The 32nd Day

Teaser of the documentary

‘The 32nd day’, a film that one of the fieldworkers, Andrés Lübbert, made for the project. Andrés is the son of cameraman Jorge Lübbert, who fled Chile in the late 1970s. Father Jorge made a ‘silent’ film about this event in which he tried to cope with his traumas. Son Andrés made the film again, in today’s Antwerp. Both films are played side by side in split screen mode, alternated with images from conflict zones shot by Jorge as a cameraman, and testimonies from the fieldworkers’ project. In this way, the present and the past are interwoven to form a result of a multigenerational trauma, and a hard and uncomfortable reflection on the emotional ballast of ‘the refugee’. At the same time, the film is a pamphlet about art as a means to overcome the traumas.