plays nicely and according to rules, some win, but I do not like it because it goes with tricks and cheating. You look how you score goal, but this team means nothing to me, If this team gets a cup, I tell them that they are thieves and crooks. if the team took the cup, I can not afford this team. Soccer itself is a friendly game, soccer is the friendship, peace, the future and understanding of peoples. You say beautiful things and you also have important criteria. Will you tell me now according to your criteria before you change your criteria? Which team will win? Even if you say that this team did not play according to my criteria, but this team should win.
For example, teams that were previously famous are playing poorly in this tournament. Latin America there are some new teams they are good and play well In Europe there are also some teams. For example, I do not like the list of Croats. Croatia is in my opinion there are many tricks and T….behavior and play of the players are not good and not acceptable Their points I do not like at all. Croats also scored a goal.

[i]Did you play against Nigeria? or?

[r] Against whom I do not remember exactly now I do not like their game and I do not like them to win. I would never want them to win I suspect that the first game against Saudi Arabia scored five goals.

[i]Saudi Arabia is not as strong a team as you know,

[r] Yes Yes

[i] And Russia is the host.

[r] Russia as the host has advantage, nevertheless, despite this, there are still tricks. they have scored five goals in the Arabs I do not like for example

[i] Which team is your favorite? Did not you say?

[r] Not something to do with will. Which team? I do not care I think the team that plays best should win, so who deserves. Right, What does right mean? with respect, with good physics and with a good preparation and tactics opponents should play such a nice game, so that everyone says such a team bravo. This team has prepared very well and score the goals and of course score many dead. and if it does not score goals I support such a team, For example, say that the most popular team is Mexico, who have defeated German team to defeat the Germans is not so easy I guess that the Germans could not play. The Germans disbanded and did not renew themselves but Mexicans renewed themselves The Germans did not take the Mexican team seriously, saw as a weak team and because it was the first game, they did not find much more important. but the victory of the Mexico team is not small. German team to defeat is not easy. they ran well, The game they played against the Germans was good. Next game they won against Nigeria or, no was not Nigeria it was the Costa Rica, or who was? Mexico won the game, but it was not a good game. The collectivity among each other was low, and they won it narrowly. what else can I say.

[i]How did Germany play last night? Germany vs Sweden last minute, second,

[r] They had it hard until the last minute, so they couldn’t win it ….like a man with bullets in his head. The German situation is like a person you shoot a bullets in the head, but still alive. it is the case. If you win at the last second, of course it’s not nice. just like someone was executed. just like the one who was executed, but as if at the last breath loosen his rope. namely also coincidence. or I do not know exactly, only their parents from Turkey, also both are with Kurdish roots you have already seen,

[r] Who?

[i] Mesut Özil

[r] Who is the other one?

[i] Gündogan

[r] Gündogan these two,

[r] Are they Kurds?

[r] Gündoga

[i] Both are the Kurds from Malatya and the surrounding area.

[i] The fact that they are Kurds or Turks is not so important. Both took photos together with Erdogan,

[r] But Özil was not,

[i] But yet he was too,

[r] They gave him his jerseys and the whole world says that Erdogan is a dictator and everyone already sees what he does with Kurds and in the Middle East. What he does against the Kurds in the Middle East against his neighbors is in front of your eyes. during the elections many criticized him in your opinion these two had to stay these two people in the German team? How beautiful they play, these two people really deserve to play at the team. according to your criteria.
Current government of Turkey In my opinion, Turkish state for example we are Kurds, Our current state in Turkey miserable they are also Kurds. And if they will have such a relationship with him is not right. The Kurds who went to Erdogan’s side tell the Germans that Erdogan is better than you. That’s what they mean/ that means you say to Germans that you are worse than Turks are. If they had gone. I also saw. so here my opinion, a German sees himself as a democrat Germany sees himself bound to human rights. In Germany there are social democratic parties, There are many Christian democratic parties in Germany Nevertheless, if however give these players space. It means that the Germans are not good either, that means it Not true if the Germans feel worse than the Turks! I did not see it that way. I don’t see it that way. This is a philosophical and political discussion, I did not want to say much about it.
I say nothing to the question. I did not say it for that, you should discuss everything, I mean, Germany wants to make a continuation, what is that? in short, long speech short are. In our opinion, Germany would not have dropped (made so) If these young people go to Erdogan policy. Erdogan policy today could not solve the Kurdish problem in Turkey. He said he solved the Kurdish problem, he is lying. These young people will meet a man who is lying and pressuring the Kurds. There are big problems in Turkey. they see Germany worse, they see Germany worse than Turkey. we are unhappy in Turkey and if Germany is worse than Turkey These players say it and the Germans let these players play with them play in the most important position The Kurds play in German team on behalf of Turks. not play for their own people. They never say they are Kurds and they go to Erdogan and they promote Erdogan when the team is defeated because of these players. I like the fact that their team is in this state! The reason is, The Germans should look at ……Let them see the state they are in. We came to Germany with a hope. We thought that there are human rights here. We can express ourselves and you can do a good job here, for humanity for our own people and for other peoples. for example, I thought so and I came here. it seems that the Germans can not see their situation I follow the World Cup so I can better understand their policy. my opinion is that the position of the German team is very bad

[i] Right, human rights, life, economy and the freedom of peoples are a beautiful country. You have been to many countries. How do you see your future here? Where do you want to see yourself after 10, 15 or 30 years? Do you want to live in Germany or return to your country?

