Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare (RICP) – a national network association based in Turin (IT) –  aims to innovate, study, protect and support oral, folk and popular culture and intangible goods.  Since more than 15 years, It works specifically to recover and promote culture and folk traditions, acting as a “community agent” in specific areas where there’s the need to valorize and to link different groups and cultural backgrounds. Through methodologies of oral history and performative devices, the network aims are to develop communities of proximity, intercultural links and citizenship.


Why it is important for RICP to participate in the project Specially Unknown EU

RICP expects that through the SU project the local cultural institutions will become aware of the enormous cultural potential that lives in the city Turin.  The SU project allows the association to continue their work of connecting, knowledge, shared construction of an open cultural environment where people with different background can explore and express their creativity, culture and knowledge.
The relation with European partners allows RICP to catch nuances and differences both in methodologies and in the different local stories. Working on two levels – local and transnational – will increase the know-how and vision of the organization as well as of local cultural institutions in Turin.


“We consider it essential to break through the idea that “new citizens” are passive audiences of European and local cultural programs” – Ilda Curti –


The refugee groups that RICP is going to interview for the project

We have focused on  four refugee communities from the Horn of Africa:

  • Somalia
  • Ethiopia
  • Eritrea
  • Sudan.

The brief Italian colonial past in that geographical area is, in fact, still today a removed and controversial topic. In the collective memory, the colonial past is scarcely present despite many cultural and political signs that are still present today.

In Italy (and in Turin)  different generations of “refugees” live. The oldest ones arrived in post-war and post-colonial times, while today we welcome young people who cross the Mediterranean looking for peace and a better life, even if they often are victims of stereotypes, fear and rejection.  In many cases, the complex relationship between our country and that area of Africa is a theme to be investigated and addressed, to bring out a memory denied by both parties.


Specially Unknown Team Turin




Ilda Curti (Local Project Coordinator)

E-mail: ilda.curti@gmail.com

For many years Ilda has been involved in intercultural projects and studies, building solidarity communities and enhancing the cultural value of new citizens at national and European level. She is the SU LPC for the Rete. SU allows her to combine the most theoretical aspects of intercultural issues with the practice of the relationship between people, cultures and different levels of interaction between stakeholders.


Antonio Damasco (Oral History Trainer / Director Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare)

E-mail: a.damasco@reteitalianaculturapopolare.org

Antonio is an anthropologist, expert in oral history, who for many years has been building cultural and performing projects and cultural paths. He is the director of RICP. With this project, he will increase his knowledge of intercultural dimensions.


Fieldworkers Team Turin



  • DEKA MOHAMED, 23 years. Born in Italy in a Somali Family. (Videomaker and photographer)
  • DAWIT MASRESHA KEBEDE, 25 years. From Ethiopia, in Italy for University studies (Engineering studies)
  • ADORA GEORGE, 28 years. From Eritrea, in Italy for University studies (Engineering studies)
  • AHMED MUSSA, 29 years. From Sudan, Darfur. Refugees for political reason (International sciences studies)
  • ANISA HUSSEIN OSMAN, 23 years, Born in Italy, grow up in London, with a Somali background (arts and cultural policy studies)
  • FARTUN MOHAMED, 37 years. Born in Somalia, grow up in Italy since she was 12 years old (anthropologist)


List of organizations participating in the Steering Committee in Turin

·        Municipality of Turin

·        Piedmont Region

·        Fondazione CRT (Bank Foundation)

·        Compagnia di San Paolo (Bank Foundation)

·        Comitato per l’imprenditorialità Sociale (Committee for Social Entrepreneurship)

·        MAO (Museum for oriental art)

·        Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum)

·        Sovrintendenza Beni architettonici – Archivio di Stato (State Archives)

·        Museo del Risorgimento (Museum of the Risorgimento)

·        Fondazione Polo del ‘900 (Foundation for History of ‘900)

·        Istoreto (Institute for the History of Resistance)

·        Circolo dei Lettori (Circle of Readers)

·        FIERI (International and European Forum for research on Immigration)

·        CSA – centro studi Africani (African Studies Center)

·        AIP – Ass. Ivoriani Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta (Association of Ivorians in Piedmont)

·        Associazione dei Maliani di Torino (Association of Malian in Piedmont)

·        AST – Associazione Senegalese a Torino (Association of Senegal in Turin)

·        Giato – Ghanaians Immigrants Association in Torino

·        Guinea – Naikiri

·        Panafricando (Pan African Association)

·        Association of Eritrea in Piedmont

·        Association of Somali in Turin



Tel 388 3275068 – 393 5766183 – info@reteitalianaculturapopolare.org