Life stories


Interviews with refugees



The video interviews with the refugees are being taken in Antwerp, Bochum, Paris and Turin, and produced – transcribed, translated into English and subtitled – between spring 2018 and winter 2019.


Please get a glimpse of the first three short fragments below. As for the rest: please check this webpage regularly, We will upload new ones as soon as they are completely finished, which means: subtitled in English.


To give you an idea how this will look at the end, please take a look also at the fragments of the interviews taken with the refugees in The Netherlands, during the project Ongekend Bijzonder, the “mother” of the Specially Unknown.


[For English subtitles – see YouTube instructions]



Examples of Oral history interviews in Belgium

Refugees from Syria




Examples of Oral history interviews in France

Refugee from Cambodia



Examples of Oral history interviews in the Netherlands