Delphi research

One of the tracks of the European project Specially Unknown is the execution of a Delphi panel study in 9 Member States: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Sweden. The purpose of this research, is to map the experiences with cultural participation of refugees and to develop further policies in this field.


Participants in the Delphi panel are professionals, who are dealing with the implementation of integration programs for refugees, representatives of self-help organizations of refugees, council of refugees, and policymakers on local and national level and other relevant parties. The participants are invited to comment anonymously on thoughts, findings and proposals.


There will be three rounds of questionnaires elaborated by BMP (Research coordinator). In total 45 organisations will participate in the Delphi research. The results of the research will be published in a written report  (June 2019).


The first Delphi round has finished August 2018.
The second Delphi round was distributed at the beginning of October 2018. In this questionnaire the a report of the first round is integrated.


In the 9 Member State the following partner organisations are appointed to coordinate the Delphi survey in their country: