A timeless story of people on the run

Red Starline Museum Antwerp- 29 April – 1 May – 3 May – 5 May


30 stories
4 creative artists
4 inspiring evenings
4 moments in the life of people on the flight

The four evenings are each about a meaningful period in the life of the artists. The themes are also reflected in all the interviews conducted as part of the Specially Unknown project.


⭐ REMINATION: living in the homeland
Monday 29 April 2019, 20:00-22:00
“The daughter of Dilbi – Bent el Dlbi’ – Sally Ghannoum (EN)
Stories & Songs
Through the symbolic story of the Dilbi tree, Sally tells how she can feel at home. When it lacks words, Syrian music takes over from its absence.


⭐ FLIGHT: on the way elsewhere
Wednesday 1 May 2019, 20:00-22:00
“Crossing worlds – Domozy’s memories” – Saif Lama ‘a, a.k.a Domozy (EN)
Visual performance
With brushstrokes, colours and lines Saif Lama ‘a (stage name Domozy) puts his memoirs on canvas and tells a visual story about his flight from Syria.


⭐ BELGIUM: the moment of arrival
Friday 3 May 2019, 20:00-22:00
“Performing the self – the interview” – Enrica Camporesi with Fady Al Ghorra (EN)
Video installation
Fady Al Ghorra sought and applied for asylum in Belgium, a procedure that caused him many dilemmas. Together with the Italian director Enrica Camporesi, he depicts the constant struggle between what the law dictates and what human nature demands.


⭐ IMPACT OF MIGRATION: a new beginning?
Sunday 5 May 2019, 20:00-21:00
“I am Hussein, who are you?” – Hussein Mahdi, accompanied by Luk Nys (NL)
For three years now, theatre maker Hussein Mahdi has been living in Belgium. He is looking for motivations to build his future in Europe and is looking for his place in society. Hussein enters into a dialogue with the public and wants to know who they are and what they are looking for.


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