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In today’s Europe refugees form an integral part of our cities. They bring valuable contributions to the economic, social and cultural fabric of the cities they live in. Yet the lives, the contributions and history of refugees in European cities still remain marginalised, undocumented and make hardly part of our European heritage. Added to this, the public perception of refugees which is largely shaped by the dominant media and political interests often represent refugees in a negative light. The refugee is mainly seen as the ‘other’ who threatens our liberal and traditional values. In five articles of policy recommendations are presented on different levels. Click here



The Specially Unknown collection of interviews with refugees from many different backgrounds who settled in European cities  like Antwerp, Bochum, Paris and Turin offers a treasure of materials and topics for discussion, reflection and learning, not only about refugees, but also about ourselves, our European cities and our societies in general.

Below you can find a selection of eight short compilations of video fragments from interviews with refugees. The video compilations are covering universal themes, derived from the interview material. Each compilation is accompanied by suggestions for possible educational questions, meant to serve as a concrete starting point for discussions with diverse people  –  from academic researchers, to refugee councils’  workers, to high school teachers, policy makers, as well as refugees themselves. Click here