[r] Yes, all my relatives are in Germany now. Here is like our house. Here live my sisters and cousins all are here. All my relatives are in Germany, France and Austria. No matter if we wanted or not, here like our house. I see here like my home. Now I live here with a toleration, they should give my residence status quickly. Otherwise Germany it would be even worse than Syrian and Turkish country. Now the Kurds who live there, For example they have at least a Syrian ID/passport. The Turks give Syrians a passport, I came to Germany and with the toleration I am not allowed to do anything, must find a solution faster. Otherwise, I have to go to another state. I tell my relatives that the here is no place to live and they should go.

[i] What is Bochum like for you? you have seen a bit of Bochum, what does Bochum mean to you?

[r] When I find the opportunity, I go for a walk. I have a bike and I go for a walk with it so I love the whole world.

[i] What is your favorite place in Bochum?

[r] He in Bochum

[i] What does Bochum mean to you?

[r] In city Bochum I love nature. I do not have much to do with people, I can not say the or this I have nothing to do with such things. Now I can not say that in Bochum is more beautiful here. I am mainly interested in my surroundings. For example, I walk around here. I know that there are very good people in the German society, I want to get to know them. If I had learned the German language, I could have talked to them better. I can’t see many Kurds.

[i] What is home for you?

[r] That home is for man means the future.
Most people say, Where I work and live my life is my home. Country for someone, for example all your relatives are in Europe You have traveled through many countries. If you don’t feel comfortable in one place, can’t be your country because nothing ties you down or?


[r] Homeland homeland is where people come from. This place also can not be home, even if you wanted to make your home, it does not work. People can not be won into the language and climate of a new country. the most comfortable place is where you were born. There are serious problems for every person, they came here because they have many economic and political problems. I say that we need a good relationship. People can do something good here, so you can make the effect there. Man should do good things for the place he came and where he lives. Man should not do bad things. and he should see this place as his home and forget his home. From where he came, he must do everything he can for his homeland.

[i] What does identity mean to you?

[r] This is what this word means in Turkish personality

[i] Yes Personality

[r] Whether you wanted to or not, there are so many evil things in the world. Every evil in the world has an impact on human beings. I want to create an opportunity for myself and improve bad habits that have a negative effect on me. If a person corrects himself, he can be a good example for another. If you didn’t develop well, can’t you tell the others why you didn’t educate yourself well? If you don’t have much money and you don’t have good food, If you can’t speak beautifully, you can’t expect/demand anything else from another. If you can’t read, you can’t say to others why you don’t read. You should start from yourself.

[i]I’ve seen it outside now You’ve created a beautiful garden, you’ve worked hard in the garden. How did the idea to build the garden come about? and what challenges did you encounter?

[r] The garden is a necessity because what I buy from the supermarket, for example what I buy and eat like tomatoes and watermelon but I occasionally eat melons, melons from here are very sweet but I ate what other also. I go to the store and buy bread, I know there is a chemical substance in it. This will cause serious problems for human health in the future.

[i] What you say is absolutely right but you are not in the homeland now. Now you live in a refugee shelter and you are not allowed to leave the situation because you have a toleration,

[r] No, it was not harder to get a garden, they told me that you have a garden and I could use the garden. Not current home management, but previous one allowed me that I could plant the garden. Then I got the garden. I thought that is easy but digging is very difficult and I would have to remove the stones from the garden. It doesn’t matter to me wherever I am and how I become. If I do something good, I have to do good things and not bad things. I plant 1 sqm per day. I dig 2 sqm some days, half sqm some days, etc. I clean up the garden and plant something, What I needed, I bought according to my budget and possibility I buy soil, boxes and bags I have not yet integrated well in the climate. It takes understanding to integrate and climate habit. What I am good at is an asset to me. i have been doing this for five six months I think I will develop slowly

[i] Good. Dear Mehmet thank you very much, it was a very nice interview, I am very happy and once again say thank you very much for giving me this interview. As I told you, I will make some recording of your garden. And I hope when your watermelon grows, we eat together. Goodbye

[r] Thank you,

[i] Our interview ends here.

[r] Thank you very much for coming.

[r] Thank you, thank you very much.